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Cindy Sage

Sage EMF Design is owned by Cindy Sage.  Mrs Sage has been involved in EMF issues as an environmental consultant and public policy researcher since 1982.  She has provided professional consulting services to cities, counties, various states and a national EMF policy group on the issue of EMF policy and prudent avoidance. 


Mrs Sage has numerous publications and invited presentations in the areas of EMF public policy, public perception, land use planning and computer modelling of EMF, real property impacts from transmission lines, and remediation of high field environments. She is the author of Epidemiology for Decision-Makers: A Visual Guide to Residential and Occupational EMF Epidemiology Results (1996), EMF Modelling and Land Use Planning: A Methodology for Assessing Land for School Siting or Residential Development (1994), The EMF Dilemma: Decision-Making Amid Uncertainty (1991), and Reduction of Magnetic Fields Through Electrical Switching and Wiring in the Home (1991). Other publications have appeared in the Real Estate Law Journal (1991) and the Land Use and Environment Forum (California Continuing Education of the Bar, 1994).

In 1995, she presented "EMF Litigation Trends, Breast Cancer and Public Policy", for the Women Lawyers Association, State Bar (Monterey). She spoke on "EMF Policy and Scientific Uncertainty" at the 1997 First World Congress on Breast Cancer in Kingston, Ontario Canada. She was a Witness at the International Hearing, World Congress on Breast Cancer and contributor to the Global Action Plan for Breast Cancer 1997. Mrs. Sage presented an invited paper on "Standards of Evidence for Decision-making for Electromagnetic Fields and Breast Cancer" at the Workshop on Electromagnetic Fields, Light-at-Night and Human Breast Cancer sponsored by the Breast Cancer Etiology Working Group, National Action Plan for Breast Cancer, Washington DC, November 1997.


She is an Associate Member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society.  She served on the  California Public Utilities Commission EMF Consensus Group (1991-1992), the Keystone Institute Dialogue for Transmission Line Siting (1991-1992), and the International Electric Transmission Perception Project (1993-1994).