SCTA E-Mail Lists (Listservs)

To subscribe to one of the following lists, send an e-mail message to the following address:


Leave the subject field empty, and depending on which of the SCTA mailing lists you want to join, enter one or more of the following lines in the message area:

		subscribe scta-list
		subscribe sctalk-list
		subscribe scta-org-list

If your e-mail program automatically appends a "signature", delete it before sending your message. (If you are using Pine, ^K will delete a line.)

Shortly after submitting your request, you will receive an automated reply, acknowledging that you are subscribed explanation of how to unsubscribe.

Brief descriptions of the SCTA mailing lists:


This is the place to post announcements, summaries of discussion on the focused lists, and questions to the group as a whole. We try keep the postings on this list well-focused so that the e-mail volumn remains low for those who want to keep in touch, but don't have time to read through all the interaction that gets us from there to here.

SCTALK-LIST (aka the Cyberspace Salon)

This list is for free-form discussion. This is the place to go to kick around ideas, banter, and commune. It's the room with overstuffed couches, the ping pong table, and pillows on the floor. Put your feet up, relax, and share your ideas. A liberal sprinkling of whimsy is welcome.


This list is for discussion of the organizational framework of SCTA. Upcoming meetings are disucssed and planned here. This is the e-mail home of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is open to all and does not require an invitation to join. Announcements of upcoming Steering Committee gatherings will be posted along with an occasional recipe from previous gatherings. This is a hearty bunch of people with exciting ideas and great appetites.

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