Bill Gates gives me the shaft once again

Web pages created using MS Word from Office 97 worked fine with both the MS and Netscape browsers. Then I got a computer equipped with MS Word 2000. When I modified a page using the new version, links still worked with the MS browser, but did not work with Netscape. So I thought the answer was simple: I will just go back to the older version of Word. No, the devil himself has set it up that the file formats have been changed, and the older version of Word will no longer read the files!!! I had to manually change every [expletive deleted] link. This is not the first time I have gotten the shaft from Microsoft, but maybe the worst. Anyone who doubted the validity of the anti-trust case against Microsoft just doesn't understand the situation.

Bill Gates is now redeeming himself with his philanthropic efforts, and I give him (and Melinda) credit for that. Microsoft remains a predatory company. Word also uses an oddball representation of special characters that cannot be read by other browsers, and I am tediously repairing that damage as well (for details on this see Greek Letters and Special Characters; Microsoft vs. the World). I am happy to say I am re-writing this page using Dreamweaver, another step in my process of liberating myself from Microsoft (and yes, I do know about Linux, and I now also use the Firefox browser).