Music and Sound Waves (Nature of sound; illustrations, no equations)

Music and the Human Ear (What makes a sound system good or bad)

Music and the Human Brain (Evolution of music processing by the brain)

Sound Demo .wav Files (HRTFs, room simulations, distortion,etc.)

Room Acoustics (room modes, speaker placement, etc.)

My Music Room (Photo; soundproofing, wall treatment)

Design of the Sound System (Crossovers, enclosures, etc.)

Construction of the Loudspeakers (Panel damping, diffraction, lobing)

Final System Measurements (Square wave & amp; frequency response, etc.)

Physics of Sound (For hard-core physics lovers - lots of equations)

Signal Processing and Digital Filters (Fourier transforms, sampling, etc.)

About the author (Who is this guy anyway?) --- Glossary (lots of definitions)

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