Solution to Problem 13.
Called by Chess with Chinese Pieces

Mate in three moves.  Daniel W. VanArsdale.  Aug. 29, 2017.

White (8)
   King on d6
   Night on c5
   Cannons on g1, h1
   Pawns on a2, a7, b6, f6

Black (3)
   King on a8
   Cannon on a4
   Pawn on f7

C = Cannon (Pao), the Chinese Rook       S = Knight

1. C-a1    C x a1  (any other move by black allows immediate mate)
2. C-b1    C x a7  (the only move black has)
3. P-b7 mate

Options for White
1. C-g8                   C-h4
2. K-e7 (c7 or d7)   C-h8
2. C-h3                   C-h6+     

1. C-h8                   C-g4
2. K-e7 (c7 or d7)   C-g7+    (or C-g2, g3, etc.)
3. K-c8+                 C-g8

1. C-b1                  C-a6+   (not C-b4 for then C-a1 mates next move)
2. S x a6 stalemate  (white's first move threatened S-a6 and S-c7 mate)

[1. C-R1, CxC   2. C-QN1  CxP  3. P-N7 mate]

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