Solution to Problem 13. 
Called by Chess with Chinese Pieces

 Mate in three.  Cannons (paos) on a5, g1, h1. 
 Daniel W. VanArsdale,  8/2017.

C = Cannon (Pao), the Chinese Rook

1. C-a1    C x a1  (any other move by black allows immediate mate)
2. C-b1    C x a7  (the only move black has)
3. P-b7 mate

[ C-QR1, CxC   2. C-QN1  CxP  3. P-N7 mate]
  Some tries for White

1. C-h8    C-g4
2. K-d7    C-g2 (or g3,4,6,7)
3. K-f8+  C-g8

1, C-g8    C-h4
2. K-d7    C-h8

1. C-h8                 C-g4
2. C-g3 or C-a1    C-g6+

1. C-g5    C-a6+
2. K-c7   C-a5

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