SOLUTION to the "Counting Your Counting" problem,
posed on the index page of Daniel W. VanArsdale.


There are exactly four A's, three C's, two D's,
twenty nine
E's, seven F's,
five H's, eleven I's, three L's,

N's, six O's, nine
R's, twenty seven S's, fourteen T's,

U's, six V's, four W's, six X's,

and four Y's in this sentence.

Though this puzzle can be understood by a child, it is difficult to solve and requires using a computer. I sent this puzzle and a solution to the American Mathematical Monthly problem editor in 1972. It was not selected for publication. Such sentences were independently invented by Lee Sallows (see the Wikipedia article for "autogram"). There are probably many solutions, but I found only one. If you find a solution that uses fewer letters, if you want I will place it here and give you a credit.