BioQuest Amaryllis
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         This enterprise is devoted to breeding gorgeous multiflora hybrids of Amaryllis belladonna. These are ideal bulbs that are undemanding, tolerant of poor soil, little water and benign neglect. Nearly indestructible, they bloom reliably year after year, increasing annually to form large clumps that can remain undisturbed for decades. Their large flower heads have a range of colors and combinations. They are spectacular both in the garden and as fragrant long-lasting cut flowers.
BioQuest Amaryllis
Do not be misled. Most bulbs (99%) sold as Amaryllis are not Amaryllis but are Hippeastrum from South America. There is only one species of Amaryllis and it is from South Africa. This species is Amaryllis belladonna. Amaryllis is named after a lovely shepherdess in classic Greek literature. The species name "belladonna" means beautiful lady.

Since Amaryllis is the sole species in a monotypic genus all crosses are intergeneric hybrids. These result in spectacular flower heads and we are pleased to offer these choice bulbs to gardeners.
Also grown for enjoyment are varieties of Clivia miniata which flourish indoors in pots or outside in California gardens. The species name for these flowers is derived from the Latin minium "red oxide of lead," but their color has also been described as tawny orange, cinnabar red, or scarlet with a yellow throat. The crown jewel in our garden, however, is the rarely available Clivia miniata var citrina which is prized by gardeners for its gorgeous yellow flowers.
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BioQuest Amaryllis
          If you are particularly interested in the choice bulb species from the Cape Province of South Africa the definitive and enduring reference is a book by Richard Doutt, entitled "Cape Bulbs," published by the Timber Press. The book has 75 color plates and 52 exquisite line drawings. It sells world-wide, has universally good reviews, and is a welcome gift for any gardener. To buy this book through now, simply click here!

Wishing you happy and exciting gardening!