• Calcium Absorption.-- Calcium Absorption from supplement tablets is correlated with how well the calcium tablet disintegrates.-D.W. Smith D.C. References: (1) Journal: Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 1992 Oct, 11(5):553-60. (2 )American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 1992 Sep, 49(9):2218-22. (3) New England Journal of Medicine, 1985 Jul 11, 313(2):70-3.
  • Vitamin D and calcium after 80? Supplementation with vitamin D3 and calcium reduces the risk of hip fractures and other nonvertebral fractures among elderly women. Summary-- *New England Journal of Medicine, 1992 Dec 3, 327(23):1637-42
  • Postmenopausal Osteoporosis-prevention.-- Alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy
  • Headache Syndromes Patient information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of common types of headaches including tension and migraine.
  • Nutrition and Headaches Includes list of tyramine containing foods which have been found to trigger migraine headaches..
  • Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk. Physical exercise and reduced risk of breast cancer in young women-Summary-- *Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 1994 Sep 21, 86(18):1403-8.
  • Hypothyroidism and thyroid hormone replacement therapy The new ultra sensitive TSH test aids in the diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction. Includes information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism..
  • Mammography Current recommendations on how, when and where.
  • Mammograms-How often? Includes current opinions of the American Cancer Society, American Medical Association and National Cancer Institute.*(1)Jama, 1995 Jan 11, 273(2):149-54. *(2) Jama, 1995 Jan 11, 273(2):142-8.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome--Risk Factors!Summary & Abstracts- *(1). Klonoff-Cohen HS; Edelstein SL; Lefkowitz ES; Srinivasan IP; Kaegi D; Chang JC; Wiley KJ. The effect of passive smoking and tobacco exposure through breast milk on sudden infant death syndrome . *(2) 2. Dwyer T; Ponsonby AL; Blizzard L; Newman NM; Cochrane JA. The contribution of changes in the prevalence of prone sleeping position to the decline in sudden infant death syndrome in Tasmania. Jama, 1995 Mar 8, 273(10):783-9. (UI: 95165592) Jama, 1995 Mar 8, 273(10):795-8. (UI: 95165594)
  • Middle Ear Infections in Children Linked to Food Allergies. Summary & Abstracts- *(1)Nsouli TM; Nsouli SM; Linde RE; O'Mara F; Scanlon RT; Bellanti JA. Role of food allergy in serous otitis media. Annals of Allergy, 1994 Sep, 73(3):215-9. (UI: 94379492)
  • Angiograms A widely used test can itself pose a risk. Before you have an angiogram, read this. Excerpts- *The Best Medicine by: Robert Arnot, M.D. Suggestions for selecting specialists, hospitals and doctors are provided.

    (*)-Indicates source of full text