Some Musical Curiosities

Play Midi Rhythmathing (Larson) Written quite by accident on Thanksgiving 1997.
If it plays right, it should be marimba solo, plucked string chords, and piano in the bass.

Play Midi Maggotoid Larva (Simon-Larson) New version, with fourths in the bass! MIDI

Play Midi Gnossiene (Satie/Larson) With apologies to whoever sequenced it, I set it for chamber orchestra. MIDI

Play Midi Effronterie (Satie) My favorite by Eric S. Reminds me of Bloom as he strolls around and is distracted. MIDI

Play Midi Firebird (Stravinski) An excerpt from The Firebird that sounds just like the Simpsons theme. MIDI

Play Midi Star Spangled Banner (Stravinski, arr.) Stravinski's take on America.MP3, about 2 min