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Personalized Proposal Review

Using the GrantsWriter tips and guides you now have a proposal. It's your creative idea turned into a cohesive document -- but will it sell?

Refine, Refine, Refine

Here is where a capable editor is invaluable. Never release your first draft. Correct it yourself, then ask for help from volunteers, friends, teachers and coworkers, particularly if they themselves are successful grantwriters.

Affordable Consultancy

If you want a professional review, Grant Writer services can help. We charge $45 for review, markup and comment on a proposal. The cost has deliberately been kept minimal (about the amount charged for a dinner outing for two) to help encourage people who otherwise may hesitate to plunge into grant seeking. 

You will get back a marked-up copy of your proposal, with grammar and style suggestions, notes on strengths to emphasize and weaknesses to correct, a "fatal error" review and suggestions for finding back-up funding sources. 

Past clients have found the proposal review particularly useful for revealing "blind spots", where grant  writers mistakenly assume reader knowledge, and for spotting inconsistencies that damage the integrity of the approach.

Make Contact

To access this service, send Grantswriter a copy of your proposal (and any Request for Proposals that shaped it). You can e-mail it as an attachment to Grantswriter or use:

131 Rosewood Lane
Arroyo Grande CA 93420
(805) 489-3746

Please include a contact phone number. We will phone, arrange payment of the $45 fee, and discuss your proposal. We will then mail/e mail back our edit and recommendations. 

As our client, you can be assured that your proposal ideas will not be released to anyone else.

Go Get That Grant!

Grant writing is not really that difficult. If our edit will give you confidence to begin, please use our services and we will try hard to maximize your proposal's fundability.




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