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Al Avila and Tonia Avila, dressed for Fiesta in 1930. Both are still living, and Al is the father of Santa Barbara News-Press employee Victoria Lopez.

This slide is from 1955 when I was a flower girl for several years. My name is Patricia Jill Nelson, daughter of Golden V. and Faith F. Nelson. This Fiesta costume won first place in judging and appeared in the front window of the late I. Magnin store on State Street for a number of weeks. My mother helped organize the flower girls for activities prior to Fiesta and set the positioning for the parade. She also helped them design their dresses.

P. Jill Nelson


Janet Holzhauer Brown was a flower girl in the 1953 Fiesta parade.

All set for Fiesta, 1937: Brothers Bill Burtness, left, and George Burtness still live in Santa Barbara.

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