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The Cavallero girls in 1956,
Gloria (left) and Diana (right).

iesta's in the genes of Christina Cavallero's family.

Cavallero, who's a member of the Old Spanish Days board of directors, has been involved in the community celebration for decades. Her daughters, Diana Rheinisch and Gloria Cavallero Belfiore, rode in many Fiesta parades in a decorated sidecar that's been in the processions since 1951, Cavallero said. Diana danced with renowned artist Jose Manero in the Fiesta parade when she was only 3, according to Cavallero.

Today Diana's children, Erik and Cristian, and Gloria's daughter, Siana, participate in the children's parade. And the whole family can usually be seen in the big parade, El Desfile Historico.

Louise Lowry Davis was a Spanish washerwoman, complete with laundry and soap bubbles, in the 1956 Fiesta parade. Photo submitted by companion and caregiver Betty Whitney.

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