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Seeing Christine Cavallero today at the Santa Barbara Woman's Club at Rockwood brought back many memories of this wonderful woman who has been a family friend since the 1940s when my parents moved from Lompoc back to Santa Barbara.

My parents, Madeline and S. Paul Reed, loved Fiesta. I remember the special events the members of the AD Club (merchants joined to promote business with commercial advertising) held for families. Each year my folks would don their Fiesta costumes and attend the special AD Club party and the other special Fiesta events held at the Mission, Lobero Theatre, County Bowl, Earl Warren Showgrounds, Historical Museum and we always went to the parades. My father had enjoyed the Fiesta activities when he was a lad and felt we should also celebrate that special part of our heritage that brought all of the local people together to have a good time and forget work for a few days.

I remember I was about 12 years old when I made my first Fiesta outfit under the direction of Christine Cavallero. She had decided that color and friendship could be added to the Fiesta festivities if she gathered a group of teen-age girls to act as flower girls during the parade. We each had a colorful taffeta skirt gathered into a waistband then decorated with bands of bright colored ribbon. With white Spanish blouses, sashes at our waists and fresh flowers in our hair, we attended several events preceding the parade where we sang Spanish songs and distributed fresh flowers. Our final event was Thursday's Fiesta parade.

Christine made us feel so proud to be part of the celebration, and she made everything such fun. I do not think I am the oldest living flower girl, but I am one of the first set and proud to be part of Santa Barbara's history.

Lynda Reed Williams
Santa Barbara

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