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St. Barbara

Rosie Garcia-Davis
Photo credit: Rafael Maldonado

osie Garcia-Davis, a native Santa Barbaran, has been selected by Reina del Mar Parlor No. 126, Native Daughters of the Golden West, to portray the city's patron saint, Saint Barbara, during the 1997 Old Spanish Days Fiesta.

Garcia-Davis is a fourth-generation California native whose father and grandmother were born in Santa Barbara. She is a graduate of Santa Barbara High School, and is employed by PDT Pharmaceuticals. She has three children; Michael and Richard Alvarado and Ginger Davis. She has been a member of Reina del Mar Parlor for three years, has served in the offices of inside sentinel and vice president, and has worked on the Pre-Fiesta Tea committees.

A member of the parlor is selected each year to portray the city's martyred patron saint. According to legend, St. Barbara lived around the fourth century in Nicomedia. In defiance of the pagan gods of her father, she had a third window cut into her tower in honor of the Holy Trinity. Enraged, he accused her of being a Christian and had her imprisoned in the tower, where he killed her.

The new Saint Barbara will make appearances at Fiesta Pequeña at the Santa Barbara Mission, and each night at Las Noches de Ronda in the Courthouse Sunken Garden. She will be dressed in the saint's traditional white gown, scarlet robe and golden crown. The palm frond of a martyr and a golden chalice are also part of her costume.

On Friday, Saint Barbara will ride on the first float — decorated with the three-windowed tower — in El Desfile Histörico. Reina del Mar Parlor, Native Daughters of the Golden West, has sponsored the Saint Barbara float since 1926.

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