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Can you pick the correct definition for the following terms?

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1. What macho men have.

- OR -

2. Confetti-filled eggshells, decorated wildly and mildly, that are sold by the hundreds on the streets during Fiesta and cracked over the heads of unsuspecting celebrants. You'll find reminders of the fun times for months to come in your car, your pockets, your shoes ...

La Misa del Presidente:

1. Don't mess with the president.

- OR -

2. A Catholic Mass honoring Fiesta's El Presidente, held at the Santa Barbara Mission.

El Desfile Histórico:

1. Don't put me behind one of those mounted posses again ! !

- OR -

2. The nation's largest equestrian parade, and probably the largest carriage parade. It's the central event of Fiesta that draws more than 70,000 spectators annually, and has no motorized vehicles allowed except the Jeeps that pull the float beds. It involves over 100 entries, including horses and their riders, carriages, drivers, walkers, dancers and bands. More than 300 volunteers alone are needed to produce the event.

Competición de Vaqueros:

1. Hacky sack with spurs.

- OR -

2. The Old Spanish Days Stock Horse Show and Rodeo at Earl Warren Showgrounds that's a tip of the hat to California's vaquero history.

El Desfile de los Niños:

1. I told you to go before you left home.

- OR -

2. The Children's Parade, which is held the Saturday of Fiesta weekend, draws more than 2,000 Santa Barbara kids who walk, run, cycle, march and dance along State Street in traditional and not-so-traditional costumes.

El Mercado de la Guerra:

1. I'll see your burrito and raise you two tortas.


2. Central headquarters for food and entertainment day and night in downtown Santa Barbara. Nonprofit service groups and charities serve up churros, burritos, quesadillas and a host of other mouthwatering specialties at De la Guerra Plaza during Fiesta, and dance troupes and bands keep the crowds entertained well into the night. A sad note: No beer garden this year.

El Mercado del Norte:

1. Would you like ice cream with that enchilada?

- OR -

The counterpart to El Mercado de la Guerra, located at MacKenzie Park, featuring a more family-oriented atmosphere, more children's entertainment daily, with dance bands at night.

El Presidente:

1. Hillary's husband.

- OR -

2. The Old Spanish Days board member who is chosen, through his or her hard work and dedication, to preside over the annual celebration.

Fiesta del Presidente:

1. Bill's birthday.

- OR -

2.The pre-Fiesta party at El Paseo Restaurant honoring this year's head Fiestero, El Presidente Michael Danley.


1. Colorfully decorated Indian arrows.

- OR -

2. The churro-chomping, cascarone-cracking crowd that flocks to Fiesta.

Junior Spirit:

1. A pint-sized margarita.

- OR -

2. The young girl who is chosen to represent Fiesta for her poise, dancing and oratory skills. She performs along with the Spirit of Fiesta at a host of events, and leads El Desfile de los Niños.

La Fiesta Pequeña:

1. Don't forget the pecking order.

- OR -

2. The "Little Fiesta" held on the steps of the Santa Barbara Mission that officially kicks off the Fiesta celebration. Father Virgil Cordano presides over the music and dancing, which draws an audience of 2,000 to 3,000 and is televised on KEYT - Channel 3.

Las Noches de Ronda:

1. Sometime 'round midnight.

- OR -

2. Three nights of romantic, hand-clapping, Spanish and Mexican dancing and singing at the Courthouse Sunken Garden. Local dance troupes perform numbers that include flamenco, folklorico and classic Spanish dances.

Saint Bárbara:

1. George Bush's wife.

- OR -

2. The member of the Reina del Mar Parlor 126, Native Daughters of the Golden West, who is chosen to portray the city's patron saint.

Senior Spirit:

1. A jug of margaritas.

- OR -

2. The young woman who exemplifies the spirit and fun of Fiesta, chosen for her poise, dancing and oratory skills to reign over Fiesta functions. She, along with the Junior Spirit of Fiesta, dances at numerous events and leads El Desfile Historico.

Tardes de Ronda:

1. You're late again.

- OR -

2. A Saturday afternoon dance show featuring children under age 14 (too young to perform at Noches de Ronda) at the Courthouse Sunken Garden.

Celebración de los Dignatarios:

1. A party for wayward executives.

- OR -

2. An event also known as the "Zoo Party," which draws a herd of local wildlife (City and County officials) to the Santa Barbara Zoo to hobnob with the local animals and other visiting Fiesta wildlife; and to partake of food and beverages provided by some of Santa Barbara's top restaurants while boogying to the beat of a live band.

Fiesta Trivia

1. How many times does El Presidente shout "Viva la Fiesta!" in the course of a year?
| Answer |

2. How many flowers do the flower girls give out during Fiesta?
| Answer |

3. How many cascarones are sold during Fiesta?
| Answer |

4. How many times does the Spirit of Fiesta perform during her reign?
| Answer |

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