Telephone Counseling with Robert Burney M.A.

inner child grief therapist, codependency counselor, Spiritual teacher,

author of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

Spiritual Teacher and codependency therapist Robert Burney, whose work has been compared to John Bradshaw's "except much more spiritual" and described as "taking inner child healing to a new level," has developed innovative, powerful techniques and tools for emotional healing and Spiritual integration.  Robert, whose process is firmly grounded on Twelve Step Recovery Principles, specializes in teaching individuals how to become empowered by having internal boundaries.  In his Joyously inspirational book of Mystical Spirituality - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls - and on his web site Joy2MeU (Joy2MeU Home) - he explains how dysfunctional relationships with self and life learned in early childhood can be healed enough to allow individuals to change their experience of life into an easier, more Loving and enjoyable journey.

Telephone counseling (which I started offering in March 2000) has proven a powerful method for helping people implement the blueprint for inner child healing that I have developed.  The various aspects of the work are known to most everyone who has been working on these issues at all - what is unique about my approach is that all of the tools are brought together in a focused system for achieving integration and balance.  I describe my approach on the pages of this web site - but the leap from reading about it to implementing it can be difficult.  Even someone who has a very good therapist right now, can still find it very beneficial to do some phone sessions with me to learn this approach.  (And hopefully spread the word about it to therapists and counselors out there.)

Here is an excerpt from my August 2001 Newsletter (which included quotes from two other pages) in which I talk about the phone counseling.  (In August of 2002 I made a change to the Referral page - to the second quote within this excerpt - which adds a link to the CoDA page to that quote.)

"Now almost a year and a half later the phone counseling has proven very successful, . . . . .
The reality is that inner child healing and codependency recovery are still pretty new - and many very well meaning professionals out there do not know a lot about this work.  My approach to the work is unique and pioneering, and no one out there is doing exactly what I do and describe. You will find very few counselors and therapists who define codependence in as large a context as I do; many who do not see it as a Spiritual disease; many who have not done their own emotional work.

I do not know of anyone who combines developing internal boundaries with doing the grief work as part of building an ongoing relationship with different ages of the child within - the framework that I developed for integrating knowledge of healthy behavior and Spiritual Truth into one's emotional relationship with life.  That is the most powerfully life changing and transformational aspect of my approach to the work.  Your chances of finding someone who does exactly that kind of work are almost nil. - Choosing a Therapist or Counselor with Discernment

 . . . . . . . As I say in the quote just above, no one out there is doing exactly the work I do, because there are not yet any therapists or counselors who have studied my method so that they can help others to learn it.  My approach to the work is unique, powerful, and very effective - and has been accurately described as "taking inner child healing to a new level."   One of the reasons that Co-Dependents Anonymous has declined greatly during the last 7 or 8 years is because people did not know how to take the healing to the next level.  (I include an excerpt from the Joy2MeU Journal in which I talk about this decline on the Finding Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings page.)  The inner child healing paradigm that I have developed is that next level of recovery from codependency that so many people have been seeking. Hopefully, one of these days I will be able to offer training to other healers so that they can learn it for themselves - and be able to teach it to others. - Referral Page - to Local Therapists/Counselors/Healers

The phone counseling has proven very effective for the people who are at a place in their process where they are willing to apply the tools and techniques that I share with them.  Of the people who have been open to changing their perspectives, and willing to do at least a little of the work, most have changed their relationship with self and life profoundly within a matter of 6 to 8 weeks.  My goal in working with people is to empower them to be in-dependent.  To teach people how to have internal boundaries so that they can separate the messages coming from the old tapes and old wounds from the messages of intuitive Truth from their Spirit - so that they can start learning how to relax and trust their Spirit to guide them.

"By learning to set a boundary with and between our emotional truth, what we feel, and our mental perspective, what we believe - in alignment with the Spiritual Truth we have integrated into the process - we can honor and release the feelings without buying into the false beliefs.

The more we can learn intellectual discernment within, so that we are not giving power to false beliefs, the clearer we can become in seeing and accepting our own personal path. The more honest and balanced we become in our emotional process, the clearer we can become in following our own personal Truth."

(Quotes in this color are from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls)

A normal kind of pattern is for someone to do a session weekly for 4 to 6 weeks - then go to once every two or three weeks for a few months.  Eventually, maybe once every couple of months - or perhaps some more weekly sessions during a time of growth and challenge.  There is no right and wrong way to do recovery as I say in many different places, and everyone's path is different, but generally people have been experiencing a significant shift within a fairly short period of time."

Joy2MeU Update Newsletter August 2001
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Robert is the author of the Joyously inspirational book

The Dance of Wounded Souls.
Joyously inspirational Spiritual book - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

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Telephone Counseling

The dynamics of the phone counseling process are:  once you take care of payment we set an appointment for a time and day that works for both of us, and then you call me at that time.  I prefer to work out the logistics of setting the appointment by email (rather than long distance phone tag) - and once payment has been made and an appointment time set, I will email you the phone number on which to call me.  I use the same phone number for this counseling as I do for my internet connection (it has no call waiting so we won't be interrupted) and do not give that number out until all the details are worked out (it's busy most of the time anyway.)  If someone doesn't have e-mail they can call my office/ home phone number (805-927-7107), but I do prefer to work things out by email whenever possible.

Payment can be made through the secure credit card links below - or by mailing me a check (Robert Burney PO Box 977 Cambria, CA 93428).  If someone mails a check, I will need to wait until I receive it before setting up an appointment.  (A boundary that I have found necessary to set.)  It is also possible to pay through PayPal, which allows people to pay out of an account that can be drawn from either a credit card or checking account.  You can check that out through clicking on the PayPal link here or below.  Once payment is made by either by credit card or PayPal, the appointment can usually be set up within a couple of days.

In revising this page a year ago (May 2004), I made it mandatory to do an hour and a half session for the initial session.  An hour really isn't enough time, as it takes me a good hour or more in the first session to explain the dynamics of the process.  I have for years in my therapy practice made the standard session one that lasts up to an hour and a half.  I personally believe that the traditional mental health session of 55 minutes is not long enough - and that in fact, cutting someone off arbitrarily at 55 minutes can sometimes be abusive.  That is often when people really start opening up. 

The rates for the package deals of multiple sessions range from the low $37.50 per hour to a $50.00 per hour price for a single hour session. When added to the cost of the phone call (what with such cheap long distance rates in effect now, can be $ .05 a minute or less) still comes out to a very reasonable rate.  To find quality counseling anywhere for these kind of prices is an almost impossible task these days.  There are not many places to get counseling for less than $80 an hour - and $125 is probably more normal in many places.   So even at $50 per hour this is a real bargain.  And since my approach is focused on helping you transform your life into an easier, more enJoyable and Loving experience in a short period of time, this may be the greatest bargain you will ever encounter in this lifetime. 

Some people will find themselves using the maximum hour and 30 minutes for each session (at least in the beginning), while others will find the hour and 15 minute sessions give them plenty of time.  There are also sessions of an hour for people who have done some initial sessions, and are wanting to do check in sessions periodically.

Click the link to read some Telephone Counseling Testimonials

Added 3/6/03 - I have now been doing the telephone counseling for 3 years.  It has proven to be a transformational experience for about 70% of the people who have tried it - as you can see by the testimonials.  The other 30% found it wasn't for them for one reason or another.  For this reason, I would highly recommend that anyone who is considering giving the phone counseling a try, start off with 1 or 2 of the hour and a half sessions.  If you don't have my book or audio tapes already - though it is not necessary to read the book to do the phone work, it is very helpful - you might want to take advantage of one of the special offers below that includes the book and/or audio tapes.  If you find it valuable to both read and listen, then the option for 3 of the hour and a half sessions with the book and tapes would be good.

It really takes a full hour and a half initial session to give an explanation of how the process works - and to give you the beginning of an understanding of what actions are necessary on your part to facilitate the transformation.  Once a person has had several sessions to start understanding the process, the difference between the 1 1/2, 1 1/4, and hour sessions is simply a matter of getting a feel for what fits you personally.  It is not recommended that anyone do a 1 hour session as their initial session - or choose one of the options for multiple 1 hour sessions prior to some initial sessions to establish a foundation for understanding the work. 

I updated my biography page in February 2003, and on it share how the telephone counseling began and evolved - I am adding a quote from that page to the bottom of this one. ~ Robert

Telephone sessions are conducted in the afternoon and evening PST (so middle afternoon to late evening EST.)  Sessions can be used for up to one year from date of purchase.  (7/05 I am adding a qualification to the one year rule.  That is that if a person's last session was more than 3 months previous, I reserve the right to adjust any credit they have coming to reflect present day rates rather than the ones in effect when they purchased the session/s.)

My boundaries include:  that I reserve the right to charge for any session missed or canceled without at least 12 hours notice;  and that I wait 30 minutes from the time an appointment is scheduled to begin and if the person has not called by then I consider it canceled.   Click on the button to be taken to a secure processing page.

**Some special offers - for both people new to phone counseling and people who might want to do some follow up sessions - are available on the Special Offers page.
May 25, 2006 - Anyone attending one of my Intensive Training Days does not have to do an initial session and can take advantage of some special offers for follow up sessions.

Initial Session must be One Hour and 30 Minutes:  Cost $60 ($40 per hour)

Individual sessions after Initial.
$50.00 for 1 Hour
$60.00 for 1 hour 15 Minutes
$70.00 for 1 hour 30 Minutes
Package deals after Initial (unless you choose a package of 1 1/2 hour sessions then Initial can come out of package.)
Session lengths are up to the time indicated and can not be broken up - that is a 1 1/2 hour session cannot be split into two shorter sessions.
2 One Hour Sessions  $95.00
2 One Hour 15 Minute Sessions $115.00
2 One Hour 30 Minute Sessions $135
 3 One Hour Sessions  $135.00
3 One Hour 15 Minute Sessions $165
3 One Hour 30 Minute Sessions $195
 4 One Hour Sessions  $170
4 One Hour 15 Minute Sessions $210
4 One Hour 30 Minute Sessions $250
5 One Hour Sessions $200
5 One Hour 15 Minute Sessions $250
5 One Hour 30 Minute Sessions $300
6 One Hour Sessions  $225

Logo of PayPal internet banking service.PayPal is a service that facilitates payment by credit card or checking account.  Click the logo for information.

Options that include book and/or audio tape set (or CD set)

4/14/02:  I have been thinking for awhile of adding an offer here that includes my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls.  It is not necessary to read my book to do the phone counseling - and certainly not necessary to read it prior to doing the phone work - but reading it (or listening to the tapes - or both, they actually are two quite different experiences) will help your recovery process and facilitate the phone work. For more information on book and tapes set - and the bumper sticker referred to - see the ordering information page.

6/24/06: The new "work in progress" CD version can be substitued in the offers below for the audio cassette tapes - but it will be necessary to communicate to me that you want the CDs.  That can be done by sending me an e-mail ( or writing CD in the shipping info portion of the secure processing form - (if it is being shipped to a different address than the billing address, put CD after the last name of the person it is being shipped to.)

One 1 hour & 30 minutes phone session plus Book and/or Audio Tape Set.

$70 for 1 hour 30 minutes + Book
$75 for 1 hour 30 minutes + Tape Set
$87.50 for 1 1/2 hr + Book + Tape Set
$90.00 for 1 1/2 hr + Book + Tapes + Bumper Sticker sent by Priority Mail
I have been asked for an option with more sessions plus the book and tapes, so here it is. - 1/1/2003
Three 1 1/2 hr phone sessions + Book + Tapes + Bumper Sticker sent by Priority Mail for $215.00
Another couple of options added 1/16/03
Two 1 1/2 hr phone sessions + Book for $140
Two 1 1/2 hr phone sessions + Tapes for $145.00
These combination offers are available to people in the United States and Canada (except for no Priority mailing to Canada - if someone from Canada wants Global Priority (below), I will throw in an extra bumper sticker to make up the $2 difference between Global Priority to Canada and the rest of the world.)

International Offer

Since I have had phone clients in Europe and the Middle East - and presently have several in England - I am adding an international version of this offer - with the book and tapes sent by Global Priority Mail.  It is possible now to get phone cards with low rates in much of the World.
Three 1 1/2 hr phone sessions + Book + Tapes + B S sent by Global Priority Mail for $220.00
Another couple of international options with book or tapes sent Global Priority - added 1/16/03
Two 1 1/2 hr phone sessions + Book for $145.00
Two 1 1/2 hr phone sessions + Tapes for $150.00
"The telephone counseling has proven a wonderful venue for being able to help individuals to see where they are at on their own personal path with some clarity and compassion - from people who are just starting recovery to people who have been on a healing, spiritual path for many years. 

I have now worked with people who have grown up on every continent on the planet, people of every race, of different sexual preferences, from a multitude of cultural backgrounds.  Human internal emotional dynamics are the same for all human beings - the external details just provide different flavors of codependency, different facets to the wounding.  As long as a person is not completely closed minded out of their black and white programming that there is only one "right" way to heal, one "true" path to God - they can benefit from the approach to healing that I share with them.  The people that I have worked with represent a wide variety of beliefs, including:  Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, agnostic, Pagan, Wiccan, Native American, and Jewish - as well as Christians of almost all varieties.  There is a saying that I like:  religion is for people who are scared of hell, spirituality is for people who have been there.  Anyone who is sick and tired of living in a hell of emotionally suffering - and is open to seeing life from a larger perspective - can change the quality of their life by doing this work."

Biography page for Robert Burney

While updating this page on March 6th, 2003, I added a correction to that biography page to make clear that I have not worked with anyone who grew up on Antarctica. ;-)

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