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Robert is the author of the Joyously inspirational book

The Dance of Wounded Souls.
Joyously inspirational Spiritual book - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls


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(July 27, 2004)
"Thank you for your work and so generously sharing your understandings with the world. Your words are helpful and comforting, and your voice rings through so well. You are so intimate and vulnerable as you share your stories, and yet the stories are not self indulgent, rather, an illustration of the bigger ideas you describe very well. That takes a lot of courage, insight and love.  Bless you."

"Your words are words that I have been able to understand.  They are sinking in.  I am truly grateful.  Thank you."

"Hi Robert - I was just cleaning up my old emails and I came across yours. (Referring to thank you note I sent to him for buying my book in March 2003.)  Although at the time (about a year and a half ago) I really enjoyed your book I struggled with some of the content, namely 'spirituality', but as I have progressed on my journey of healing I now see what you were trying to share (I'm sure you've read the Da Vinci Code)....a big thank you to you from me...please know that you helped enrich my life in a meaningful way...I am feeling and experiencing joy in ways I never knew possible...may you experience abundance always."

"First of all, what a superb book! A good friend lent it to me and I'm afraid it may be changing my life as I know it.  I have also read many subjects on your website and much of it hits home."

"My name is _____, and felt such a strong desire to contact you. I stumbled upon your web site - and have not been able to leave it! You are a gifted, enlightened man with so much clarity of the laws of energy and relating. . . Your writings have become a bible, of sorts for me...and have pulled me out of being a victim, as a i had always set up myself to be. The info on your site has changed my life, my relationships, as well as getting me back and connected with spirit."

"I was recently blessed in finding your web page. I mean this from the very core of my being when I say, your work has touch my heart. I have been searching for the meaning of life my whole life. In the process I fell in to depression. I started searching for the answers in to why life was so horrible. I was finding solutions in idealist forms. Being older now I understand we live in a realist world. You hit home with the problem and solution."

"Thank *you* Robert.  I can honestly say that I have learned more from your website, than any therapy session I have paid for.  The information is invaluable to both my husband any myself.  I hope you realize this truly makes a difference in people's lives!

"My name is _____, and felt such a strong desire to contact you. I stumbled upon your web site - and have not been able to leave it! You are a gifted, enlightened man with so much clarity of the laws of energy and relating. . . Your writings have become a bible, of sorts for me...and have pulled me out of being a victim, as a i had always set up myself to be. The info on your site has changed my life, my relationships, as well as getting me back and connected with spirit.  Thank you for helping me back into the light!"

"Your work (Dance of Wounded Souls) is like the morning sun shining ever so gently into my hiding place.  It has brought tears and revelation.  I am just reading the part about Intimacy (in to me see).  What amazing  inner work you yourself have done.  Thank you for doing the inner work yourself.  God has whispered wisdom to you."

"Thank you for your great web site and info."

"I first became familiar with your site some five years ago after my divorce. I spent hours, literally hours on it late into the night.  I found it so helpful in getting through my grief and working through my inner child issues. I have just come through the breakup of a relationship and I have turned again to this site. I just want to thank you for providing this site. I have spent the past couple of weeks, almost every day, reading your articles. I actually cannot find the word to correctly convey my gratitude so I will just say thank you."

"I just ordered a copy of "Dance of The Wounded Souls" to give to an old frind of mine.....he has been in therapy a lot but ..your work takes it all to the finish line....And thank you for changing my life."

"I thought that I would contact you, just to let you know how helpful your various websites have been for me. . . .  I highly respect your material and feel that you have captured many truths that are integral in the process of both "inner healing" and spirituality. . . Once again, thank you, thank you and thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me!  Blessings Upon You!"

"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and energy to create your website. It has been very useful to me. I am finally starting to cry out the pain and heal. The information you have provided is priceless for people who are going through the awakening process.  Thank you."

"Two  years ago, I discovered the book "Choicemaking" and I realized something was missing in my soberity.  Recently, I typed into the search engine "inner joy" which lead me to your website.  Many things that I had been reading in other books were made clear to me by your writings.  Thank you for helping me to see myself with "a new pair of glasses".

"Robert, I never considered emotional incest.  Your work speaks to the jagged edges of my heart.  I am beginning to see that the jagged edges are on the inside...not the outside.  A sweet awareness is beginning to dawn...  I can rescue myself.   I can be the one my inner child has waited for all her life.   I am in process of absorbing the healing message of 'letting go of unavailable people'.  It's interesting that I pick them because I am unavailable myself...and to myself.... I love words...they are like worlds to me.   I can't seem to find a word high enough or strong enough to describe my gratitude for this transforming key you have forged out of your own pain.  Thank you...to the power of a zillion.  You are a nugget of gold in my recovery."

"I love your website!"

"First of all, thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts and feelings with us. I want to be brief but I need to tell you this: last Sunday I ran across your Web site, almost by chance as I was looking for "Co-dependence".  But since nothing happens by chance....I immediately felt in sync with your words. The Cosmos was giving me what I needed: the gift of perceiving with the heart the dynamics of codependent relationships from another perspective. And since then I have already read many of your excerpts with a feeling of gratitude.  This year, I finally realized something fundamentally important was missing in my long search to figure out my pain, excruciating sometimes.  Then, under tremendous depression, I simply asked for guidance.  The funny thing is that, on Sunday, I wrote in my diary that I deserved some guidance. And, like a child,  left some blank space for the answer. But, as an adult, I trusted and surrendered to Life. ( I'm learning to surrender since I also deeply believe in the wisdom of the Twelve Steps). Well, to cut the story short, right after I ran across your Web site. Again, Thanks."

"Since I have been reading and benefiting from your Web site over the past year or so, I feel I must thank you for your guidance and work. . . The deeply personal nature of your writing moves me more than any clinician's analysis of codependence.  Big e-hugs to you."

"I have just found your site following a google search on inner child. I have been trying to put off dealing with this stuff for quite a while, but the universe is telling me that now is the right time.  So I have started to read your pages, and wanted to say to you that they speak directly to me and my experience. The style of writing and the whole site seems to work for me, and I will definitely work my way through the programme.  Many thanks for being there."

"Thanks from the heart  For my "Aha" experience. Your book and tape help fill in some holes. I find as person in recovery I do not let go of old programming until there is a tug and twitch within. Thanks again my friend."

"I have just spent the past 10 months trying to rescue my marriage with little success.  I have been absolutely dumbfounded with the info on your website as I have spent the past 4 months trying to find my spiritual path having found a book on the Ego self and the true spiritual self and your site just rings so many bells with me. . . before I found you Robert I was trying to identify with your spiritual principles of Ego Self and True Self and was finding it difficult but your pages have enlightened me."

"Your book is wonderful.  Just wanted to tell you that.  Each & every sentence felt important and precious.  I think "integrating truth" has been the greatest missing link for me....  I'm anxious to practice that & let it all resonate as I listen to the tapes now.  Anyhow, thank you !"

"I'm continuing my journey on your site with great pleasure.  It's really gratifying to run across passages like:

"Jesus as I know Jesus was a robust, passionate man.  A man who would laugh from his belly, and shed tears of sorrow.  A man who would become enraged at blasphemy - and fling over the moneychangers tables in the temple. And Jesus as I understand Jesus, was a mystical messenger successfully completing a Karmic mission." (A quote from March 2004 Update.)
Once again, thanks for sharing your inspired and inspiring thoughts."

"Robert, your site is awesome!  It's like you know me!  I'm so accurately described on many of your pages.  I can't wait to read your book."

"Bless you - Great Website! Thanks for yours and other websites I found in the last month or so, dealing with my inner child, and emotional healings.  I found it while surfing the web when I typed ëinner child.í  Iëve even created a bookmark on my computer for it so that I can conclude my emotional healing.  Itís also amazing that Iíve been attuning to getting over with unfinished business - karmically, for about a month.  Iím glad I saw that.   My problems is that Iím afraid to live, cry and rage and feel.  At least I feel that much and aware of it.  I feel very assured that I will overcome and learn from it. To make it short, thanks for being around to confirm what Iíve been sensing"

"Have enjoyed reading the articles on your site. Very interesting and informative and affirming in a way.  Blessings."

"As I was doing web-based research under the keyword "boundaries", I have found your website. I find the content very helpful as I'm in a search of  a spiritual inner peace, balance and emotional fullfilment.   It is surely comforting to know there are other people struggling and brave enough to be emotionally open who do NOT give up in their persuit.   I wanted to share with you I enjoyed your website. What you are doing is great and do not give up because sometimes people have to stumble in order to climb and need an occasional lift along the way. Thanks for the lift."

"You must be very busy, but i just want to thank for your web page it is helping me out alot."

"Sitting in front of my computor at work, feeling I needed some confirmation in my process, I searched the web for something about "inner child healing", I found exactly what I needed (of course!), a site full of wisdom, understanding, hope and love: your fantastic web site. I just wanted to thank you so much for all you write about, and that you share it at the internet.  - your web site is of great help. So thank you again!"

"I just finished reading your book and I found your "alternative perspective to consider" very refreshing."

"Dear Mr. Burney, I have begun my own personal journey of recovery as of last November. This new found freedom from familiar, destructive behavior patterns makes me wish that I had begun the journey years earlier. It was a struggle at first but I can't imagine ever going back at this point. Your book has inspired me to continue on this journey and to reach for more peace and love in my life than I have ever known before.  . . I would like to thank you for the wealth of information that your book has already provided me with, but I am more hungry now than ever before to pursue my own personal Truth and to learn how to live life abundantly."

"I am still working my way through all the pages of your Web site and thank you deeply for your insights.  As another person who is driven to write and share what I've learned, I know the amount of time and commitment you bring to the task."

"Robert...lately..I have just been at the end of my rope...right on the edge ready to jump off...I know things need to change...and I can know things intelectually...but I don't know how to get them from my head to my emotions...I have so many behaviors I need to change...I am just not sure how to go about changing things...sometimes it feels like a viscious circle...anyway...this is how I was feeling tonight rather crazy and upset...I found your website...it offered some insights and some hope...thank you."

"Your grasp of dysfunctional society is amazingly clear. I commend you on your intellectual honesty.  Thank you for the gravitational sling that helps us on this intellectual and sometimes emotional journey through the universe of life. Congratulations!"

""I was brousing through the net searching for information on obsession.  I know that I have been obsessing a little (well alot) about a past relationship.  I found some great sites and information and then just before I was about to log off I found yours.   Your story about writing a script that your girlfriend would be in with you and you would say the right things and everything was exactly what I have been doing lately.  WOW.  You've made me stop doing that now.  I had so many reason's such as I have been born again and if i would of stuck with the Holy Spirit changing me that I would of been the man she wanted now.  Stuff like that.  But now I'm reading about all the recovery that you put yourself through and it's amazing how you took all that time to heal yourself.  All about getting in touch with your feminine and masculine sides and the child within.  I feel I need this kind of couseling desperately.  Thank you for taking the time to do all this work on the net."

"I was thrilled to receive your book yesterday. It arrived at a very appropriate time, and I managed to read the first 20 pages. It absolutely is what I have been looking for. I found it very comforting in a time which is extremely difficult for me."

"Your book arrived on saturday. The interesting coincidence or synchronicity was that I was discussing personal truths and knowings with a friend just before your book arrived. I then started to read your book and in the first few pages it just confirmed everything that I had been discussing with my friend. A true gift and thank you for writing such wonderful words. They are helping me greatly already!  I look forward to absorbing the words and putting them into practise! (The scary bit!!!) Love and light to you!

"A friend of mine in 12 step program were talking one nite and she mentioned she was on your site!  I thought it was way cool that she and I both visit your site!  Pretty neat!  Thank you for your great wisdom and info that you post, Robert."

"Now after being guided to your website, I know my disorder.  I bought your book and am eager to read it.  I gave my sister your web address so that she to can finally free herself too.  Thank you so much for helping me to finally see that I do have a disorder that can be helped.  I praise God for guiding me to you and pray that this is the beginning to the end of my misery."

"Today, also, I sat down with "Dance" and the first passage I picked to read pulsed with the power of the Sermon on the Mount for me. Blessed are the makers of inner peace, Robert. I was one person sitting down and another rising up. During the past few months, I have thrown my share of metaphysical, spiritual, transformational writings across the room in rage and frustration. Reading "Dance" just me makes say, "Oh, how true; oh, but, of course!" What have we learned here? ____, just read the Book already! Thank you, Robert."

"By reading what you have on your web page. I have found a number answers to the hard realizations I've been making, that then have different questions or rather feelings attached to them.  So I wanted to also express that I am greatful that you are continuing to rewrite you veiw points out in the public domain. I for one am being deeply helped by it. Thanks so much again."

"Your book, The Dance of Wounded Souls, arrived earlier this week. I have read much of it since, and it is doing me a world of good.  You speak my language: the language of a recovering alcoholic. I find myself in the pages of your book, and after nearly nine years of sobriety (August 1), I am exactly where you were, when you started talking and writing about it: I am discovering my own issues with co-dependent behaviours, especially in relationships and partnership choices.  You are right, co-dependency IS a dysfunctional relationship with self.  Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope. Thank you for taking the time to write a personalized message."

"I found your website this morning and have been reading through it.  I wanted to thank you for your site and shared ideas and thoughts."

"Since November 2002 i have dipped for advice, consolation, expanding my view of life. I would like to thank you for having done all the pioneering work and for having had the courage to put it on a website.  I always knew life to be one of expansion, creation and learning to love in different ways. I always knew life to have a purpose, other than survival or financial comfort. You have helped me to move out of a very co-dependant relationship and to continue to believe that there is more to life than hurt and depression. Your words have given me the courage to go on exploring my basic view of life.  A warm and sincere thank you."

"Robert, you will be pleased to know that as I wrote a huge long argument to you about how I am sick of the way men act and I dumped my boyfriend cause he thinks tv women are all the rage and I am not etc......I got it. I am pissed off cause I dont deserve it, to be treated like crap that is and I let someone do it anyway. You sure have an amazing ability to deliver a message.  thanks."

"Thank You for including me on your e-mail list, and for sharing your thoughtful and valuable website!  Your words resonated deeply--I know I will enjoy and benefit from your book & tapes."

"Hello!  I am writing because I appreciate your web site.  There is so much I would like to discuss.  I have to say....I had to chuckle....  The subject of whether or not Jesus felt sexual desire for Mary is so funny!!  How ludicrous!!!  He was a MAN, wasn't he??  Sheesh!!"

"Yes, yes, yes I say, yes, yes! It's been a joy & miracle to have discovered this wealth of information . . . Initiating the serious work of my Life, I called a former employer looking for resources re: emotional abuse. She didn't have any but suggested the internet = the miracle (as I've just become part of this revolution & don't readily think of the internet). When I searched the subject, I was introduced to your wisdom for the first time. This would be a mystery except for knowing: when we're ready, the teacher appears. I'm printing out all that's available at present - and I do want email updates, always. . . . THANKs for all the work you've produced for us who, as dry sponges, thirst for this insight."

"Thank you for your wonderful web site.  I am looking forward to receiving your book."

"In my search for information on codependency and healing, I found your website.  After previewing your book "Codependence-The Dance of Wounded Souls," I knew I must have it and ordered it immediately.   At age 51, I now know that codependency has crippled me emotionally all of my life in ways I am just now beginning to understand.  Thank you most sincerely for your very fine work.  I'm on the path to living joyfully."

"About two years ago I read your magnificent book "The Dance of Wounded Souls" and it was the start of my healing process from my codependency. Since then lots of things have changed that I could not possibly have expected and I feel very thankful for your book, your website and my healing process."

"Just a note of gratitude for the work you have lived and done with the 'inner child'.   Twelve years ago I became aware of my little child...Today I am taking the steps to find her...to love her to healing."

These testimonials fill my heart so I thought I would use the hearts here.
August 3, 2003 - A number of the testimonials I am adding today include queries about where to find my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls (clicking on the title link will take you to my ordering page)  In my January 2002 Update I addressed the issue of where people can find my book, because it is a pretty common for people who find the site to assume that they can go out and find my book at their local book stores.  Unfortunately that is not true in most cases. - 9-7-03 Decided to leave this here for anyone who does want to find the book.
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More Testimonials

(June 3, 2004)
"Monogamy - A Spiritual Teachers Perspective - that was a beautiful article Robert. Thank you for all that you do!! I love you man!"

"I would just like to thank you very much for this wonderful website.  I have been reading it everyday and have identified so much of what you have said.  I feel so empowered by the knowledge and also inspired to live my life with what I know now. I could clearly see how much I have lived my life with codependency and how that directly related to my childhood conditioning.  It is not easy to turn around and have a complete change but at least now I have a good start to a beginning of a lifetime of learning."

"I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your website and your book, Dance of Wounded Souls. You're a Godsend, and I thought you should know that from someone who has benefited greatly from your writings. Thank you again and God Bless you!"

"subject: spiritual relationship/ twelve steps recovery  Thank you for this very important imformation."

"I recently stumbled across your articles on the web as I was trying to find a way to overcome my anxiety. It is very helpful and has given me some insight into how to deal with some of my issues thx very much."

"I really have no road map how to heal myself.  I hope your site is that road map.  I love your site its awesome and I can't wait to read it a billion times.  Everything you say is like "wow thats so me"...Its like a ton of bricks hitting me, its that frank.  Good work and keep it up.  Thanks for helping me out."

"I've so enjoyed the book I got from you last week, learned so much from it, I was going to loan it to my friend to read and then decided she really needed her own copy.  Thanks so much for your book and your website.  So much of what we go through as CD adults is difficult to describe to outsiders who are not interested in a program, but love us still.  I've sent the link to your website to my mom and many others.  It's a great, informative and most of all HOPEful website.  Thanks again!"

"Thank you for taking the time to respond.  Goodness knows how many emails you must face daily.  Yours is a potent message and a very high calling indeed. Many, many thanks again and God bless you!"

"I love your writing and it is just what I have been praying to find.  I was lead right to it actually.  I have been praying that God would help me find a way to share my belief about God with my children whom I did not raise in any church, because I was still searching for answers myself during the years that they were growing up.  I now belief most everything the same as you (from what I have read so far) but I feel my children need this in their life and your books are just the thing I was looking for to give them.   Words can not express how much it means to me to find your work THANK YOU for being a writer."

"This entire website seems like it was written about me."

"I am really looking forward to receiving your book....I have been reading a great deal from your web site, which has been very informative and helpful.  I have related to so much of which you write, that I feel the book is something that will be read, not just immediately, but over and over again."

"All I can say is...you're beautiful. I was led to read your online journals about the wounded child....I am one of those. Your words are giving me strength...I have fallen into the black hole and it is breaking me...but your words I am holding on to for hope.  Thank you,"

"I don't know if you are still working in a therapy practice/context, maybe the website is the result of work you did years ago and not your current focus. But I felt like contacting you, because I have been sitting here sobbing as I read several of the pages you posted. At the very least, I wanted to thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful observations posted there."

"I checked out your site and really enjoyed what I saw.  I so related to your story of healing your child and grieving for him."

"I would like to start by saying thank-You.  I have been reading a lot of your material over the last five months; your writing helped me tremendously.  Last November my life started to change dramatically in the truth about myself, co-dependency is another disease that I admitted to be powerless. Alcoholism was the first disease that brought me to a major crossroads in my life, three and a half years ago and last November I felt emptiness in my spirit that forced me to seek truth. Today I have been getting back to my roots and heritage in a process of reclaiming myself; I have done this by doing inner child work, talking to therapist and Indian elders and reading a lot of helpful literature including the articles that I found on Joy2MeU."

"This is an absolutely fantastic website! Thank you ever so much. I am a community mental health worker and have been seeking information to reinforce/assist clients in working through codependency. This condition seems to exist in so many individuals...I also believe that I have some elements in myself which I need to understand better. I wonder if I'll really ever understand the concept completely. If there are any directions you can point me in please to help further....please do! Thank you again."

"First of all I want to thank-you for the enlightening information that you have provided online on the fear of intimacy."

"Fantastic, is how all I can say about your web site.  Just happen to be up in the middle of the night on line, which I normally do because of a relationship that just ended, which I wasn't ready to let go, but since then, in all about 3 wks I just don't sleep at night anymore.  I like to web search alot because i'm always looking for answers and clues, trying to solve my own problems, but I happen to type in, 'WHAT IS CODEPENDANCE' and it lead me to your web site, that was by far what I needed and I it has helped me out tremendously."

"I started to read your book and the information on your website and I think the information is wonderful.  I feel as if it was written for me.  I find it to be an extremely helpful as it provides me with the skills I need to develop in order to have a more peaceful life. Thank you."

"Thank you Robert Burney for this website.   I no longer try to change the things which I thought I could change, rather I'm moving in the direction of changing the things I can, which is Me!  It seems that "The Higher Power is giving me the Wisdom to see the difference!  Praise God  Forever!!!   Thank You"

"My name is ____ I am 25 years old, I live the north west of England, I am emailing you to thank you for your writings on the internet, I have just started reading some of them. I found it enlightening and also comforting that someone else (probably many people) have similar feelings and experiences, to those that I am going through and that they have come through it."

"I am fascinated by your material!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for your beautiful and informative site. I have read with great interest your articles. I can SO relate. Every sentence has me nodding and going...I wrote this."

"Hi Robert I write from Scotland & wish to express my thanks for your many wise words & insights of reality. This past week I have been "journeying deeply" identifying connections with your sharing, very many thanks!  Thanks for your time & encouragements felt & really appreciated. Also for the courage & honesty of your passion in sharing experiences so simply, thus effectively."

"A big thank you for sharing the information on your site. I am 19 yrs sober and just beginning the process of co-dependency recovery with the help of several therapists. I find the info on your site simply profound!"

"Hello, I know you probably hear this a lot.  But I want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!  A good friend referred me to your page ______.  And after countless dollars in my life on counseling you have finally helped me understand what is going on with me.  It is so black and white and easy for me to read.  You have helped me far beyond I could ever thank you."

"I have been reading your book and have to tell you thanks for giving me insight of myself and my wife. Your book, support groups, and my friends have truly help me look into myself to be a better person.  Thank You"

"Thank you for the nice e-mails and for the very enjoyable reading on your web site.  I am sure that I will find your book most valuable and can't wait to get it.  I have had an interesting spiritual journey in my life as I can tell you have, and your book is going to to take me to a higher step on that journey I am sure, maybe a leap.  I was lead by the spirit to find your book of that I have no doubt.  Thank you for your very special writing."

"I would like to applaud you for your brilliant Website which I found very easy to navigate and enjoyed many hours reading through your pages, I tune out easyily if Im reading something boring but your site was very stimulating and i didnt feel as if you were trying to chage my beliefs while trying to share them that is a hard skill to master."

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help over the past several weeks. I purchased your book Co-dependence The Dance of Wounded Souls and the audio tapes from Amazon.com. I went through a very tough time in my life recently and found it easier to cope by reading your book."

"i just found your website and what you have to say hit me deeply... i ordered your book and i hope to find some healing and understanding as to why i am where i am... i DON'T want to continue going through my life with the toxic people i always seem drawn to.... and feeling like "if i could just love them enough..."  i feel like i've given all i can and i was feeling like "i give up, i'm destined to not ever be loved"... i have always been the one to give and give and give until i have no more.... so i guess i'm saying an early "thank you"  for the hope.... my spirit thanks you too.."

"I think your website is a great help and I think it is awfully generous of you to take your time to compose answers the way you have!! I am looking forward to getting your book."

"Yesterday I found your web site and began reading some articles.  I signed up for your newsletter.  Today I revisited your site and read more.  I will be purchasing your book tomorrow.  Your words are very true and wise. My intent in this e-mail is to send you gratitude for sharing your knowledge. Thank You!"

"Robert thank you and thank god for giving me some insight to this dreadful and debilitating as you call it disease and that's exactly what it is!"

"I got your book "Dances" about a month ago, and I had intentionally bought it for my brother.  I thought I was through my recovery process as well, but now I can see Im not completely there either!  Can I order two more copies of your book?  I wan't to get my little sister a copy too as a present, b/c I don't think she's all better either, and I love her and hopefully, she'll read it too.  You are completely AWESOME! . .God Bless"

"Robert..some how I got to this website..and am estatic that I did...I have been dealing with major issues and in the process of  counseling .for some major family issues...There is tons of info to ponder... I am finally seeing that the relationship I had with in my family is co dependant and that is really a tough deal...So going through a ton of grieving and healing... I have realized in reading that I am the one getting the help and those who find this taboo..well its on them...I am doing a ton of work and just found me and like the person that I am but it took cancer and others not being there  to get what was going on in my live...I appreciate your site and will continue to read to learn...and heal."

"thank you for your time i appreciate your hard work and sharing your story and journey and victory thank you"

"I have not gotten your book yet but know that it will help me to understand myself and my choices more than I could ever hope for.Just through reading your web site since wed 25 April 2004(at a time it was most needed) I have not been able to stop reading your site. You have put into words what I feel/felt /and thought when I could quit listening to the world. After 47 years I feel I have stumbled onto my voice through your words and insight. This human life has never made sense to me but your site has helped me to have more hope in understanding what has been happening to me. I should like to Thank You for tuning into the Goddess of life and for sharing it with the world of those who are lost and searching."

"God bless the work you are doing to rescue souls, that are log-jammed with pain and suffering.  May the blessing of our Lord continue enrich every facet of your life."

"Thank you ever so much for posting me the book and the tapes. They have been helping me to understand about my self and others. It is really amazing and very well done. My husband left home exactly 2 month ago and I am suffering from a broken heart. So hearing you wise words have comforted me and some how made my pain smaller because of the understanding. My childhood traumas are coming to the surfice...I lived in Angola when I was a child and for one year I had to live under a war situation. And during that time my parents used to leave us alone (me and my younger sister) locked n the house until late hours. The anxiety of being there waiting for my parents to arrive caused us very deep traumas. So in all my relationships I end up sufocating my partners for fearing of being left alone. Which I end up manifesting them.   By reading your book I begun to understand why and I am learning how to embrace and love the wounded child within.   You are doing a great work, please continue. Love and Light and Harmony"

"I found your site after looking up a definition of co-dependent -- to argue with someone that I was NOT co-dependent. Oh well. Fit to a T."

"you are so right when you say trying to find healing and a spiritual dimension in our culture can be crazy making.I'm in recovery from 20 years of substance abuse and now at the ripe old age of 46 I'm now facing my child hood pain and trying to create some meaning and comfort out of it all .I was very taken by your thoughts on internal boundaries against shame and abuse,what I seem to have internalised is so noxious it nearly killed me.Anyway thanks."

"Your site is interesting and has many fascinating references."

"I don't know why I feel compelled to write, but your site was a revelation.   Your site has given me great insight into life, love, other people, and more importantly, myself.  Now I can really go back to living for myself.  Thank you for your work, and know that, in some small way, you have helped someone."

"I am clean 6 months, 56 yrs. old, trial atty, etc. I am a hard core case. Your materials helped me cry for the past week. . .  I trust you from the writings and trust is a huge issue for me."

"I wanted to write and thank you for your willingness to share and tell you that you have made such a difference. My inner child doesn't always want to see the words and work, but I am learning and teaching my inner child, that poor choices hurt, and that boundaries are there to protect you, not to limit you. Funny, it sounds so very simple, but it is so very difficult to integrate into my life, or at least this part of it.  Thanks again, Robert. I'll keep working and learning and growing. Please know that you have had a hand in helping me to continue on this path of knowledge and self-love."

"I am in the middle of reading your book 'The Dance of Wounded Souls' and it is an incredible read, striking a chord with me and my situation. So many of the writing and the examples you use are spot on with what I have experienced in early years and to this day."

"I have stopped believing in coincidences.  I have come to believe, based on my own experience now, that everything is happening exactly as it should. Finding Joy2MeU is one of those times.  It is late ? I came upon your website about one hour or longer ago, and I want to say thank you for being here and for taking the time to post the meaningful, moving and insightful articles that you have.  I am a recovering alcoholic, one who is especially grateful to be one right now ? this path has opened doors to healing that I either didnít know I needed (but do) or that I thought were closed forever.  Your website is another marvelous provision at the right time and the right place, and evidence, to me at least, of my higher powerís loving-kindness.  Your comments and in-depth look at Healing the Wounded Inner Child are amazing, truly amazing. Thank you for doing what you have been gifted with to do, if this makes sense, in order to help others, like me, to perhaps one day do the same."

"I have only touched upon Inner Child work in the past with Powerful results.  I find myself again in turmoil in my marriage, in parenting, and in my everyday life.  I have gained a lot from you website and now hope to further this with your book.  Thank You."

"God Bless you  I"ve just come across your site and am very pleased and impressed: keep up the good work and thankyou !   (a recovering soul)"

"I am going through a hard time right now & when I found your website, I really felt comforted by your message.  Thank you."

"I would love to get updates via email and I look forward to reading your book. I recently made the decision that it is time to intregrate all those little ones in me. I thought I would look online and see if there was anything on it and I came up with your site. It was hard to pull away from it,I kept clicking on the next page then the next,etc. I finally figured if anyone was ever going to be able to call me or if I wanted to get out of the house I had better get the book and the tape. Once again I look forward to it and I think the time and work you have put on the web site is amazing.I can tell you help alot of people. Take care,keep it up and god bless!!!!!"

"I have found your web page after I started to look on the internet for the infomation about how to set one´s boundaries. I have been reading your interesting articles dealing with different aspects of codependency an so on. I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder about which I had also found information on your very helpfull web page. I admire your courage to write so openly and to personalize  healing process for others by being so open and frank.  In meantime thank you for being real you. It helps me a lot to see that there is always a solution to the problem."

"I have just spent several hours engrossed in your web pages on Inner Child Healing.  A miracle!  I believe I was God-led to them as I cried out to Him in prayer this afternoon, in absolute desperation because of the unbearable pain of abandonment and depression I have been experiencing since my therapist recently told me he was leaving.  Suddenly it has all become so clear to me.  I was severely abused as a child and the terrible grief and pain that made me want to die isn't really to do with my therapist leaving, but that of being physically and emotionally abandoned as a child.  Whilst just reading your pages (absolutely engrossed!) I've noticed that, amazingly, something has shifted inside of me and the suffocating depression has miraculously lifted.  Until I read your pages I felt really pathetic and guilty for having such an adverse reaction to my therapist's leaving.  Now it all makes sense, and so much more besides; now I realise it's ok to feel this way, and just reaching out to that terrified, abandoned child within with love and compassion (rather than being angry with these feelings, as I was before) has brought me so much peace. I now feel so empowered and well-equipped to work through this painful'ending' knowing that it's a fantastic opportunity for so much healing.  Thank you so much.  Be blessed!"

"I'm an eighteen year-old who is painfully shy.  I'm slowly trying to find my way out of it and i'm realizing that this has always been more than just about shyness.  My biggest problem is my issues of self-worth.  Your website has been a big help to me.  It has clarified so much and helped me begin understanding that I do have worth and that it isn't dependant on the things i have done or failed to do."

"i'd like to commend you on providing the information you have on your website. it has helped me quite a lot in the past few months with a failing relationship. in the course of dealing with these issues, i have sought out any and all possible sources of help. friends, family, internet support groups, websites, therapist and books. my therapist is about the most objective and nurturing person that i have a relationship with in person. your website and book seems to be the most objective and nurturing of all that i have come across. it seems as many of these self help books are written in such a way, that makes who ever who reads it a victim and the other person in the relationship a perpetrator. even though there are disclaiming phrases or passages that it isn't about blaming, the main gist of many of these books portray unavailable people as irrevocably damaged and bad. whereas your book and website, take into account a more universal understanding that we are all united in our condition."

"Great Site.  this site is fantastic ....thank you  really like the straight forward  honesty that you speak with..."

"I have been reading through your amazing site and I must say thank you. It has been helping me make some serious realizations I never understood before.  Your site has already started to change my life."

"your lovely book online has sent everything up to a whole new level for me here,  with a sense not of  'urgency' but of direction and 'right timing' which proves always that we are now 'working with our Higher Selves',  so we can expect results, and they will be better than any of us could have wished for!"

"THANK YOU.  I finally find myself feeling validated.  I have long felt and believed much as yourself, and am also an "Alcoholic" ............and belong to AA.  I knew I was missing something, and this stuff is just not in the pages of AA....nor in Al Anon.................And, your reference to black and white thinking.............I agee and have been very verbal about it...................such a pervasive society plague.   I had heard of Inner Child healing, and got on the web.....There you were.  I incorporate much of the Indian's love of Great Spirit into my life, and especially, when young my first belief in God was thru my love for nature.  My relationship with Him has now reached a new level..................for I have now been able to surrender parts of myself.........my Inner Child...........all that bottled up emotion........etc Before now I was not able to see clearly inside.  Like a fresh wind a 'blowin'...........(And your approch to this subject is just like that.) .................... So Thank YOU............and thank you also for signing my book...that meant so much."

"I have been searching I think all my life for a book like this to read  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this website It has made my day and has made me feel more awakened to who I am. Thank you very much."

"I am reading your book and continue to read your writings on your web site. Thank you for all that you have to share.  God Bless You!"

"I have been reading your articles here on your web site.  I enjoy them very much. I've been having a lot of emotional slips lately and I'm coming to 15 years clean and sober on July 20th of this year.  I just got out of a NUTTY relationship and it was my codependency that kept me in it...I'm having the old i should have know better syndrome and beating myself up a lot lately, and i would like to know where i can find your book."

(April 18, 2004)
"I had given your book to a client to read last night and on handing the work over I mentioned to her how much I valued the book and resonated with the things you have written within it.  My testimony suddenly brought me into sharp contact with the grace I feel flows from the book and spiritual beauty that enhances and echo's my own . . . I know the truth of your words and came to them (nearly all of them!!) before I read your book... but oh how wonderful to read truths which mean so much to me!  It touched me very deeply and lessened my feeling of isolation - which occasionally places me in fear/sadness.

I understand the connection and it is important to remind ourselves of the whole - the beautiful spirit in us all.  I do not need a reply to this mail.  It was a need to stretch across the divide and touch.  Just knowing your spirit exists and knows is wonderful. Peace Robert Burney... and magical thinking or not I hope you DO find financial reward in your wonderful work."

" I have just finished reading some of your ideas and thoughts on the Mystic Jesus.  To say I am speechless would be an understatement. You are a very wise and compassionate person. I will continue to follow your writings and buy some of the books that will give another perspective on Jesus.  I always felt that Mary M. was the wife of Jesus. However I'm still not sure why to black people (Jesus & Mary) would want to travel all the way to Europe. Seem to me it would have been easier to just go down into the Sudan.  Being a minister I am always happy to come across a person who understands what and who Jesus was. I salute you for what you are doing. May you continue to be blessed."

"Hi Robert , I just read your last update to the website. I am amazed as always how open and honest you are, and how much like my life your life is. I'm sure you have lots of mail the same! We co-dependents must all have simular lives. Don't give up, I will pray for your soul mate to come back to you. you have helped me very much and reading your updates always makes me cry and cry!  its so touching, really amazing stuff.  lots of love to you and yours."

"Thank you again for your wonderful web site and beautiful book.  You have aided me in finally understanding what has and what has not been going on in my internal struggle.  It is freeing!"

"I just want to tell you that I am profoundly grateful to you for posting your phenomenal website.  Your information and insights give me hope for my own inner child healing."

"i just wanted to send a note to let you know that i appreciate your web page and all the work that you have shared.   for whatever reason, yours was the one that i stumbled on first.  i read some 160 pages so far.  thank you for your honesty.  particularly, thank you for saying that this process is not only a learning one, but one that will require a lifetime of work...more importantly - that's OKAY if it takes a life time.  That's what life is about.  I really have been extra hard on myself, probably my whole life.  I really need to let go of perfection.  Thank you for your personal stories.  I was able to relate to all of it.

I am a therapist myself.  LCSW. your work is helping me and I expect it will help me in my own work.  Of course, I've been learning and reading about this stuff for years.  Probably hoping that my problems would go away somehow.  And when they didn't I would deny and avoid then beat the hell out of myself if I screwed up.  What a twisted cycle that's been.  I've been revisiting myself for years that way.  therapy here and there.  a couple of alanon meetings.  lots of codependent relationships.  graduate school :)  it all comes down to this:  are you really ready to let go and start really working?  i think i am.  your pages may not be new news, but they hit me like sunshine.  like relief.  and your honesty and personal views i share.  i don't recall reading anything over the years that i related to on a personal level like that.  i have always been open about my personal weakness and my drive to keep getting better.  i have noticed that most people - especially in the field are really afraid of doing that.  you are not,  and it's awesome.  thank you for not limiting yourself because of judgment or fear. thank yo for not dictating information.  for not speaking like an expert without backing it up.  you rock!   take care"

"I am writing to tell you that your articles are some of the most insightful and thoughtful I have ever read on the subjects of co-dependency, holistic healing, and spirituality. It is like taking deep, long, healthy, breaths of fresh air after recognizing how shallow one's breathing has been. . ."

"I've learn SO much from your website. You are truly GOD's gift to us. Without you we would all still be in the dark."

"I am finding your site most enjoyable .... and extremely informative.  Thank you so much.....I can't wait to go back and read more.  I want to read it thoroughly....every part.  I have no clue how I found the website, but I'm so glad I did. This issue hit dead-on home with me.  Alchoholic, ACOA, codependent, you name it --- it's me!  Thank you very much for offering your expertise on these topics,  I'm sure your knowledge and information will be very helpful to me.  And, right now, I need all the help I can get in my life."

"I was just reading on your site Robert, and I'm just so grateful for it.  It brings me a lot of peace and clarity, so, thank you."

"Hello Robert, I wanted to take some time to thank you for your wonderful site Joy2MeU. When I learned about my codpendency, your site ended up being my greatest resource for healing. I found your site about 3 years ago and still refer to it often. In fact I also refer it to many others as well. Thank you."

"Robert I want to thank you for all the info you have shared freely over the net.  I have learned alot thru your pages on the web.  I think it was generous of you to put so much of your book out to the public without charge.  I rejoice at your recovery and the help you have been to so many others

I want to say thanks for your generous sharing on the net.  I have learned a lot from your sites.  I believe you have been gifted to understand human psycology.  God did hear your prayers and  I admire that you have tried to ease other people's pain without charging money."

"I finished the book over the weekend.  Needless to say, it was wonderful, and there is no way to describe how much I loved it, and you already know that I agree with all of it."

"I've been coming back to your site for about a year now. I really like the information you have on the site. It's given me some great insight and material to keep coming back and rereading."

"Thank you for your latest update. I read your web-site every day, it helps me to stay grounded and focus on the Truth.  . ,. .  .Thank you so much.  I believe that the more people that read and understand and accept your webpage and book the tiniest bit closer we come to world healing and peace."

"Robert, I don't know if you are a person or an angel send by God to enlighten a lot of lost souls!!! You have no idea how many times your web page has helped me to "survive" difficult situations. Please don't you ever change and keep doing good, I know that God will reward you ten times more!!!"

"working on Step 2 today all of a sudden I was compelled to look on the internet for help for Parents of addicts....a subject I am dealing with...and BINGO the first web site I come to is yours....Your web site BLEW MY MIND for more than one reason... . . A long story just to tell you how much I appreciate you...but I wanted to let you know your website is a GODSEND....and gave me EXACTLY what I was searching so hard for...an understanding of MYSELF....I think it will be the real start to my journey for peace and serenity and joy.....something I have NOT found....but your web site I believe is about to REALLY change my life....I am hoping to within a short period of time give myself permission to buy your book and tapes as I have been led to you for a reason...A GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR THE WEB SITE"

" I thank God for finding your website through a link from Dr. Irene's site!  Pleas add my email address to your list for updates, etc. Thank you"

"I discovered your website only a week ago and I just wanted to say: thank you. I recently went through a very bad breakup that left me feeling broken and adrift. He was emotionally unavailable and I'm afraid of intimacy--we made the "perfect" match in terms of being two wounded souls. Reading the articles on your website has made me realise a lot of things about myself and in this one week alone, I feel like my whole life did a 180 degree turn.

Anyway, thanks for all the hard work you put into your site. I thought I'd let you know that there are people out there that really appreciate your kindness and good will to share your insights with others. Event though it's very extensive, your website whet my appetite for more so now I'm going to look for the nearest Chapters bookstore and buy your book.
Thanks again!"

"I have never written a response to an author on a website, but this is my first!  Your articles are truly inspiring and so well-written.  I just had to share my appreciation of your writing and of the research and insight that went into your work.  I am sure it is the culmination of a lifetime(s) of experience.  Touched by your wisdom and your willingess to share it."

"I stumbled upon your website last night.  I was overwhelmed with emotion as I recognized my 44 year old self in many of your words.  I'm looking forward to reading your book and listening to the tapes as it is time to start the healing!"

"just a note to say I really enjoyed these pages, i will visit often and reference even more.  I am a counselor who is also in a codependency program of recovery.  Keep up the great work."

"I can't thank you enough for putting down all this information in such an articulate way.  I have read all of the other ACOA and codependence books and none are as good as yours.  I have passed this information on to others and it always has a profound effect on them as it as on me.  The affirmation article is really wonderful and always leaves me smiling.  My best wishes to you."

"I'm writing to say again how much your material has changed my life. (which I thought was pretty good as it was)  I had no idea how much joy could be in life when my perspective changes enough to allow for the fact that I am loveable.  I am much more confident and not reacting to the past, even the recent past for the most part.  Your material (books/essays) are what I turn to each day for the "truth".  Thank you for putting so much of yourself and your own experiences in the material. . . . Anyway, just wanted to say this as a further affirmation to you of the power of your work.  "Everything is unfolding just as it should."  My best wishes to you."

"Thank you, and thank you for all that you share - it really helps."

"I've just started reading your book - The Dance of Wounded Souls.   Both your book and your website has offered me much to reflect on and work with.   Although I'd done some study about codependence, I couldn't seem to connect with most descriptions regarding codependent behavior/reaction; but when you described counterdependent behavior in your book now  I can definitely see myself there (had never heard the term before & am having difficulty finding further information about it online).

What has also been very insightful for me are the Behavioral Defenses aggressive-aggressive, aggressive-passive, passive-aggressive, passive-passive.  To varying degrees, I can see how these dynamics in family & relationships have been played out through all of my life from childhood until now.

As well, I appreciate your inclusion of the Divine Feminine when referring to our Creator; and how you've embraced this within a cosmic, cultural and societal perspective.

These are but a few insights I've received and wanted to share with you, in sincere appreciation."

" I was very touched by your site. I have been on this path for 15 years now.  It seems that I never stop learning.  Thank you again. I wil be reading your website."

"Your book arrived Thursday afternoon.  It is pretty powerful stuff.  For a relatively slim volume, its going to take me awhile to read it.  Its like after every paragraph, I need to take a couple of breaths, and let what I just read sink in a little before I go on.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the book was your hand written note of encouragement.  A few weeks ago, I might have seen that, and said to myself "thats a nice gesture", and not thought much more about it.  But right now I'm in a place where a note like that, from someone that I don't even know, actually touched something in me, and I just had to tell you "Thanks"."

"Thanks for your website, and your insight that can indeed set me free :)"

"I would just like to thank you for everything I just read!  I am a wife and mother of 3 and I have been questioning what is and has been wrong with me.  I looked into ADHD, Sensory integration disorder, anxiety/depression/ bi-polar/ and even mutiple personsality disorder! As I found I had syptoms of each but none perfectly described my total package, until I read what you had to say about co-dependency and fear of intimacy!  This describes me to the tee! I plan on going out to buy your book "The Dance of the Wounded Soul," just to hear more!  I really felt the need to thank you and to tell you what a blessing it was to stumble upon your site!  Thanks again, and God Bless!  I am also so impressed that I am sending you web page to all my friends and the name of your book with it.  Please keep on writing! You are truly walking in the will of God!"

"I am so happy that you shared your work- I am in such new places"

"Thanks for your clear, outspoken web pages.  I too have suffered from spiritual blindness and control which ruined my life and took all my energy.  Religion told me that Jesus was more important than me so this really screwed my self belief up, I had no confidence.  I am now studying a psychotherapy course and am finding this 'new me' who can ask for what I want, who can cry and look a mess if that is how I feel and still deserves to be loved.  I am finally allowing my inner child to grow up and yes this is very painful.  I am also struggling with co dependency which has taken all my energy. Thanks again."

"Then I found joy2meu.com this morning, I canít even remember now how I got to it, and bugger me if it wasnít all there again, all the thoughts and theories that I have fought so hard to bring into life in my head. Why didnít somebody tell me? I have a lot of reading to do. I would like to stop, and get back to what I think of as ëreal lifeí, but I canít."

"God guided me to your web site  and I can see why. God bless you for that. The articles that I have read so far from you, made me feel that I am not alone in this journey and that it is possible to move on from this hell of confusion and pain. I am doing everything in my power to start this process. I want to do it. I need to. I have not clue where you are located and wish you would be near me so I could talk to you, it helps to know that there is someone out there that knows how to heal."

"your book is spot on, we love it. so to the point and so true."

"I came across your website a few weeks ago after entering into a new relationship, which has brought up a lot of my old codependent behaviors.  My new relationship is SO vastly different (and wonderful) than any in the past that I thought it was time to face up to the irrational behavior in my life.  Therefore, I did a Google search on codependent behavior and found you.  I too had the emotionally distant father and a mother who was abused (by her parents) and ended up creating an emotionally incestuous relationship with me.  However, after reading almost every page on your site I've discovered a lot of good information which is helping me enter into my healing process.  So I wanted to send you an e-mail just to say Thanks!  You are helping people out here and I thought you should know that."

"Thank you so much.   Yes I read your web site several times and just got to the critical parent and boundaries for the inner child part of your book last night.  I will certainly review it again along with your web site.

Several months ago I was working on a paper for my Human Sexuality class, a graduate course part of my School Counselor curriculum.  It occurred to me that our country was based on a religious model which is fractured.  I began thinking that the 12 step program was our cultures new religion which gave me hope.  Don't know how to express my emotion when I read your words regarding religion and the 12 step program.  You made it all so simple, truthful and clear.

In all my years of study and counseling I believe your book is the most amazing.  You have beautifully put it all together and with love and kindness.  Sometimes, reading others philosophies, has created a feeling of guilt and re-injuring for me.  Your work creates the loving space to work through the issues. I attended a CODA meeting last week and told everyone of your book."

"Thank you for your website, Mr. Burney.  Your plain and simple explanations are helping me to understand myself a lot better, and thus helping me to grow."

"I just found your web site I typed the key words inner child. yours was the first on the list.  I have been in recovery since 1982.  I find it incredible how much I have still denied the feelings I am holding. this is even after a vision quest and doing many sweats in the native american tradition. one day I just got tired of feeling like crap. I pulled out my cerimonial pipe and began to pray and what has come out of that is all of the grief I have not been willing to look at. I am glad to see what you are doing. my fear is I will never finish healing and be able to live a fullfilling life. none the less I have been grieving for a few days now and pray I do not stop. till I am done. If I ever am done? I wonder if you find it help full to do work with in a group situation.

p.s. I agree with you about the mental health comunity and how they would like us to remain dependant on them. it is just as sad to see the culture we live in for what it is."

"Hi Robert. First off I wanted to mention your site is great and more people should really see it and read it."

"I sat down at the computer and asked- then typed in healing and recovery spiritual connection. I found your site and I'm ever so grateful. . .  I've only read a few of your writings on these pages but every word is what I have believed for a long time and what I practice (personally now not professionally) especially when I hit a spiral and head for the bottom. I will continue to read your pages and recommend them to my special friends. In light and love."

"Thanks for providing such a great internet resource at your own time and expense. The fact that you provide this service freely seems to add to the value I am deriving from it."

"Happy Spring and thank you for taking the time to write this most amazing book."

"Thanks for the book. I have been reading and finding a lot of answers. I just wanted to let you know that you have been a great teacher at all levels. I am still finding more and more about me. Thanks for your website, everyday I go there and find the answers that I need for the day. It is incredible and unbelievable... it makes me feel that I am in the right path, that I am clearing the channel and that I am getting in contact with my being. God bless you."

"Thank you for the wisdom I was able to gleen from your website. . . . Thanks for being a sounding board and a source of encouragement."

"Life cant be more rewarding than what it is today for me and all credit goes to you. What a transformation in my life!!!! No words to explain. Thanks a ton!!!"

"I am 40 years old and have struggled as an adult the dance of a wounded soul.  I came upon your website at a time when I was in a downward spiral, and could relate to your articles because I have been looking for love in all the wrong places.  I have read your book twice now and use it as a workbook, writing my experiences in the sidebar.  I am so grateful for your sharing and helping me see the truth through the web of deceit created.  I look forward to breathing more evenly and enjoying life as I change my perspective.

After suffering from recent occasions of anxiety and allowing my emotions to rule me, today I made a list of my feelings and then corrected them with a list of actual truths.  I am almost afraid to be free, it seems, yet how I long to be just that.  I can see how I have been a victim of my own thinking, like a revolving door that I can't get out of, or like the wind up toy that hits the wall, turns, then hits the wall again, etc.   I have not liked myself and have compared myself to others around me, creating my own victim-stance and being a doormat to others.  And then being annoyed by others.  A vicious cycle that I do not participate in anymore because it was destroying me.

The thankfulness I feel for having read your book is tremendous.  Thank you."

"Our self-help support group is studying the inner child healing series. We have found it to be very helpful in our recovery. This has been the best information we have ever received on a topic. If ever you are in the Dallas/Fort worth area we would love to have you speek at our meeting. Thanks."

"I've spent most of my adult life trying to heal through counseling and study.  I read sections of your book online. It was comforting, validating and gave me some hope. I appreciate your efforts to assist others on this difficult path."

"Robert: I found your site less than 24 hours ago. After years of descending through the psycho-spiritual elements that start at the surface and (hopefully) end at doing the inner child emotional work, I find myself ready to confront the emotions.

I have a quality therapist here in BC, and I thought it ironic to read your story of when you called the therapist the day you decided to begin doing the "work" to find him moving to Hawaii. Late last week, when I was reeling from these issues, I called my therapist only to hear that he was packing to leave for Hawaii (albeit only on a 10 day vacation) and I felt abandoned. Of course, he did leave me with some effective strategies for coping until he returned, and I have used them to keep the process moving along. Moving enough that I found your web site.

It is obvious from the scope of your writings that you have delved deeply into this work. Although I have yet to embark on the most powerful stage of the emotional work, I was able to feel calmer about the process from how well you describe it in your site. For that please accept my thanks. . . . However this might progress, I want to say that I really appreciate how you have been Spirit-guided to deliver your message, and how I have been Spirit-guided to find it."

(February 12, 2004)
"Your site grows and grows and is testimony to your patience, dedication, and committment, I still visit it regularly, each time something else becomes clearer and makes perfect sense on a gut level not just academically, if you see what I mean. It is not just an exercise in reading text. As time goes by I find I intergrate things without even realising until I start talking and realise I know so much more than I thought. Hope that makes sense."

"Greetings Robert,  Just a short note to thank you for "THE DANCE of WOUNDED SOULS" I purchased your book and the book on tape in early October, This is my 4th reading and I have listened about three times to the tapes. Each time, I discover another "Golden Nugget" During my earlier readings I somehow didn't recognize how deep (powerful) this little book is. I'm beginning to see more clearly and I love the way you have gathered in the LIGHT, IT'S RADIANT!.  Thank You for sharing YOUR SELF you have helped me truly feel good about GRADUATION DAY when it comes."

"It has been one year since I became aware of you.  Your book is responsible for the turning point in my life.  I loved your book.  It just made me see things differently."

"Thank you for your website, your articles, and for sharing your experiences and wisdom with, us, the rest of the world.  After searching for an understanding of codependency and not really believing I could understand it enough to begin a healing/recovery quest, I found your site.  Did you know that you were writing about my life? My entire 37 years is described in detail on your website - very, very scarey, but kinda like caffinated coffee in the morning - very eye opening.   God Bless you for sharing and ministering through your experiences, knowledge, and skills."

"Thank you Robert.....today as tears sprung to my eyes....and prayers rush from my mind....your wise words came and I knew they were sent to me for a reason....I am grateful to you for all you've given me towards recovering....so many of your words and sage thoughts are part of me now and I am truly grateful.  All the best Robert...thank you for sharing your experience, strengh and hope as you do....you are an angel to me.  May your holiday be as full of love and joy as is meant to be."

"Thank you for sharing the gift that was given to you. You fell on my path at a time when I was open to receive and you will have contributed to the best present I have ever given myself......Being conscious of my unique inner self and allowing myself to shower it with love so that I may then share with others instead of the other way around. Wishing you everything your heart desires for this holiday time. May the child within you shine thru with all the excitement and passion with what life has to offer and may the parent in you always be there to guide that child. With peace and with love"

"I find it very exciting that you have brought the whole definition of codependence to this spiritual level, where I can much more relate to it's truth."

"My experience finding your web site was through divine intervention to be sure! I have been on a spiritual/growth path for many many years but there was something about your words which spoke to me directly in a way that I could completely relate to, unlike anything since I read Women Who Love to Much by Gail Sheey about 10 years ago!  So I thank you and look forward to receiving your book."

"Thank you so much for your website. I'm finally discovering at 42 years old why I'm doing the things I have been doing. I have been using the overachiever model to do everything in my life and much to my therapists delight, am finally starting to let myself "feel the pain". Right now I feel stuck, and can barely function, but I now realize that if I don't ride this out, that I'm doomed to keep making the same mistakes in my life. Thank you so much."

"Thank you! for the update.  Your site has been and is a source of growth for me.  I know you do this for you, but it has truly helped me in my journey."

"Hi Robert, Wow! I just wanted to E-mail you to say Thank you for being so generous in using the internet as a healing tool. . . One day while surfing the net I thought that I would search Inner Child and I found Joy2MeU. Wow!! Thank you.  BUT the biggest wow for me is that I have been searching for over 20 years for a religion or belief system that was in line with my own thinking of spirituality, I believed in a Universal Force, (and Earth Force)( (since Start Wars, it also appealed), the early Taoists had a similar concept, I also believed in reincarnation, Karma, the power of self in using positive thoughts and feelings to make changes, in something beautiful that I could connect with as a spiritual being. I even did two first year Religious Studies papers to find it but didn't. AND then I found it on your webpage. I'm not a spiritual isolate, I can believe and connect. . . . Thank you again for your generosity, and your journey, and your teachings.  Arohanui (meaning great love, encompassing, spiritual love (in Maori))"

"I just discovered your site yesterday and have been reading non-stop when I have downtime.   Your experiences and advice has helped me immensely and has given me the strength not to call this emotionally unavailable man I've been dating."

"I have been reading your articles on relationships and romance and healing of the inner child.  I was getting desperate for answers and "found" your website, was this provided for me?  I have been amazed to find the answers coming so fast and so amazing that I am really feeling dazed!  Truly it is that when the student is ready, the teacher appears! . . . Thank you for your wonderful work and for being there where so many can learn from your wisdom and experiences and honesty and humour. "

"From what I have read on your web site, I find the information to be very intriguing.  You touch on things that I can relate to on an emotional level.  It gives me a better understanding of why I think the way that I do.  I am looking forward to reading your book."

"I was going through my own hell the day after xmas today! Was in a really bad way , and for all the reasons you spoke of in your email update! Thank you for sending that out at such a good time ,and thank you for all the stuff on your website and book ! I can so relate to it all, and I know you are really busy man but I just wanted to write and say thanks for sharing all the things you do ! Its a great help to me to read stuff that im thinking and feeling too! I know that I'm attracted to the wrong guys , but what I don't get is how do you recognise the right guys? guess  that's the eternal question. lots of love and good things to you!"

"Your book has helped me so much.  It's message has resonated the most truth, to me."

"Your focus on JOY throughout the codependence recovery...any recovery really... is so GORGEOUS and NECESSARY, and has in my mind been so negelected in our understanding of the human psyche. I flipped when I started reading your web page, for all the resonance. I can't wait to read your upcoming blasts of joyous genius..."

"Like many others it seems, I was very impressed with your approach and philosophy. For years I have felt that many diverse fields of interest to me (all covered by you) were innadequate due to their lack of integration with each other. The duality of the physical and spiritual aspects of life is seldom accounted for in discussions of "dis-ease", because people always want it to be one or the other.  You have finally echoed back to me my own thoughts on these things, waking me to the point where I will own up, pay more attention to, and stop feeling so alone in these conclusions. . . . I think your book would be an incredible source of inspiration to me. How can I get a copy of it here in Athens?"

"I want you to know that I think your book is wonderful. It has really helped me alot. Thank you!"

"It's amazing, I was spending my day on Xmas crying over another failed relationship and being alone on Christmas. I am also doing alot of the work you talk about on your website toward healing. I was doing my usual browsing on the internet doing everything I could, looking for answers to help relieve all of the pain I was in, when I came across your website. As far as I'm concerned, it was one of the greatest christmas presents i have received in all my life. It finally explains why I am the way I am (codependent overachiever), and gives me some wonderful tools and ideas to help me with my healing journey. Thank you so very very much"

"Hi Robert, I enjoyed your book immensely. I think that what you offer is of great value.  Keep up the great work!"

"For the past couple of hours, I have been reading your material and sitting in my office and crying like a baby.  I have just gone through another relationship and this one hurts, hurts bad and have started telling the little boy inside me that it is ok.  Tunkasila has everything in Divine Order and plan and it will be alright, but the pain and tears continue.  I have been told I am a shaman and have done hands on healing, but I don't seem to be able to heal myself. . . . So, your articles resonate within me.  Spirit tells me this is the way to go.  You are the way to go.  My little child(ren) are running scared and the ego, well that is beyond control.  I need your help, please."

"Yes, I have been to your regular website.  Awesome!  I was reading print outs on my way in this morning to help me be strong.  I didn't call my counterdependant yesterday either.  I do feel bad though as I know he is probably also feeling bad that I have not called him back.  It's not in my nature to not think of another persons feelings.  I just need to learn to put my feelings first, which is what I think I am doing by not calling and getting myself in deeper.  Right?"

"I am absolutely blown away by what I have read on your website, it has resonated with me so much that I cannot wait to read the book."

"I found your site today and I am so thrilled by all the information.  I have allowed myself to be abused for almost 2 years now.  oh yes........it was only emotional haha but how damaging that can be.  Your site has opened my eyes not only to the fact that I allowed myself to be abused but all the reasons behind it.  I will begin my new year with hope for the future.  Thank you so much for putting this information on the web.  I have so much to learn and your site will help give me the strength I need to make a life for myself. New Years Eve what a great time to read, relax and plan for the future."

"I know you have probably heard this a million times, Thank you for doing this work. It may seem odd to say this, I found your site after watching the discovery channel special on Saddam. I realized through the show that I was a wounded self. I went on-line this morning and searched for wounded self and found your absolutely marvelous site. I have been crying and comforting my inner children for hours now. It is very draining and rejuvenating at the same time. I forwarded your web address to my mother. I think she could benefit from your site as well. God bless you for the love you share with all who seek it."

"I just had to let you know that I'm halfway through the book and I absolutely love it.  I am very impressed, to say the least.  I am so relieved that I am not the only one who thinks like this.  Your book validates my feelings yet offers more in depth explanations of why I feel this way, and always have. . .  All in all, thank you very much for writing your book.  I must say it is by far the most important book I have ever read, and the most valuable to my being."

"I just have to take this time this morning and thank you... thank you for all your very moving articles on this codepency... I just recently found past articles and like I always believe God has a way of sending us messages and answer at the most appropriate time.. Although we search in all the wrong places for answers when the time is right and when we are ready we receive.. my belief at least. . . . . I have had troubling feelings... but I do have to say your words that I read everyday so moves me and answers alot. so I just want to say thank you for your words and grateful that God has given you the ability the share your knowledge to others and the many others out there like me... and ironically for almost 40 something years I thought I was alone ..  so  your words are a blessing on my journey."

"I have been reading more information on your site...and may I be so bold to say ...I LOVE IT!  Definitely keep the information coming! Much Thanks Again!"

"Having suffered for may years with low self esteem, depression, anxiety, digestive problems and now extreme headaches, I finally found your web page which seems to put it all into perspective. I am currently 55yrs old and having being initiated in 1972 by an Indian Master I have always realized that life has more meaning than living. Recently whilst still searching for the meaning of it all and having visited both astrologists and numerologists etc,etc who mentioned that I am a very old soul which ties up with your web site info, I feel as though I have finally found a site with meaning."

" I just want to say that your book and articles have made a tremendous difference in my life. It sure is an ongoing process to really understand and love one-self but you have made that process much easier. I wish you the best, and have a great holiday. Thank you so much!!"

"I have read your book, "The Dance of the wounded Soul" I really loved it. I loved it because it is so true, everything in there is totally written for me! I was raised by parents whom were concentration camp survivors. Talk about dysfunctional with a capital  "D"!  If someone would have told me about four years ago that I was codependent I would have told them they were full of shit.  Excuse my French, denial was my middle name.  I am a survivor, thanks to my councilor and to people like you, actually to you, because I have not ever seen a website with so much helpful information. It has helped me so much to finally start my work on healing my inner child."

"It is so refreshing to hear a man write like you do and express what most people are unable to express, even though they're feeling it.  You really are an amazing man.  And, if I wasn't married, you'd be in big trouble."

"i just can't thank you enough for your message and how you are helping me turn my life around. i've stopped drinking and don't miss it in any way shape or form, and every morning when i wake up, god keeps helping me find more and more truths about my life. my relationships with my kids is growing stronger every day, and i'm even starting to get along with my ex wife. those are just two of the changes in my life that are occuring, there is just so many to list. it is coming up on the 2nd anniversary of my mom's death, and for the first time in my life, i am letting myself experience all the good and pain of grief, you are right, it does lighten my spirit tremendously."

"I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do and make available your tender self to those of us who need to hear your message."

"I've read your book several times in the last couple of years, (I don't remember when I purchased it) and it is truly amazing. I've been in Alanon for almost nineteen years and a science teacher for the last 7 years and my spiritual as well as my mental and emotional beliefs are very congruent with your writing. I have also read Illusions, probably as a result of reading your book, and found it profound, one of the best books I ever read. Again, thank you so much for being the condoit for this beautiful message of hope, joy and love."

"I see a Feldenkrais Bowen therapist on a regular basis and I loaned her my copy of "Dance".  She was very impressed with the book and the knowledge she gained from it.  Her comment was a person would need to read 8 different books to gain all the information contained in "Dance's" 127 pages.  She has asked me to order a copy for her - for her own use and for the groups she leads. . . .I am progressing on my spiritual path and enjoying life!"

"Robert, I have absolutely no words to describe how grateful I am to have found your website.  I just ordered your book after many days of reading your site, and cannot wait to get it.   This information is exactly what I have always searched for.  I truly admire your courage to write your work, and your rise above your alcoholism. . . . Thank you for your help in starting my healing process.  Emotional baggage is the worst kind, in my opinion.  Thank you, thank you, thank you......"

"The road to recovery and healing has been difficult and unclear this past year. Your  thoughts and insights have helped illuminate my way.  With gratitude and blessings of love and peace"

"I just wanted to let you know that I happened upon your site by accident and have read the words with an increasing feeling of horror.  You have found some very powerful ways to express my situation.  Putting the spiritual together with the psychological is very strong.  Bravo!  Your site is awesome!"

"I have been reading your articles about Codependency, Toxic Love, Fear of Intimacy etc., and your articles have helped me see and start the process of healing the wounded child in me. I have always known that in some profound way, my childhood had affected my adult life and relationships deeply. Thank you so much for your wonderful and insightful wisdom! I have started healing my wounded child, and am coming to terms with my mother. . . Once again, thank you for all your insights on Codependency. Please know that you're doing a wonderful work of giving hope to a lot of people in the world out there!"

"I enjoyed your site and the experience, strength and hope you share there.  If you have an email list I would enjoy being on your list to receive your newsletter and other info.  Thanks for your kind assistance."

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your web site has been such a wonderful source of insight and support for me. You have touched my heart with your generosity - you are sharing so much that is really precious. What you have given has helped make a very real difference in my life.  Bless you."

"I have really enjoyed accessing your site this year. I have found it to be very imformative and helpful and healing. Thank you so much for doing this work. I just ordered four books as Christmas presents . . . . thanks again for the site."

"I just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to you.  I was just given the addy to your site today. And though I only scanned over it briefly, I found many many points that "clicked" with me.  This message you are bringing is one that I have been giving many I come across for a number of years!   I admire your courage sir to step outside the box so to speak and express your truths!  It is encouraging to know that there are people like you doing this work.   I applaud your efforts and look forward to reading more of what you have to say!  Thank you once again!"

"I am very thankful that you have written the book and have established the web site.  Through the web site, I have learned much about myself, about who and what I am, and what I need to do to get my life of 45 years out of this miserable rut it has been in for as long as I can remember.  Being an alcoholic, I attended my first AA meeting in over 2 years on Christmas day. It is my hope and desire to obtain and maintain some semblence of sobriety, one day at a time. It was through your web site, and others, that I saw myself as being seriously co-dependent also.  I look forward to reading the book as I'm sure it will be helpful in getting my life back."

"Your website has been an immeasurable help to me, I couldn't begin to thank you enough for what I have already learned."

"We received your books and tapes and all of them are already out on loan. . . . . It was quite a relief to me to read it and I am pretty sure my clients will feel the same way.  It is such a strain to pretend to believe the theology that is commonly taught. . . . . You have been a great lifeline to ______, who is far away from me and from any therapist.  I gave her your web site to help her to cope till I can start seeing her and her Mom.  Her Mom says she has been a lot better since she has been in touch with you."

"I just found your webpage and am astounded at how much it was written for me.  I'm 34, going thru my second divorce, and absoluetly hate myself.  My first husband was (is) a pothead.  My second husband is a crack addict.  I know there is a reason that I keep giving my heart to these types of people.  I just can't figure out why.  I intend to thoroughly read each and every article here.  I just wanted to let you know that there is someone who found this when they really needed it, and that it gave me some hope that I can become a healthily functioning individual.  I also want you to know that I am very grateful that this information is free.  As I said, I'm married to a crack addict, and we have a 2 year old son.  I am so far in debt, and so in need of money, that it's scary.  I can't buy your book right now, so I am very grateful that you have some info I can access with no charge.  Thank you."

"I am truely greatful to God for people like yourself, Melody Beattie, and Dr Irene's website.  You all give me strength to move along my Path toward Peace.  Some of the things I have read I could have written myself and looking at it through someones elses writting is so very helpful on so many levels. Thank you for your wisdom and courage, it is very inspiring."

"Just a note to say Hey!  Came to your site cause I just recently got back on line after years without a computer.  Sent the "tell a friend" to mom & sis.  Hope they use it.   I still am so amazed that I actually know the creator of this site and the book.  It is astonishingly thorough, organized, and insightful.  It is incredible how much you cover here."

"I want to express my Thanks again to you for your site, and your book, and the links to others like Dr. Irene and Melody Beattie who's insight and straight forwardness are a God send.  It is such a relief to realize I am really OK, I am human and there are others who's stories are so close to mine. Thank you so very much"

"i happened to stumble across your web page which i have found to be beyond enlightening . . .i have thoroughly enjoyed reading your web site, thank you for creating this and sharing it with others"

"I stumbled upon your website a while ago, rather various articles while doing "healing, spiritual" website searches.   Then your full webpage came up and I am very pleased to be reading all the topics. . . .Your essays are heartwarming and wonderful and remind me there are indeed others out there who "know the deal".   When I can read and relate I know I am on the right path.  Thank you for sharing from your soul and helping me to continue to heal."

"Thank you for your reply. One thing you have definitely taught me is to be gentle with my mistakes. I make so many. But, typical alcoholic that I am, there is always room for one more try. Be it a drink or a last dash at sane living. You are such a loving man and I am so glad to have been on earth at the same time as you. It was a fear of rejection that prompted my outburst. If only God had physical arms to hold and reassure. Then again, maybe that's what he gets you to do Robert."

"I very much enjoy your website and go there often, a great deal of what is housed there speaks to my life and I find comfort in so much you have written.  My insight about my own co-dependence is relatively new and recovery will be a long but joyful journey.  It is so good to know this is not mine alone and that there is nothing wrong with me. I am so looking forward to the Peace and Joy that God and Life have in store."

"You are a man to be admired for the generous giving of yourself to help so many others with all the free information you provide on your website.  I have refered many people to your website and talked with many others about your great insite into healing our inner children.  I've been so excited about it, you can't shut me up. I feel like running around shouting "I KNOW THE ANSWER"!  I have been in recovery for almost 2 years from a 30 year addiction to cocaine.  The twelve steps definately were a great foundation but your work is what has really helped me the most in my healing.  Since my feelings were never nurtured as a child, I had always intellectualized everything.  Now that I have quit "using" I have begun to start to "feel" again.  That can be real scary and quite painful when you don't know where all this energy behind these emotions are coming from.  That is where you have helped.  In identifying that these are old wounds and they need to be healed. . . You have given me the gift of an ANSWER to something I did not even have the clearness of mind to ask.  I will be forever grateful to you for showing me there is a way to make life more joyful. The greatest relief is just knowing there is an answer and I don't have to keep living "Dead" anymore. Thanks again,  Your are a Godsend."

These testimonials fill my heart so I thought I would use the hearts here.
This Testimonial Page has gotten too large so I am breaking it into two pages in December 2003.
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