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Robert is the author of the Joyously inspirational book

The Dance of Wounded Souls.
Joyously inspirational Spiritual book - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls


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(December 14, 2003)
"I just want to send you a very quick "thank you" for the massive amount of helpful information you have on your website. In addition, I have your book. I can't thank you enough for being someone out there who truly understands and "sees" where I'm coming from with certain experiences in my life - being co-dependent and also having a history of an abusive childhood and just ending my second verbally abusive marriage. You are a lighthouse in a storm.  Thank you."

"I am very much enjoying your web site...thank you for your insightful articles...your years of sobriety and work in healing are evident.  I am looking forward to receiving my book. God Bless."

"I am reading all your information. It is so close to the heart! I had asked about seminarsÖif you do one in CA I would like to be on the list. I had a strange experience in that I printed much of your passages and mentioned it to someone and they had printed it the same day. A karmic moment in life!  Namaste"

"I wanted to say THANK YOU very much for taking the time to put together an awesome website.  I searched for 'co-dependency', as it is something I have come to recognize within our family structure, and it was the beginning of yet another journey towards understanding and insight - and most important, healing. I appreciate you!"

"I discovered your site unintentionally, but I had been searching for material to be read at a wedding, that wedding being my own. Would it be a violation of copyright to use your Wedding Prayer at my wedding?  I feel like I should pay or something. Much of what you wrote really speaks to my soul and the more I think about it, the more I felt that finding your Wedding Prayer wasn't unintentional. . . . Thank you for creating your site. I always appreciate it when people take the time to express the Truth."

"I am still reading your site!  A lot of what I am reading is what Grace, Love our Creator has taught me as well. It is profound isn't it.  Paradox is one of my favorite words.  Ya Know, I think anger is expressed most, at least this is what I observed for me, is because, emotions such as sadness, fear, shame, inadequacy leave you feeling too vulnerable, exposed, need.  I understand why your site contains many pages, there are so many facets to this diamond of emotional health, but yet it all flows together:"

"I have been really struggling, and to find a site like yours with such insights, hope and gentleness is more than apprectiated. I'm tearing up right now thankful there are people out there like you helping people like me.  Thank you"

"Your book was incredible and provided a lot of insight. . . A lot of what you mentioned in your book really makes sense to me, and although some of the healing process is painful, I am now trying to do that without feeling the "shame" and "judging" myself. . . . I also really enjoy your website!  Thank you again!  I have strongly recommended your book to all of my friends and family."

"I found your website after a therapist asked me to do some reading on co-dependancy. I am so grateful that you cared enough to provide this information.  I was blown away because I only equated codependency with Alcoholism.  That was not the case with my up-bringing.  However, strong Catholic teachings and a "cold" household probably played the part. . .  . . . Thank you so much, Robert and God bless you for sharing this information."

"I read much of your site and I found it marvelous. . . . I would like to know if your book "The Dance of the Wounded Souls" has been translated in Greek. I am a teacher of the English language and a part time translator of literature books. I would be interested in translating some work of yours as I find it fascinating.  thank you once again for the wonderful experience blessed be."

 "_______ she is my counselor and the person who first lent me your book...it passed from my hands to another and was lost.  I was so "ready" for your book that it took me a very long time to finish it...let's just say that there were many many "ahas" there for me. . . . . Thanks again for all your encouraging words and soulful search.  This has been a most difficult of years, both my husband and my mother have gone on to the next or the first place, depending on how you look at it, and your book helped me hang on to hope and find some peace in the middle of my pain.  When I was at my "peak" of pain or confusion, I would pick it up and read a page or 2 and let my mind go "there".  It truly helped me."

"I LOVE your writings.  I've read them, they shed a LOT of insight and have helped me understand some things big time."

"Hi Robert,  Thank you for the wonderful website.  I have to say that it is one of the most inspiring of it's kind.  The thing that most impressed me about your site, besides the insight into human behavior, is the spiritual healing of ourselves.  That, to me, is what any kind of recovery is all about.  I grew up with an alcoholic parent and so much of what you talk about regarding relationships, rings true for me, as well. . . . . Again, thank you for your website.  I'm excited about getting the book."

"Wow  I am truly blessed to have been able to have crossed paths with YOU!  Holy shit ... what amazing writings ...THANK YOU  I AM BLESSED .... WOOO HOOOO"

"Hello Robert.  My name is _____.  I just turned 27 years old and have begun my journey to recovery.  I had been stuck on step four - the step of self inventory.  It has been the hardest thing I had every had to do...To look at my past because I agree with you that once I let go of my past I will be able to live my present and future.  By gods doing i stumbled on your web site and articles you write on suite101.com....this made my attempt to move forward a little easier.  Thank you for being such an inspiration and I look forward to reading your book."

"I feel thankful to have found your website after a "personal boundaries" Google search a couple of days ago.  Although there is still much for me to read on your site, what I've read so far has given valuable insights into where I am right now, where Iím going, what to expect, how to get there and what my ultimate goal is Ö. and tools to assist me in getting there. . . . . I have 1-hour sessions once a week with a skilled psychologist , but the self revelations that come up in-between times have had me floundering around a bit from time to time so it's really nice to know your website will be a safe place to visit during these times as well.  Your ability to share your experiences and expertise in a 'been there done that and this is how it felt and what I've done about it and what I am still doing" type of way because it's easy, I think, to relate to and empathise with and therefore start learning from.  What you say has truth and validation and I appreciate you for that Robert and for your website and all the information you have placed there for everyone's benefit."

"Thank you for all this wonderful information and yes add me to your listing.  I was actually reading some of your old articles...you are a true inspiration."

"I have been avidly reading the material on your website which is a bit like "drinking from a fire hydrant",  there is so much material.  Thus your guidance to specific readings is very useful as I have yet to get to them, thank you. I appreciate the reply, Joy to us all"

"What's really amazing to me is that the other night I was doing a little research on addictions because a friend of mine is a recovering alcoholic and morphine user.  Sometimes, the way he behaves absolutely baffles me, and so I thought if I read more about what he's experienced, I might understand him better.  I typed into the Keyword on AOL, "addiction" and got a long list of websites dealing with the subject.  Somewhere, along the way, I saw the title "The death of an alcoholic" and it caught my eye, so I read it and that's how I found your site.  I loved the story about your friend.  Actually, it broke my heart and it made me want to be more compassionate to those struggling with that problem, including my friend.  So, that's how I found you.  I've already sent one of my good friends, the link to your site and she and I talked for hours on the phone last night, about it.  I'm really grateful to have found it."

"I would like to thank you for all the work you have done and made available to everyone on the internet to read.  I have literally spent the entire day reading your articles on the internet.  Now at the end of the day I can greatly see the magnitude of my problems inside of myself stemmed from my childhood and my lack of ability to see that I am recreating my childhood as an adult has been overwhelming!  I read a book about 10 years ago regarding codependency and identified at that time that I and my mother were very codependent.  I felt so strongly about it that I called her up and told her.  Then neither of us did anything about it. . . . Again THANK YOU for all your hard work!"

" Hi robert! I love your book. It has brought me a great comfort and healing that I wish to share with others. I ordered the 3 copies form your site, TWICE - So when you see the double order entry please know that it is not and error, that indeed, I do wish to order 6 books from you."

"I just wanted to thank you for writing your book and sharing your insight on the internet. It has been a very inspirational and helpful resource during my quest towards healing."

"I have to say I am impressed moved and touched by what you have written. . . . I am impressed and i hope that somehow one day this book or something really makes a statement with a lot of people.  Thanks."

"I recently discovered this site through my friend ______. She has already ordered your book and after reading so much on your site, I have ordered it as well. What I have read on line has given me some comfort and has also helped me to start thinking differently about my problems, Oh excuse me, I mean the lessons I am learning!!  Thank you"

"I came across your website at the right time - I am very excited because you have addressed the subject/desease of codependency in such a real way for me. I shared the info that I pulled off the net, with a girlfriend of mine (who has had a similar background to me, and who is also on the path of self discovery), she too is amazed at how you explain things - you are truly gifted.  Thank you again"

"YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT HEAL THE INNER CHILD HEAL THE WORLD. . . .The world needs people like you Robert and you are pioneering in a way that.  i genuinely respect. . . Your book and way of thinking is a gift to humanity.. . . What you are doing has a massive ring of truth around it."

"I have just read your wonderful article on emotional abuse--heart and soul mutiliation.  It is the "best yet" article I have read on abuse.   What a description of emotional abuse---heart and soul mutilation.  This is exactly how abuse feels to me and I am sitting down right now thinking:  "Oh, my God, this is how I have lived all of my life."  I will share this with others who have been violated in their marriages.   I have lived with my second husband for 20 years and 15 of those years I didn't know I was being abused!!   Today I am still with him but he has dramatically improved but still once in a while abuses.   I have told him that he can never hurt me again or I am out the door.  I pray that I keep to my word.

Thanks so much for this website.  I'll keep referring to it to remind me that "I am worthy and deserve to be treated with respect." I will not tolerate abuse of any kind.  Sincerely and with gratitude"

"This web site is really helping, I am not blaming myself for being such a bad person as much as I was."

"I've been reading many of your articles this morning and thinking to myself how much I appreciate your view point on life and us as humans.....Anyway, thanks for your insights, comments and articles they have been a big blessing to me on many occasions.  I print them off from time to time (like I did today) and read them when I want to explore a more spiritual world where I feel more comfortable. A world I'd like to feel closer to and am working toward."

"I have just discovered this week that I am a woman who loves too much and have done since the age of 4 years old. The whole concept of recovery and the discovery of who I actually am is very daunting for me but it is a journey I have to make if I am to ever have a truly honest and equal relatinoship. I don't know where to begin to look in the UK with regards to support groups but I have just discovered your web page today and will be looking to purchase your book and audio tapes asap. It is so re-assuring to know that I am neither mad nor bad and I look forward to reading your web page and inintiating some of your advice into my life asap. Thank You."

"I just want to compliment you on your writings.  Your inner child and co-dependency work is incredible!  I found it very informative and impactive."

"Iíve written to you before, but I'm sure you get such a deluge of letters that you don't remember me.  I thanked you before, and want to thank you again for your web pages, and for sharing your life and lessons with everyone, myself included.  I have learned a great deal on your co-dependence pages, and also your healthy relationship pages.  I learned why I picked the same Mr.Wrong repeatedly in my life, and also learned how to never do that again."

"I can testify to your worthiness from the caring in which you write.  There is such a personal touch in your words, it is like sitting in the same room talking to you, and I am comfortable with the news that you bring to my mind.  Youíve helped me tremendously, and I think I would not have grown so well, if I had not had the good fortune to find your web pages.  I have recommended your web-pages and book to many others.  I guide the abused and the heart-broken people I work with giving guidance, in an unofficial capacity to your pages with my highest recommendation.  I want you to know, that I have used other references, but 90% of my references are to your work.  Why?  I think you already know that your work is comprehensive, and well written and easy to understand.  I also think you may be the only person that gives a digestible explanation of co-dependency."

"I LOVE your writings.  I've read them, they shed a LOT of insight and have helped me understand some things big time."

"I have discovered your website and I resonate with many things."

"Words cannot express my gratitude for your response.  I have been trying to restore energy to my system since the ordeal with my son and the subsequent exposure to pneumonia (taking over both lungs made it difficult to recover).  I have never been so sick and consequently I have been left with a weakened immune system to try to repair. I am much wiser because of the experience and thank God for sharing it with me.  I have certainly learned a great deal.  Your words and energy have added greatly to my recovery.  My heart and soul send you positive blessings for a successful year and a beautiful holiday season.  I'm so thankful the universe provided me places to go when I "hit" bottom. What a beautiful universe we all share.  Thanks Robert!  You are a wonderful instrument in the master plan."

"Your web site is the most informative place I have found on this subject.  I am just beginning to learn about this and it is fascinating.  My wife is in the process of leaving me (and I thought we were happy).  This concept is helping me understand so much about her and myself.  If we don't make it work, at least I will be enlightened in my future relationships. Thanks"

"Thank you so much for your website. . . . But mostly, this email was just to thank you for reminding me what is truly important, almost by accident, for showing me again that fate does have a hand in our lives, that we our together in this world for a reason and that we aren't here to be perfect, but to grow and to learn and to help others grow and learn. .. . Thank you for sharing your life with us, to help us grow. "

"Many months ago I purchased your book: "The Dance of Wounded Souls". I have read it in full and always picked up a 2nd, 3rd, & 4th time and always go back to it, as it describes my life in detail. I realize each day it is the only book that doesn't change the fact it is who I am no matter how much recovery I do. What I mean is it's a "HOPE" book for me."

"On a personal note:  Dance of Wounded Souls spoke to me on a level that few other codependency books have.  I had already been in a difficult time in my life.  Since reading your book, I've started to set boundaries like I never had before, and although this is just beginning, I feel inspired.  My life IS still difficult, but at least it's mine now.  Thanks again."

"I'm sitting here crying right now b/c I've finally read something that has captured exactly how I feel.  "We need to own our right to be angry that our needs were not met."-It makes me cry b/c it hits all of my emotional buttons.  "Part of grief work is simply owning the sadness and the anger." - This is the part I've been putting off b/c it just hurts to go there.  It sucks but it's so true.  I've been holding these feelings in for so many years, I understand where they came from but I've never allowed myself to feel them for fear of losing complete control and ending up in a mental institution.  The hardest part is having to face those same people that caused you that pain growing up.  Wanting to rip their face off and being able to get away with it.  I guess I'm blubbering and rambling at the same time.  My head is full of thoughts, questions, and emtions.  I'm so glad I found your website,  I'm going to first bookmark it, then send the website to a friend.  What I've read tonight makes me realize that it's time to open the doors to an emotional tidal wave that's been held back for so long.  It's going to suck but it's something I have to do.  Thanks again"

"I have to say I am impressed moved and touched by what you have written."

"I must say your writing rings with the Truth of things . . .  I am so glad you have your site and have written things with such clarity . . . . Because I have found that many people deny the emotional truth in themselves and do things out of obligation or that this is what God would have them do , without being honest with God , themselves or the others that are invovled ..  They may appear on the outside to be upstanding dutiful christians when in emotional reality the spirit in which they do these things is false .. Pharisitic like (Pharisee) . . . . . I am grateful for the validation I find in your site .. It has encouraged me in many ways , and although I may not agree with all that is contained therein , 98 percent I do agree with and I think it is the most important truth that our world needs to understand in order to move forward .. And while there may be many spiritual beliefs and practices I have found when there primary motivation are influenced by Love, Grace and Truth the aim and influence will accomplish healing , peace and the ability to really live life to the fullest."

"I am so glad to have found you on the web. As one of the "walking wounded", I was searching for something, anything, which sounded familiar to me and my emptiness and isolation from people. I have been reading your website articles and am going to purchase your book tomorrow. I have to say I feel happier already just knowing there is something I can do about this. I am excited to get into recovery. . . . . Again, thanks for website. I think I'm going to make it!"

"Thanks for responding so quickly! I didn't even get a chance to email you back telling you I finally read your page about telephone counseling, in which I am definitely interested in. I will order your book today and will read through it first before I contact you for counseling. Your website is so wonderfully informative, but quite extensive. . . .  I definitely feel like I was supposed to find you. I was sitting with my children the other evening and the term "fear of intimacy" just popped into my head like a beacon. I went to the computer, entered it @ Google, and there you were. I've been asking my guides for help now for a while so I know this is it. I have been on the verge of tears since finding your site. It means so much."

"Your site has afforded me the opportunity to find some very helpful information that has helped me along my "Healing Journey". I appreciated far more than my few words can express the help that I have recieved from your site. So mauch helpful information and your own experiences have helped too.  I appreciate what you have done so very much. Thank you for all of Your help."

"Hello.  A friend of mine sent me ur website and brought tears to my eyes as virtually every section that i read hit me so hard personally.  I will be ordering ur book just as soon as christmas expenses are done away with...hopefully soon in the new year.  In the meantime, please add me to ur emailing list.  I would appreciate it very much.  I need all the help I need to get to know myself and to accept myself and to change where it is possible.  Thank you for taking the time to do this fine fine work that u do.  May God continue to bless u and urs and then some."

"Thank you so much Robert for letting me know when you mailed it!  I am so glad you wrote it also because my housemate is an x-police chief and very rigid but, he agreed to read it because you are a man author.  Of course after I read it first!  I worked on co-dependency issues a long time ago when I was divorced but, never understood how deep the emotional issues ran from my childhood.  I am just beginning to see how much I have shut myself down so thank you very much for this tool."

"I was just reading some information on Codependency and I am utterly amazed!  That's me and I am finally learning at 38 years old, how my romantic relationships have come to be.  Very insightful.  But I am also very afraid to go down this road.  I am experiencing a painful reality regarding romance and/or addictive love.  I don't know what to do.  I think I'll just keep reading.  I especially relate to being attracted to unavailable men.  I am trying to hang on to one right now but I think I will have to let him go.  I am really just trying to convince myself now.  Thank you for this website."




These testimonials fill my heart so I thought I would use the hearts here.
August 3, 2003 - A number of the testimonials I am adding today include queries about where to find my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls (clicking on the title link will take you to my ordering page)  In my January 2002 Update I addressed the issue of where people can find my book, because it is a pretty common for people who find the site to assume that they can go out and find my book at their local book stores.  Unfortunately that is not true in most cases. - 9-7-03 Decided to leave this here for anyone who does want to find the book.
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More Testimonials

(October 30, 2003)
"I can't tell you the impact your articles and stories have had on my substance dependent clients.  I have printed 3 binders of articles from your website in which I read and discuss with my clients during groups.  As you know, most of what you write is very deep so I spend time dissecting it for them, however, it's amazing to see the light bulbs go off in their heads and then the hands get raised and then the best part...the questions are asked and experiences get shared and the meaning of the article and the discussion goes over the one hour time limit.  They sometimes forget they smoke cigarettes and need a break!  It's remarkable to watch and I thank you for each article you write.  You touch so many hearts."

"God Bless You.  You are the angel I've been crying for all night long."

"I stumbled upon your site and discovered myself.  I'm telling everyone about your site. Thank you!"

"Let me first say that I am astounded and amazed every time I open your web page. . . . I feel very strongly about your message, your energy, your spirit. . . . . the help you offer is immeasurable."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful web page! I have been studying it for a while and have found it very, very helpful.  I live in Poland, Europe, which is a rather backwards country when it comes to spirituality, depth psychology, etc. . . . Finding your web page was a major breakthrough in my inner work. Although I have been doing inner child work before, I honestly never even considered going through the grieving process. . . . It is like waking up after a long dream, only to find damage and disaster.   It took me a while to find the courage to write you. But I want to thank you for the truly wonderful web page that did make a difference in my life and the book that I asked an American friend of mine to buy me."

"I find your website absolutely fascinating!   I love it.  Can't wait to get the book. I'm starting a group called Women & Relationships-Releasing Co-Dependency  and your approach fits so much with my beliefs. - Thank you."

"I have viewed and re viewed your website many times over the past few years and have referred you to friends and family members.  Thank you so much for your contribution to society for a "problem" that touches us ALL -Codependency."

"There is not much I can say about your site and information, only that it feels like home."

"I am finding my way through your site, and it is marvelous :)  So much work, and understanding Robert...Bravo..It has really been a great pep talk for me...Fantastic. There is a deep truth in your work, and in all our work. It is great when work mirrors work."

". . very good website, easily absorbed when reading, that counts for a lot, you don't have to struggle to understand.  Thank you,"

"To say I am finding value in your web site is a gross understatement, Robert. Your work is making all the difference in the world to me right now and I'm grateful for it more than I can express. I thought I was pretty enlightened, having been working on spiritual growth for quite a few years, but your words/insights/experience/sharing has brought out " ----- inner child" most importantly (although I can tell this is going to be quite a process), and also introduced me to CoDA, which I hope will be a group of souls I can relate to. I've been on your site many, many hours this week, when I discovered it, and I feel like I know you already. I like the way you think and your desire to help others who have experienced pain such as you have. Bless you. "

"Please add me to your e-mail list. since finding this site i have ordered two books from amazon and have printed most of the articles on the web site. To say light bulbs have started to go on is an understatement. I am a recovering alcoholic,but also an adult child of one so i was there before i was here. I have been struggling in my program and knew deep down something was still missing. Finding out that i am absolutely codependant has been a god send.I just received your books today and in the time i was waiting for them have read voraciously of the articles and have attended two al-anon meetings. i can't thank-you enough and i have barely started this journey but already it is making a huge difference i can feel it."

"You said it was okay to ask a question via email. And here I go! . . . . . I finished your book, you are a rock star. Already had a friend order it. She wanted to borrow mine and I told her I'd sooner give her my hand."

"The Spirit led me to read your book and as I was looking to see how much the Illusions book cost, low and behold the author of that book also wrote a book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull... the same book that the man told me to get 3 years ago. I am filled with Joy!  As I was reading your book and the explainaiton of The Most High and the cycles of life I became even more filled. As a child I knew this same Truth. I would express this Truth to others and they called me names and dismissed what I was saying. I have studied christianity, islam and the youroba tradition, and never did I have the same "filled" feeling as I had when reading your book and when I would express this as a child. THANK YOU for helping me to remember, for helping me to further my healing, for helping me to know that I am on the path that will lead me to peace and balance."

"I am an alcohol and drug counselor here in TX, along with working on master's in counseling. I read an article you had in the Recovery paper which I receive. It really hit home for me and seems to be some of the issues in my life right now! so, God still works wonders!!!!! looking forward to reading your book!!!"

"I have been reading your material for over a year and get tremendous comfort from it. I am going through another incredibly painful end of relationship end and am determined to change this time. . . . . . . Again, thank you for being on this planet. You have helped me so much with what you have done.

"Just a note to say thank you for your website."

"You have opened up a whole new world for me now. I can allow my memories and I can think and feel and hope and dream of beauty and see this world that I live in now in so many brilliant colors. It is like seeing the world through the eyes of a happy child and for once in my life I know that I can be an adult, be responsible and at the same time feel and keep my happy child within. My human body may grow old and break down but my spirit will forever stay young, excited and still amazed with the joy and happiness that fills my heart and soul now.

God bless you Robert  You will always be in my prayers and forever in my heart. As I continue with my healing and as I feel and become all that God has wanted me to be, I will always remember you."

"I LOVE your site. . . . . . I forwarded your site to Oprah. I'm sure a lot of your readers have done that but maybe another submission would be helpful. I also sent it to my Bipolar group and verbal abuse site."

"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! is all I can say about your site. I just spent a few hours perusing it........I feel at home with your wise words. I feel like all the years of reading, researching everything I could lay my hands on, and in depth work with therapy has brought me to you.......actually I asked the Universe to provide a way for me to understand the difference between control and boundaries.......I keyed those words into the search engine and then I chose your site. Yahoooooooo and thank you Universe. . . . Laughter, Love and Light"

"I just wanted to share my personal experience of what I realized from your site.  At first, I  found the site very scary because its was so weird to read about what goes inside someone's mind. As I read everything was making more sense there wasn't anything in there that I hadn't already felt or questioned myself about. . . .  After  reading some of your joy2meu pages...I felt relief of knowing that I can "fix" myself and change the way I "react" to certain comments and situations. I know its time for me to go back and fight and heal that child,  I thought I was going crazy because I had never heard "the little girl" inside "call me" and ask for help!  After reading those articles on healing the inner child  I felt scared and anxious of what I am going to  find.  I want to let you know just by the little that I have read I feel a little more in control of wanting to really fight back against the "disease" that refuses to let me go and progress to a more joyful happy life as a adult.. All I know is that "my time" is here and I need to break my suppression and HEAL those wounds! I just wanted to let you know that I will continue to follow you advice and take control and heal."

"I am almost finished with your book, I will probably read it over and over again for awhile, at least until I can quote some of your words.  I find it very interesting that you refer to Native American Spirituality, (I take part in sweats and I have made my own medicine wheel in my backyard), I have been practicing and studying for the last 2yrs.  That was the beginning of my journey, now I have added Ala-non and your book.

My Higher Power has been leading me on the most fantastic trip I could ever imagine.  I can't wait until I am able to share this with others.  My fiance' who had left, is now returning into my life and I am looking forward to sharing our journey together/independently.  God has given you a great gift...thanks for sharing."

"I have found your website, and I can't tell you what it has done for me - I have went from counsellor to counsellor for the last 10 years.  You have given me hope and a sense of strength.  I am 36 years old and I am a beautiful women, a good woman (although I still must work on believing that).  I have had a life of "shit" "abuse" and I still take it.  For the first time in my life I see some hope."

"I am in awe...  Dear Mr. Burney... Let me first say that I am astounded and amazed every time I open your web page. . . .I wanted to express my gratitude for your work, your writings, your website.  It is a lifeline for me.  And a continual process of change and growth and learning about me, who I am and who I will become....everyday.  I thank you,"

"I am surfing right now and love your site I have printed lots from it,I think I need to do some more self development,reflection and journaling."

"I have been reading your articles for over1 year now.  I, now at this moment have so many feeling and emotions, ones that I have never allowed myself to open up to. It is like I am so overwhelmed that I just do not know where to start in writing this email to you. So I will just let to all go now.  I have been a wounded child all my life now. I am 56 years old and have never at anytime within all these years known who and what I am. As I have read your articles, each and every one of them have brought to the surface so many emotions that I have been hiding and running from. So much guilt, shame and hurt and pain that I am starting to understand that I should have never had to suffer. Although my life was not actually like yours, most of it was and I have suffered the trauma and made so many mistakes because of my wounded child within.

As I feel your pain as I read all the articles that you write, I can start to allow myself to feel mine. As I open my heart and soul and keep peeling all the layers of my wounded child away and replacing them with forgiveness and joy and peace, I find that now I can open up this feeling of true love that has been within me even as a child. It grows, I grow and as I grow, my life becomes a journey and a pathway to happiness and joy and peace that I could never even image before.

You, Robert, are a true blessing of love, Gods love for me. God has given to you the power and strength and wisdom and the ability to open up all your wounded child pain and hurts and suffers in a way that become a true act of Gods love for me and anyone that is ready to heal their wounded child also.  May Gods love hold you close forever.  Thank you just does not seem enough for all that you have given to me. But somehow I think that you know how I feel now."

"God bless you.  This is amazing work. I am impressed and have been reading your site on my breaks at work for the last 2 weeks!"

"I must say thank you to you for all the great articles I have read from your site, it has opened up a lot for me and i felt compelled to share it with others. Being a survivor of childhood abuse and being diagnosed with DID your knowledge seemed to hit the nail on the nose. Made me realize many things and to know I am not alone or abnormal in my way of thinking was great. Now to just work day by day to get out of the co-dependant behaviour..."

"Robert, whoever you are:  Thank YOU!  Love and Light,"

"Robert you are a true professional to answer back that quickly, I must admit that as many times as i have heard and read how it works i have only recently after 20 months of sobriety been able to surrender to the fact i was hanging on to old ideas (wounds:see i'm learning) and was emotionally getting a nil result. but i really needed to hear your comment about grave emotional disorders. Before finding your site 10 days ago i would have never thought that would have applied to me. That phrase for me was like picturing the low bottom skid row type alcoholic. But i realize my vicious codependancy has me in that low bottom category emotionally,and i am absolutely okay with that. I just want to get well and the self honesty i am starting to feel is all to do with your unlocking that door that nobody let alone me has ever opened. i have alot of pent up anger issues and although i have barely scratched the surface and know i will be tested regularily i can honestly tell you last night on the way to my fourth al-anon meeting i actually felt comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life. just got home from my first coda meeting: excellent. I feel really excited about my new path and look forward to reading all your future work,from where i sit right now you are a life saver...your new friend"

"Thank you for The Dance of Wounded Souls,  I first discovered your Web-Site and spent 3 days reading the articles there, the ordered the cassatte and the book at amazon.com. Your book has been very enlighteneing for me, it has been a confirmation of my experience and showed me a door that I was not aware of. I feel confident with the application of what I have learned, I AM, on the path of redemption and reconnection. I ThankYou"

"Thank you for writing what you do. Somehow God sends me what I need and I needed to reread your articles on codependence."

"I'm amazed that you give your customers such personal attention.  That truly means so much to me.  I first stumbled onto your website about 3 years ago when I was going through a hard time with my daughter.  She was in a terrible relationship and couldn't seem to let go of it no matter how bad it got and I could see it was going to destroy her if I didn't do something. I started searching the web and found your sight and printed off articles that described her behavior to a tee and gave to her.  Within a week I started seeing her improve.  She eventually got over that terrible relationship and has since married a nice man and is very happy.  I know I could not have helped her if it weren't for your information because I didn't have the money to put into it.  Not only that, I applied your information to myself and took responsibility for the things I probably protected her from that I shouldn't have that caused some of her problems.  Her father was killed in a car accident when she was 3 and I probably overprotected her in some instances that I shouldn't have.  The emotional honesty was the thing that really hit home with me and just understanding the root of the problem immediately lifts the blame from yourself and gets you headed in a positive direction.  . .

I don't know how to thank you and your works enough because it has impacted my life so positively.  I just hope you keep up the good work, because I'm a customer who keeps coming back and will spread your news at any opportunity that I can.  I also welcome you adding me to your email list."



(September 7, 2003)
"I not only have enjoyed reading your book, but I am still enjoying listening to you on tape.  I have sent one copy of the book to each of my two daughters (one a psychologist who works for the V.A. in _____ and the other, a 24 year old trying to make it in the film industry in L.A. as a director).  My wife is also reading the book, and I have referred at least a half dozen people to your website including a number of my clients. I am a counseling psychologist with a private practice in ______. As I told my daughters and my wife, "this is the book that I would have written, but now (thanks to you) I don't have to." I was blown away by your references to one of my favorite books "Illusions" and to one of my wife's favorites "The Book of Runes". ____ often uses and give readings to friends and family from the animal cards.

Needless to say I believe that your book, your tape and your website make a great contribution to the shifting of the energy on this planet.  I particularly admire the comprehensiveness of your scope.  Thank you Robert for your courage, your wisdom, and your clarity, not to mention your perseverance. I'm glad to to have found another kindred spirit."

"I am a Certified Psychiatric RN, retired and I love your website!  I used to use a lot of your info with my patient's groups when I worked Partial Hospitalization.  You are wonderful!!  I am now recommending your work to a young friend who was in a relationship with an alcohol Abuser who has become ABUSIVE!  Terrible!  We have hopefully gotten her out of this and on a Recovery Path!!  I hope that she will tune into your pages and find a group somewhere!  Love and Peace and keep up the wonderful work."

"Thank you for your enlightening book!  I'm a school counselor in _______ and about to start my ED.S. in Marriage and Family Counseling.  Your book gave me a much better grasp of what Codependence is all about.  I read it for personal reasons (my fear of intimacy)  more than professional.   But, like you said in your book, a person who has not experienced their "Dark Night" cannot help someone else with the same issue.  I'm working hard on mine.  It's definitely intimidating and feels like the world is going to come crashing down around me at times.  I read on the back cover that you offer phone counseling.  Please email me more info about that, when you get the chance.  Thanks!" (Phone Counseling)

"I want to say that your website has been very helpful to me and I can't wait to read your book. I would love to get an email every 3 months or so (Update).  Thank you for putting up such a wonderfully caring, and spiritual website."

"Am looking foreward to reading your book. I am a psychologist with 14 years chemical soberity and have been working almost as long on my codependency/relationship obssesion. I downloaded some of your writings and am thinking of suggesting that we read some of it in my CoDa meeting, as I found it very helpful. Liked very much the word 'counterdependence'."

"I'm _____, 16, from ______, and I was very pleased by your book, The Dance of Wounded Souls. I was hoping you could put me on your update list and maybe give me some information on this *Joy for You and Me Journal* I read about at the end of your book. I am not so sure how busy you are at all but I was hoping to ask you a few questions at some point (after I make sure they aren't already answered on your site) and ask for some feedback on my personal experiences involving mental health and my current living situation. Of course I understand if you're too busy for that kind of thing but you never know until you try, right?  Thanks for the great book and I look forward to reading everything I can on your site!"

"I hope all is well with you today!  I continue to enjoy your book and web site, and share my gratitude with others about you."

"For a long i have meaning to write you to express my gratitude for the articles posted on your page.  they have really helped me in dealing with my life sober and in recovery.  i have been sober for the last 15 month but the onslaught of the critical parent voice is really making life very difficult lately. but it is a matter of perspective and praying. well, i am sincerely thankful for the thoughts and experience you share. God bless you  i am writing you from Guatemala, the most corrupt country in the world. . . . . thanks again."

"I just wanted to tell you that besides myself, two others have listened to the tapes I ordered from you and all three of us have benefited immeasurably.  Thank you!  We've also read and listened to Ekhart Tolle's The Power Of Now.  Much of what you say rings in the same harmony as Tolle's.  I'm wondering, are you familiar with his work?  (I have heard good things about his book but have not read it.)  Again, Thank you from my heart."

"This will save me.  Thank you.   I had no idea how old the other me was.  My only truth is that today, I am wiser than I was yesterday, therefore I can counter-attack the other voice with love rather than agree with it and hate myself.   Thank you for leading me here somehow, because others were about to give up.  I think I can finally stop taking blood tests for thyroid problems, hormone imbalances, and the like.  There was never anything there!  Always at my absolute healthiest.  It has always been in my head then, blocking all the light my soul needed.  You'll have saved me, and shortly I know this will in turn save us, Thank you."

"Thank you so much for your work to the world and I especially apprectiate the  way it has helped me. . . . . . Thank you so much for reading my email. :)  With great apprecitation."

"I along with a group of about 8 women have been getting together on a regular basis once a week to work on our inner child healing and codependence recovery. We have been using information off of your web site joy2meu. we have been learning a great deal and making alot of progress. Almost everyone in the group are also AL-Anon members.  This group is something extra we decided we wanted to work on. It has been great!"

"At, what seems to be, one of the lowest moments in my life, I discovered your book, The Dance of a Wounded Soul, and the website.  The Universe really knows how to take care of our needs. . . . . I Thank you."

"Thank you for your honesty and generosity.  Your site is a true blessing and brings me comfort and hope.  Thank you."

"Re: The Book Dance with Wounded Souls.  I received copy of the book Thank you, I have read many of your articles and find them helpful, and now reading the book, I feel I am moving a little more forward. And don't feel as I am the only one with these conflicting feelings. I am working with my counseler who is a christian counseler, but sometimes I feel he wants to give up on me. I am now seperated from an abusive spouse and for once stood up for me, and contacted the police reguarding a violation of a PPO I had against him, The prosecuting attorney told the judge I had Abusive wife syndrom, gain another label, but now I know where to seek help and from your articles, I know this help is with in me only. I hope to be stong enough someday to help others as I have been at an abusive shelter, and they feel my knowledge and caring for others would benifit others, maybe someday, first I have to find me, set my inner child free from the pain, and I know, after many attempts ending my life is not the freedom Im looking for its just an escape from the pain.   Thank you, I wanted to write this because sometimes its nice to know when we have touched anothers life and your articles have."

"I was reading some of your articles and am planning to purchase your book.  Very inspirational so far and easy to understand without too much jargon. . . . Thank you very much for your website.  I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into making this information available to everyone."

"I read your book "The Dance of Wounded Souls" about a year ago.  It is a wonderful book!  I identified a lot with it.  I think that the healing part is hard when relied upon yourself to identify and address the painful issues.  Thank you."

"I have asked around for a group on co-dependency with no luck.  A girl friend and I were talking and she asked me about this group also.  I said I would check.  I happened to run across your site out of all of them and BINGO - I hit the jackpot.  We have a group 9 miles from my home.  I so much want to order your books, journal subscription, and tapes, but am currently unemployed and waiting for an appointment with Soc. Sec. Disability (thanks to the NOW EX!!! - yeah for me :-) )  When I get some extra money I will be ordering these items right away.   Sorry this was just going to be a little thank you for your great web site and all the information included.  The inner child is wonderful.  I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it all.  With all my gratitude.

"I recently stumbled upon your website and I have found a great deal of information that has been contributing to my healing work. I have always know that I had an unhealthy dependency issue, which usually became apparent in my intimate relationship.  But not until a short while ago I actually identified with the term "codependent".  Thank you."

"First and foremost I want to extend my gratitude for this gift, the Internet. Without it, I would have never known you existed. It was truly a blessing that I was able to type in the term "codependency" (on Yahoo!), and have your site surface. Like a beacon it drew me in. And here I am now, writing you.
       Having recently admitted a codependency addiction, I thought it best to get on with it. To jump in. It was only last night I found your terrific website, and today I was able to unearth your book at Banyen Books, here in Vancouver. I couldn't put it down. I cannot express to you the sense of relief I felt as I scrolled through the pages. For the first time in my life all the madness, fear, insufficiency, and insecurity made sense. By page 117 I was reduced to tears at the realization that I have spent the majority of my life in almost identical turmoil. It is wasn't until, recently, with a few sizable losses compounding the internal pain, that I realized I had to do something to change my life. So here I am.
       Only recently have I really given way for spiritual matters to take a major precedence in my life. It's giving over to that "faith" and letting go, trusting, that's been the real challenge. When you are constantly fixating on the world outside of you, its very hard to address the pain within. Particularly when you are so bloody confused about how you feel, or cope.
       I just really wanted to thank you for writing this beautiful book.   It is a real blessing. It has got me thinking. It has inspired me to get to the core. And after a lifetime of struggle, it couldn't have come at a better time."

"Thanks so much for your response.  I have never read anything so inspiring in my life concerning fear of intimacy and the rest of the issues that go along with it.  I am so grateful for stumbling across your web pages.  I have been on my journey for many years but the last 3 weeks has been a "break-through" for me.  There have been many people that have been put in my path.  It is surprising how it all comes at one time.  I have a very long ways to go, but now I am looking forward to whatever my future brings, although, I had to go through one more heartbreak to get there.  I am looking forward to getting your book, it would be great if you would have time to sign it for me. Thanks so much, again."

"Thank you so much for the information on your website.  I just found it today when I was looking for information on obsessive love.  I found your information quite helpful and useful.  I can't wait to read every word. . . . I believe that your information will help me get there.  I am also working with a therapist and I'm starting to believe there is hope."

" I received your book today (Friday) and I look forward to reading it this weekend, and probably over and over after that. Although I got into this because of ______, it's help me realize so much, And although I have identified and have become aware of my issues and behavior patterns,ie: helping people before I help myself, I realize that everyday I have to remind myself that no one controls my happiness but me. That it's up to me, and only me if I want change, and that I can lead the horse to the water, but I can't make _____ drink. It truly seems like everyday is a new day now. Anger and sadness have lifted, and contentment and understanding are here now. . . . . Your site has help me so much in dealing with the pain I felt when she first ran. I understand now, and realize it's not me, and that "my happiness is not control by other people".That's kind of been my day to day affirmation, and it WORKS!. . . . I can't tell you enough how your website has changed/saved my life. With all my regards Robert, and hope for a brighter future for everyone."

"Thanks so much for the detailed info on your web site. As I read the pages I am feeling more relief.  I have so many terrible memories I am afraid to start allowing them in, but alas these memories are flooding my mind day and night and in sleep.  I guess it is time to begin dealing with the monster that lives inside of me eating away at me.  That explains my feelings of emptiness. . . . . I plan on going to the book store today and getting your book, I am in therapy. . . . Thanks"

(Posted: 8-3-2003)
"I just came across your excellent site this evening, while looking for material that will assist in explaining the broader concept of "codependence' to my clients.  Never before have I seen it described with such heart, clarity and with the spiritual /existential tones appropriate for discussing a dynamic so fundamental to the human condition.  Thank you !!"

"I have been in therapy, stemming from problems in my marriage, with a wonderful therapist who is focussing on helping me work on me.  My wife is doing the same, and we also do couples therapy, all with the goal of finding resolution to our marriage one way or another.  My hope is that we can stay together.

My therapist recommended your book to me; I can't tell you how much the material on your web site struck all the right chords with me.  My therapist is a smart and insightful guy, no doubt.  He knows what makes me tick.  I believe that what you are teaching/studying is potentially the key to my happiness and the "missing link" to what I can contribute to our marriage and make it a safe, happy one.  I am eager to learn more.

Thank you for your wisdom.  I hope I can crack the codes and release my anger and grief and find and love myself for who I am.  I know I have much to offer."

"I first of all want to thank you for your site.  So many sites give a little info and want you to buy something.  I am a single mom with 5 kids and i can't afford to buy much.  What i am reading, along with what i've been learning over the last 6 years, and at the co-dependency group i belong to, is just helping me tremendously.  For some reason, tonight i had the thought "fear of intimacy" go thru my mind, and the thought to run those 3 words as a "search" topic.  I couldn't believe it.  All these sites came up and yours was the 1st (and only) one i checked out... is all about my childhood. . . . . .Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your information.  It is wonderful.  It's amazing that everything i "knew" to be true as a child,..... really IS true.  Please don't stop your work."

"I've read your book some time ago and yesterday picked it up only for one reason and that's because I took the time to do it, simply because I felt so grateful to be alive. I found a lump in my breast and had given myself a death sentence, only to find out it is a cyst and benign at that, which the doctor confirmed. I feel I've been given a 2nd lease on life. Going through your book , I now realize and understand it more than ever. I have many many books and yours is the one I took in my hands. Your spirituality is far beyond the norm. I want to walk in the same direction and am working towards that goal.  All I can imagine is pain & suffering must have played the greatest role in your life to write such a wonderful book."

"My inner children and I think of you every day with gratitude. When I was a child, I imagined writing a book that changed with every person who read it, in such a way that it would feel as though the book was written precisely for that particular reader. So what if I haven't written such a book in this lifetime? You have, and, once again, I bring you news from my spiritual path on the surprises that can come from doing this work.
    I had been working intensely on setting boundaries with my inner children: talking to them about delayed gratification, doing the Loving thing for us even if that means risking and feeling scared, feeling the feelings while not identifying with them, and just affirming, affirming, affirming. Who says Spirit (and inner children) don't have a sense of humor? During one 40-mile morning drive to work, when I was slipping into my insight-junkie rut, I asked my HP's how I was to follow my heart this morning if I knew I was choosing to go to work? Let's be honest, here; we pretty much know how the next 8+ hours are going to go. But, I spent the next few miles affirming and telling rebellious and magical-thinking parts of myself about how we choose to go to work instead of taking the next exit out of town because we choose to have the consequences of receiving a paycheck. And, we do our spiritual practice for ourselves and not for some magical outcome. I must have been taking myself pretty seriously because suddenly, in the middle of affirming "I am vibrantly energetic, radiantly healthy,  brilliantly creative, endlessly resourceful, and joyously playful," I heard this giggle and this voice intone, "Yes, and you're magically delicious, too!" So, I now incorporate this into my affirmations because Somebody has a great sense of humor.
    The other thing I have experienced while learning to detach and access the Loving, Compassionate observer within, is that I can be very deeply into my grieving or raging, really feeling being inside that little body and seeing through those eyes, and suddenly become very aware that Someone is very amused. Not at my pain. I am not being laughed at. But, suddenly, I am not just aware of the roots in this childhood experience of present patterns. I also get this momentary visual of some karmic antecedents as well. I become aware of a voice saying, "You have been doing this for a long time!" And I see the perfect Cosmic humor of it all. Some pattern, whether it is my resistance or my inertia or my fierce pride or my own heretofore unacknowledged formidable power, is revealed to me. And, just the way all of the components in your Method fit perfectly together, such that if any one component were missing, the process of inner child healing/recovery would not the amazing creation that it is, so I can understand the components of my self and the facets of my experience as part of this Cosmic Perfection. It is all unfolding perfectly and is a hugely Comic performance. Robert, I understand Perfection in a way I never have. Thanks once again to your Perfect Book, Web Site and Tapes, I am having a Magically Delicious Time on my Path!"

"I just wanted to comment that the rotating "Joy@MeU" on the left side of the page is annoying and very distracting while I am trying to read. Overall, your site is incredibly helpful to growth, so thank you."

"I just wanted to thank you for your web page.  I was lead to it at the perfect time and it is perfectly what I need to see my perfect Self.  Everything is unfolding perfectly!"

"this is the most incredible information and site i have ever seen.  you are the answer to my prayers."

"Please accept my thanks for the insight into a Challenge at work. Work is kind of wounding place for me. As an adult, it seems to be the arena in which most of my buttons are pushed. And, you are so very right-on when you observe that it is so much easier to feel spiritual when alone or when in nature. Human relationships are messy. But I just couldn't seem to translate some my learnings/applications of your teaching/method to my wounding encounters with my very affluent customers. My constant cry to myself has been: "But I am so nice to these people; why are they so very nasty to me!" I think to myself, "I have been working there a year. Why can I not seem to gain their trust?" Not until I read your Journal essay about the dynamics between Codependents and Counterdependents (and I do not consciously know what prompted me to access and read it) did I get it. Ahhhh! Codependent, wounded me trying to win the love of wounded, Counterdependent customers by people-pleasing and care-taking. I started to cry with your compassionate description of the core wound which manifests in either behavior. I started to see "into" behavior that manifests because the person cannot believe that they deserve love. My responsibility for my side of the street suddenly becomes clearer. Thank you. You have demystified this entire Planetary Dance of Wounded Souls. Your entire essay was what Jesus was trying to get across. This is It.  The Core Teaching for the Core Wound."

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your articles on codependence on the Internet and I just finished reading the Dance of Wounded Souls book.  I greatly appreciated your well written explanations of the emotions and issues involved, and the term, Delayed Stress Syndrome is a perfect way to describe the issue.

After seeing a couple of close friends go through the initial steps of recovery, I was often stunned to see their exact behavior and even the use of language that is described in incredible detail in your writings.  Almost text book-like in my interactions from them.  As a counselor and advisor to college students at Dartmouth, I have found your work to be a great learning tool for me for my work and my learning of life.  If, God willing, I ever have children one day, I can plainly see why being a parent is indeed the most important job anyone can ever have. Continue your great work and again, thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom with the rest of us."

"I have been to your website a few times and am overwhelmed each time at what I feel when I read various subjects. This evening was difficult. The section on grief touched on areas in my life that's covered up hurt from 40+ yrs.  I know it's going to take time to get through it. . . . . Your website has given me great insight and is helping me find my way.  I went to a couple local bookstores today with a friend to find  your book "Codependence - Dance of the wounded souls" but they didn't carry it.  I will find it. Border's Bookstore will order it for me, but it will take 3 weeks or so. Your online sections are helpful.  I am just one of many who will make it through the "pot-holes" that happen in life.  Thank you for doing what you do."

"Just wanted to send you a note saying "Thank you" for responding to my letter I had written.  I've finished reading your book which I must say "put to-gether" the pieces of the puzzle.  I must admit I was shocked to read your perspective on God, church, etc. because I've always believed in God but had a very difficult time with accepting "church -- religion"  I had always mainained that church was a man-made institution and now I know where & why my feelings to that come from.

Thank you for writing and publishing a "marvelous" book which touched my spirit with such Truth.  I wish you all the best of which life can bring you."

"First of all I really want to thank you for your inspired work. You have no idea how much reading your site has helped me. Your generosity in putting all this info on the web for free, for people all over the world to benefit from, I am sure is returned to you in many spiritual gifts.
  I didn´t quite know what codependency was until I read your site. Still I am not sure if it all or what I have however, in dealing with issues in my life the knowledge, the self knowledge I have gained from your writings has helped me understand, cope and improve in many areas. I gained more confidence and freedom as I learned about emotional truth and real truth, and that happiness must come from inside not from an external source that I cannot control."

"I love your website!  It has been very helpful.  And, I am excited to listen to your tapes."

"As a preface to my next statements I would like to say that you are truly a spiritual master in every sense of the word.  Your generosity in giving people a chance to read your wisdom.....well, you are a kind and generous spirit. . . . . . I bought your book,rather my wife bought it for me as a gift, (the dance of wounded souls). I sit and cry, sob, and laugh as I read.....It is as if you are talking to me and recounting my life more accurately than I could myself. . . . . . You have already made a positive difference in my life. I really thought it was everyone else's fault that I feel in emotional "limbo""

"Your material is very inspirational, thank you."

"dear Robert, your newsletter this month speaks to me (June Update)....i think my angels spoke through you .... i see and feel my own journey deeply through your generous and heartfelt sharings ... it is hard to believe that someone like you can express and connect all of that which i have painfully (and even joyfully) felt ... the layers are so entrenched that sometimes it is so hard to see through the fog ...thank you, from my heart, for baring your soul and sharing the wisdom ... my inexorable pain, at this time of my unfolding, is finally shared and understood ...all my kind heart and gratitude for your divine timeliness,"

"My name is      .  I love to read your articles as they have helped me so much.  You seem to understand so much about the way I feel sometimes."

"I just ordered your book online...and I was hoping you could sign it for me.  I have sent a couple emails to you over the past month.  I have been getting help with my co-dependency and reading different sections on your website has been eye-opening.  Somewhere down the road I may choose to get some phone counseling with you.  I hope to have more spiritual enlightenment once I have read "Co-Dependency: The Dance of Wounded Souls".  What I have read so far online has had an impact on my life, and I hope to gain more insight.  I admire your courage and strength to put this together to help others with overcoming co-dependency. God bless you...."

"i am really enjoying your website especially viewing things from a spiritual point of view.  i am currently in my final year in a doctorate in clinical psychology and tend to feel that dealing with issues from a purely psychological perspectivre tends to leave other central aspects out of the healing process."

"I just love your website.  I love the things I read there.  Please add me to your mailing list.  I will probably buy all your books because I just can't read enough of your messages.  I so need to hear them.  Thanks"

"I started a new search for information on the internet and the great spirit sent me another gift: your website and your wonderfull book "dance of wounded souls". I began to understand my codependency. I started working on my own issues. My life has changed beyond my own expectations. I feel so much Joy in doing all the things that are good for me. I feel so much Joy in listening to my spirit soul. I feel so much Joy in feeling my feelings without judging or shaming myself.  I feel confident to heal myself every day, to love myself and to take care of myself instead of others. I know this is my lifetime job and I love it. I feel I am on my Magical Mystery Tour (also a song from the Beatles).  Your website and your book really helped me so much, especially the "if it feels like shit you are being fertilized to grow" is my favoutite. Thank you so much Robert, thanks for helping me to save my life."

"I always enjoy reading "clinical" stuff with a spiritual  core. I smiled when I read "Work for World Peace:Heal Your Inner Child"...so  true."

"Bless you!  My name is   , I've been in Codependency recovery for almost 18 years.  My Mother had the insight to send me to Tx. when I was 15.  The tools I received in Tx, as well as the three years of aftercare, in addition to CoDa meetings, have helped me to know what sane is.  I've heard many comments about Codependency over the years, and it never really sounded like the speakers/writers/lecturers had really spoken with, or experienced the heart of someone struggling with this dis-ease.  Thank you for your words of honesty and encouragement.  I work for an Adolescent Treatment Center now, and I enjoy logging into your website, if for no other reason than reflection purposes. Again, Thank You and Blessed Be!"

"I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for the generous gift of your work on the Wounded Inner Child. I am a 64 year old recovering alcoholic (10 years sober). It has taken me this long into my recovery to discover my core problem, ie the subject of your writing. A bit late in the day some might say.  For myself, it's never to late, and I am excited about discovering the path, which incidentally, dovetails in quite comfortably with my 12 Step program and my Loving Kindness (Metta) meditation and philosophy."

"Amazingly wonderful site - I found your site after a random search and had to stop and give my appreciation for bringing this wisdom to the masses. Thank you."

"I am always impressed with the truth of the statement in "Chapter 4: False Image" that in recovery we learn that "we are the people we always wanted to be." Sometimes, I do believe that the Holy Mother Source Energy is not only "one smart cookie"; but also, a Cosmic Prankster. During all of the long years before recovery, I used to wear my heart out. I used to long to be smarter the way some women wish to be prettier. Now, I can perceive a lot of what you call "right-on reasons" (some of them, no doubt karmic) for this desire as well its more dysfunctional roots in the caustic, derisive words of my father about my intellectual pursuits. One of the last things my father said to me before he died was that I was stupid. One of the more "right-on reasons" I can see is that I believed that the Search for Answers would proceed a lot more quickly if I were smarter. In my fantasy, I had even arrived at an IQ score which represented my deepest desire to live in the rarefied company of people I really admired. So, Fast Forward, if you will to the present, wherein I spend my time learning to disengage from the pursuit of the false self-image. I have all of these wonderful tools to help me be compassionate with myself even as I develop greater emotional honesty. More and more, I am having a wonderful time. One indication of the change in my life is greater courage. So, are you ready? I took this Big, Scary IQ test just for the fun of solving the problems. Mostly problems of seeing patterns. Your teachings have given me enough practice learning to discern patterns. It was fun and had nothing whatsoever to do with my self-worth. I have also had enough practice in releasing outcomes. I told the inner children we would go on reading what we wanted and learning what we wanted. Nothing would change. Think the Holy Mother Source Energy isn't playful?  Robert, I receive the results yesterday. Couched in all of this impressive language, addressed to someone who was evidently gifted, were these recommendations for intellectual development. Then, I saw the score. Robert, it was the score of my fantasy. I laughed deep belly laughs for nearly twenty minutes. "We are the people we always wanted to be." Isn't She a crackup? We have all of us been everything. We will all be everything. Tag, we're It already.  Whoever imagined going through the black hole would be such fun? Oh, yeah, I guess She did. Thank you, Robert."

"Congratulations to you on your fine work, in all my years I have not seen written words that come so close to the truth."

"Thank you for this wonderful and healing site. You prbably do not remember me, but we communicated about 5 years ago. We were in a similar spot then, and both reached the same conclusions years later. What an inspiration you are!  And what a glaring proof that there is a guiding force and we are on the right path. Codependency is the key, and it is so good to have that truth revealed.  Thanks again and keep up this wonderful work!"

"It's been a long time since I have been to your site...I wrote this today in a broken state....Thank you for your site and the hope that you offer.  I need to reread and remind myself that  I am worthy to be here and breathe."

"I would like to be on your mailing list as what I have briefly read today has helped me to see the "dysfunction" in my own life in a profound way! Thank you!"

"I read your articles on emothional abuse. All of what you said makes sense to me. I've been listening to myself talk to my kids, husband, friends, parents and most of all listening to how I talk to myself. I appriciate your web site and I'm looking forward to learning more about healing that inner child."

"Thank you for the book I requested but will probably have to order by the dozens.  Seems mine has lost me and is making the rounds.  Thank goodness I had the time to read it first.  Anyway, I'm serious.  I do want to order several more copies of your book "Dance of Wounded Souls" to share with a very, very extended family.  Do you have special rates for multiple books?  (My counselor was so impressed she & her sis ordered more of the books for clients)."

"Foremost, allow me to applaud your outstanding articles and website.  I joined a Adult Children of Alcoholics Online Group not so long ago and then I found your materials about a week ago and I must say that in this time your teachings have already made a significant impact on my healing journey.  I was looking into ordering your book from Amazon.com.  However, if I can order it from you that would be great.  Can you please provide me the details for ordering your book?  Also, can you please add me to your email list?  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with others.  Have a day full of infinite blessings!"

"I want to thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart, for making your experiences available to so many of us out here who so often feel alone in the forest and surrounded by ghosts."

"I found your website today and I spent hours reading.  It is nurturing, positive and loving.  I have been in recovery from severe childhood abuse consciously for seven years.  I am beginning to come back into my body after being dissociated for 25 years, since I was seven. I want to thank you so much for such wonderful information provided free of charge.  I have been searching the web and have not found anything very helpful except for Holli Marshall's page until I found you.  It will take me a while to get through all of the wonderful information you provide.  Thank You so much for your help.  I am encouraged to continue on because I feel in my gut that I Love myself.  It just gets scary when I go back into my head and the bad thinking at times.  I am getting better though because I have been being in my body now after 25 years of being completely disconnected- not feeling and hiding in my head.  I would love to hear from you. I love you."

"Dear Mr. Burney.............my busband john received a copy of your book yesterday and read the whole book last night. He commented to me about your philosophy, and then tonight as I started to read it, I had to write. About 18 months after my husband began his sobriety and involvment with AA , I began attending Unity in Chicago. Eventually, I was a member of the staff there and it is absolutely true that going to Unity has changed my life, and therefore the lives of my family.You must be familiar with the Unity movement and probably with Eric Butterworth,a Unity author whose works are widely read in 12 step programs. Your words are right out of  Unity and I am so pleased to hear them! Also your references to  Great Spirit and the Goddess. I was priviledged to go on a trip to Glastonbury (Avalon) England in 2000 with a Unity minister from Alabama, and have since become quite interested in and involved in the Goddess movement. It is not often that I see Her refered to in non-goddess books, so I was thrilled.

Have just started the book, but felt driven to write and thank you for the work you're doing. We will be checking out the web site often, and will be talking about your book too! THANK YOU and many blessings!"

My response to her about Unity:  "I just finished writing the story of the miracles that led to publishing my book for my online Joy2MeU Journal - and one of the things I talked about that falls in the category of The Goddess works in mysterious ways, is that I had never heard of Unity prior to January of 1995.  My book evolved out of a talk I first gave in June of 1991 and on a trip to the West Coast to try to raise the funds to publish the book someone suggested a Unity Church as good venue. It was giving my talk at that Unity Church that led indirectly to me getting the financing to publish my book.  That was the first time I attended a Unity service and I was pleasantly surprised at how the my beliefs fit with theirs. Since then of course I have attended my times and spoken many times at Unity and other New Thought Churches."

(Posted: 6-11-2003)
"There are no words to describe what a difference in my life your website has made on my life. You took 30 years worth of misery and turned in to a joy within a month, and there's still so much more happiness which I'm trying to catch up on.  Thank you so much once again"

"Once again, I am forever grateful for your articles and writings that I look forward to checking your website for new readings each month.  You get through to many of my clients and to me as well. As a substance abuse counselor,leading less than interested adults through a 28 day program, I am always trying to burst their minds into a place they can relate to.  Your articles seem to do this with ease. I make copies for each client and we read and discuss them at groupsessions.  I can't tell you how many of them ask me for extra copies at the end of group.  Thank you for making my job easier and for telling it like it is . . something most addicts can relate to."

"My name is _____, I am very pleased to have your words of knowledge bring joy, peace and comfort to my eyes."

"Thank you for being alive. I had downloaded some articles on codependency for a friend back in November of 2002. I never actually read through the articles but had scanned them for good content. I gave them to him and asked if when he was finished would he return them so I could read them in their entirety. Four days ago I did just that and I discovered you. It was meant to be. I was raised a southern Baptist but always felt differently about God and Faith and Spirituality. I never quite fit in with the church doctrines. I believe God is within each of us and the spirituality that flows through me flows through everyone and the things that we do good or bad has an effect on that spiritual energy. I always felt like I was a sinner and a bad Christian for feeling this way.  Lately I have been listening to God and going with his flow and the path has been made clear again. Your words are on that path. Thank you

The second book is for my friend, _____, she, like me is searching to heal the past and break the cycle. She is 16 years younger than me and I really hope God continues to use me to help her as well. We are all fractured, it's the glue we choose to use that makes the difference. Thanks for being a part of our glue."

"Just wanted to thank you for your site - It has helped me tremendoulsy specially today"

 "Thank you for your wonderful web page, like you I am also a therapist, working in the aged care sector. Elder abuse is alive and well sadly. I often have to resource information to assist families; I feel that your pages offers so much to so many who still struggle as a wounded child trapped in an adult body. I wish you all the very best and hope you will continue to develop this great site."

"My name is _____ and in my quest to change a belief of unworthiness, I came across your website.  I have been trying to release a belief created by myself when I was 5 years old, co-dependency was spawned from it.  I am now 32 years old and my life is changing rapidly, except for this old issue, that is determining my path and causing physical pain.  I feel a part of me is wanting to create more in my life and move on, but this belief and saying, "What do you mean you desire a different life, remember you are unworthy".  That is how I feel the process is working. Your website really explains and puts things into perspective.  You are a lightworker and I am grateful to have come into your path.  I am now excited and feel my emotions are better explained, better than what I could formulate myself.  I am very interested in all of your books and tapes, but was not able to locate every publication of yours, I do not want to miss anything! Can you email me with the titles.  I would really appreciate it.  Thank you so much for helping heal the planet.  You have given me more hope of pulling me spirit back from when she departed."

"i am glad that i found your website. i know now that it's not just me who feels these things, and it is good to hear from someone who has experienced first hand and is not just studied in this.i have only been in therapy for a couple of months. my therapist is trying to get me to grieve, but i am very scared. thanks for providing the comfort of hope."

"I just wanted to say thank you.  Your book was very uplifting for me and I found the message True in a way that I had yet to find anywhere else.  I have a long road ahead of me I realize, but it no longer seems bleak and unfulfilling.  My 21st birthday is in just over a week and I was not looking forward to it because I felt that I was reaching a life milestone, and still hadn't reached a spiritual one.  So, I guess that you could say that this awakening and hope was a gift through you and your book, from God. This from a girl who has seen the word 'God' as a bad thing for a long time.  I am prepared to make babysteps now, but I know that it is in a positive direction.  So thank you for your book and the Truth which it speaks. I hope that you are doing well on your own journey and that much joy is still to come your way."

"I would love to be added to your mailing list-but I've already been on your site almost every day since finding it!  As so many others have said, I wish I could have found this information years ago! Your thoughts and sharing have made a  tremendous difference to me, and to those I've shared your site with. Thank you for helping us to make sense of the things that have appeared to make no sense at all.  Valuable is too limiting a word to describe your book and website. Thank you!"

"I visited your website today and was impressed with so many things that you've written on relationships and codependancy.  Thanks for a great place to learn about relationships and spirituality and everything."

"Hello Robert, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful book, Codependence:  The Dance of Wounded Souls.  I just finished it this afternoon and, indeed it is no accident that i read your book at this time.  I found it to be insightful, informative and thought provoking.  I will heartily recommend this book to my patients who would benefit from your message.  Wishing you continued peace, light and abundance in your journey."

"thank you for such a helpful website. I am going to buy your book as well.  I'm just coming out of an emotionally abusive relationship that I desperately tried to save and have been feeling such an enormous grief. . . your words have helped put things into perspective and are leading me to a new path of self-discovery and healing.  I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am."

"Hi, I really enjoy your site, keep up the good work. Thanks"

"The higher power sent you and your web site to me today. Only you have said the things that I was unable to say, and thus unable to release. Now, without saying, I know that I am known and have tasted the peace that was yet missing in my recovery process.

Thank you for finding the courage to share what you have shared ? you have lightened the burden of my soul today. Motherís day is coming up, and I asked my mom, who has crossed over, to help me find a way to forgive her and understand her so that we both can be forgiven. Obviously, she has been waiting for me to ask for a long time, since it only took a half hour for me to be sent to you. I canít describe how amazing this is for me, and how precious.

Sometimes I wonder how Iíll have the strength to go on, do more. But the secret is that I may not have the strength alone, but together, we (people who share and those who watch over us) will."

"I would like to personally thank you for for your articles on the four major roles in a dysfunctional family.  I am an ADOA an I have been them all at one time or another.  I have been dealing with these 4 roles since early childhood.  I have made a decision to not cut ties, I do love my family, but I must now take care of me.  You have put things so eloquently in your article as I already knew the roles but I printed them out for my husband and we just went "wow".  It all came together in a light bulb moment.  Thank you again for your article and I have to move on and make my own life."

"My name is ______ and my son ____ has been incontact with  you, has read your book and talked with you on the phone.

It has been a revelation for him and for me too.  I've known since I was a girl there was something wrong with me and I recall trying to talk about it to my mother who denied I had a problem.  She did take me to a doctor (general practitioner) but nothing eventuated.

I married, had 3 sons and after 20 or so years of marriage _____ (husband) and I had severe problems.  ____ was diagnosed with phobic anxiety and we started seeing a councillor.  I learned a lot and was eager to change - and I did to a certain extent.  However, the feelings of not being acceptable, being disapproved of, disliked, all continue.

Now, through your website, I see a whole new world.  I've downloaded a lot of the articles and yesterday, ordered your book.  I'm already crying buckets of tears.  Thanks a million"
(A little irony here in that this lady's son who had his first phone counseling session recently mentioned that it cost him more to call his mother who lived 30 miles away than to call me because he got a phone card for 2 cents a minute for calls from Australia to US.  She bought my book and then wrote the following.)
"I read your book and then read it again and I am enthralled both with your book and your website.

I believe I started my grieving 25 years ago.  I was in crisis and knew something had to change.  Through counselling I learned about thoughts and feelings (I had them confused);  I learned how to say it like it is and do it like it is;  I got in touch with the feeling of blame.  However, I was still not "right", better - but not quite.

Your book and website has changed all that. It is all so clear now.  Yes, we have been doing it backwards.  Maybe I have started on a spiritual path - I hope so.  Knowing that the little kid was not responsible has given me a sense of freedom and I know I am different already.

A couple of examples!  Saturday I was cooking and burnt the pine nuts.  I thought "I'll have to go to the shop and get some more". That thought produced the feeling of a large steel band falling away from around my waiste.  I didn't berate myself for burning the pine nuts and call myself stupid I just replaced the nuts!

Later that day I was playing Bridge and the people at the next table became quite noisy.  Instead of pretending it wasn't happening and swallowing the annoyance, I asked them to quieten down.  More new behaviour and I know there was a little smile on the inside!

So thanks Robert, I'm on my way."

"My name is ____. I am a 30 year old who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I found out about you by typing in the word 'emotional abuse' into a search engine. There I started unravelling information which was music to my ears. . .  . .  What you teach is priceless.  I hope I do get a response from you of some kind. I enjoy reading your internet pages. Thank you for your insight."

"Wow!! I have been reading your website with tears in my eyes. - You seem to speak directly to my soul."

"Your website has helped me tremendously today,  I just donít know how to tell you enough.  I plan to buy your book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls this next payday.  I was reading material from your website at lunch today, and it has helped me cope with some feelings that I had been struggling with. "

"I just wanted to let you know how much I truly have enjoyed your web pages. They are filled with vital and wonderful information.  I try to log on at least once a day just to see what else I can soak up.  I'd like to purchase the dance of wounded souls.  Is it available on CD? (not yet unfortunately)  I wish you much continued success."

"I just want to say thank you for bringing some light into my life by making sense of some of my sick behaviors I found your book 2 years ago and since have spent many hours at your web site you have made my life bearable now...Thank you..."

"My name is _____ and I just wanted to say thank-you. I found your website and for the first time understand that I am not alone. (It is either I am alone or you have been following me around my entire life without me knowing it.) My mother told me how horrible I was yesterday and today my innerchild is crying, greiving and going to heal.  Thank-you for your guidence."

"I have spent many hours reading and absorbing your writing, and even though it's on the intellectual path, it has affected me on a deep emotional level. I do know I need to jump into the black hole, although I feel I have done some of that alone. I am very much in Swan energy. I came into this life to get enlightened and this path you are leading, from divine intervention, is exactly what I want in my life. With great admiration."

"Lately I have been amusing myself by imagining what might await you after we all Graduate and meet you in the Summerland. I think a certain portion of Eternity might be given over to telling you how, in an opportunity for growth, these tools you had given us had performed miracles. Please accept this as preparation for the Patience and Acceptance you will no doubt need when we come singing Zip-I-Dee-do-DA over the meadows of Paradise holding aloft our toolkits (which will be visible in the Spiritual plane).

Robert, I received a second opinion today regarding this bone infection I described to you in a few e-mail's. After the most thorough examination I have ever received, this specialist told me I did not have cancer, would not suffer a heart attack or any other systemic problems due to this, and, with proper treatment, could slow the progress of the disease down to something approaching normal. While I would never cure the infection totally (of what does this remind you?), I demonstrated the criteria for responding well to the treatment he proposed. Robert, he said that the disease (hold your ears) WAS NOT MY FAULT! Nothing I did or did not do would have caused it or changed anything but the onset time. I am simply one of those individuals with a greater susceptibility to the organism which causes the infection. While this is excellent news for which I am so very grateful (stand by for sweeping statement), if I had not been in recovery and applying the principles and methods you teach, I would not have (1) known how to enjoy such great news; and (2) would not have survived the days and weeks leading up to the second opinion, for which (3) I would not have taken action to ask. The Real Miracle to me lies in the period of time when the outcome appeared to be so dismal. I am amazed at the Power of a positive affirmation to strengthen my immune system and to relieve pain. But, to me, the most important thing I learned during this period, the thing worth the price of coming into body, was what happened when the pain returned in full force, when the panic attacks interrupted precious sleep, when the abundance did not manifest in time to buy groceries. It is what happened when, after summoning up every ounce of energy to get up out of bed after a night of pain and fear to take some Loving action for myself, everything I touched (appliances, plumbing, etc.), fell apart in my hand. My personal will seemed entirely ineffectual. So, I went back once again to the book and the web site and studied the basics of recovery. I set firm, Loving boundaries with all of my inner children, I fired the Judge, hired the Advocate, and affirmed the Presence Within of my Spiritual Teacher. I sat for long periods in absolute quiet and heard from parts of myself I didn't know existed. I learned I could experience the panic because it was, in part, the voice of one of my inner children, frightened that she would not be cared for when she was sick or in pain. I learned I could sing to her and comfort her when I did not know the outcome. I could talk to my Magical Thinking Child who believed that if we took action, all obstacles would dissolve. My inner children tend to think whatever is happening now is the way it is always going to be. I learned that I, the Adult, did not have to identify with the powerful emotions that would sweep through me. I could stop in the midst of all of this and remind myself that I, a Magnificent Spiritual Being having this human experience, was not going to die as a result of this fear energy. It would pass. During this period, I also had a bout of food poisoning and a bladder infection which caused further pain. Sick, exhausted, and in pain, I did loudly question my Higher Powers about just what it was about this experience that I couldn't have learned any other way. Robert, I don't remember how you go from not knowing to Knowing, but I did. What I know is that I am going to be Okay. The Universe supports me even when I cannot sense it. I asked for something to cling to, and what I heard in response was, Let Go. Give It Up. I felt myself borne lovingly over a threshold. Like I had leaped into midair and was lifted over some barrier.

Obviously, I have a lot more to say, and you are a busy person whose boundaries I respect (I love boundaries!) So everything I have learned will have to wait until we all get to go home. (I will be the Quiet One a billion rows back.) Obviously, too, this was, for me, just another turn of the recovery spiral. The ascending arc will soon appear to spiral downwards, and I will feel like I am learning this anew (I love learning!) Let's hear it for all of us Magnificent Spiritual Beings"

(Posted: 5-1-2003)
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done that is profoundly changing my life.  I am also in AA recovery, 4 years, trying to have a healthy relationship with another recovering alcoholic.  Needless to say, it's been rocky at best.  When we broke up recently, I stumbled onto your site I now believe in Divine Guidance.  I could go on and on about the circumstances, but I believe I don't have to, that God has crossed our paths in this life for my healing and emotional health.  I asked the Universe for answers and I recieved.  Thank you so very much for being the messenger.

My boyfriend and I have recently reconcilled and again today I am searching for answers.  Again, I am led to your site to recieve.  I don't know if we will ever get this "dance" right, but it no longer matters to me today.  It's all part of the Divine Path that I am on and I can relax and enjoy because of your words.  By the way, I have bought your book and tapes and would be interested in anything else you will publish. I'm telling all my friends in the area about your website and books.  If you get many orders from the DC area, it's from word of mouth. ;-}  Your sister in searching for Truth."

"Your entire body of work has been a testament to Spiritual Rebirth and Renewal. I date my own Rebirth to the day in July, 2002, when I first discovered your web site. . . From a terror-filled existence in which I feared leaving my own house, I live a life now wherein even serious illness is an Exciting Spiritual Adventure. From hoping to recover just enough to go to work everyday, the center of my identity has moved to Magnificent Spiritual Path-Treader."

"I have been reading your website for over a year and now I find myself passing on this website to those whom I feel are ready to really truly look deeper in themseves, one of them being my husband...I have just given him this site this eveing and he now understands why I have changed my outlook in the Spiritual world.   I am greatly Honored to have a signed book from you!  This site have greatly added much Love in me and I truely enjoy being able to pass this Love on to others I meet.  Thank you very much."

The first email said simply:  "Will you Marry Me?????"

The follow up email said:
"I am a recovering dysfunctional woman who found your website and found it to be the most helpful, enlightening, meaningful things I ever read. You really have put your heart and soul into it and I was just kidding when I wrote that but really what woman would not want to be with you, you have a lot of wisdom and knowledge about feelings, and yet you are man enough to be strong and strong enough to be gentle. Thank-you for what you have done to help me along my path of life."

"Thank you for sharing your thoughts with everyone. I was surfing the net yesterday searching for some information on how to deal with fear and I just happened to stumble on your website and it kept me busy the entire day. I find myself facing a decision which I have to make and it scares me but having read your website I realise that I have that power within myself to conquer that fear but I have to face my inner demons first."

"Thank you for carrying the msg of recovery from codependency so effectively -- it has improved my awareness/perspective and I've received hope and direction from it."

"First of all thank you so much for creating this website.  Just yesterday, I was, again, asking the universe to lead me to the right resources to help me to get through all of my "stuff" that I am now currently wading through... And a few hours later I found your website!

I can't tell you how many things I read in this site where I said, "Oh my God... Yes!  Me too!  I'm not the only one! Thank God!  hahaha!

I've felt for years that I had so much pain and sadness to release that I'd need to be held up in a room crying (maybe even a rubber one) for I don't even know how long. It doesn't seem like there could be an end to the pain.  So, it was encouraging to read that you felt that way too.  There are just
so many things I could relate to.  And that alone made me feel better and to know that there is a therapy that deals with that kind of release. . . Thank you again for sharing this valuable information and your own stories.  I've been reading a little of the site everyday now.  I look forward to
reading every article on here!  You're great!"

"Mr. Burney, I just wanted to let you know how insightful I found your article regarding emotional intimacy to be.  After a failed marriage, I am seeking to understand the very thing that you wrote about.  Thank you."

"subject: Your book recommended by highest authority
Dear Robert: Purchased your book recently. I thank you for personally autographing it for me. Am almost done reading it - it is exactly what I expected it to be.

Some time ago I had a couple of rather "enlightening" events, which changed my perspective about everything. Without venturing into some long dissertation, I will simply say that after a period of some time, I came to realize that my spiritual guides, were communicating with me. Yes, I know. Was in a state of disrepair for some time, vexing over whether to go see a psychiatrist or a psychic! Anyway...Have been told to spread the truth, via three books by three different authors inspired from a single source, beginning with several people in my close interpersonal relationships.

Had major issue with what I was being told about co-dependence (because of own lack of understanding). Looked everywhere. Needless to say, nothing within mainstream definition "felt" right. Had on many occations received the name of last book, only to forget name upon awakening (the way in which they predominantly communicate). Kept getting "Dances with Wolves." Why buy the book - see the movie! Finally one morning I got it!

The three books that I was given, so others may learns the relative truth are: Conversations with God, book 1 (the overview of why we are here and where we go from here); The Power of Now (finding spirit, developing a relationship with and maintaining it); The Dance Of the Wounded Souls (the relationship with egoic mind and its necessary balance with spirit). The "pain body" in Echart Tolles, The Power of Now.

So to say that you come highly recommended, may be a bit of an understatement. Thank you again."

"Thank you for your web site.  I love all the information and it has helped me with my grief work.  It has really helped me to get into the grief and express the grief.  I have printed nearly all pages and studied them frequently.  I have been attending CODA and ACA for 2 years and watching the John Bradshaw video tape series for 2 years with our John Bradshaw group.  I am a self help junkie: AA, EA, OA SLAA, Al-Anon, and have maintained meetings over the past two years in all except SLAA.  A number of our John Bradshaw group members have swoped your information between ourselves. . . Thank you again for all the valuable information and beautiful words you have on this site.  Every word talks to my very inner soul.  I love the spiritual mix in your book."

"I really appreciate your web site and would love to get your book...and be put on your mailing list. .  Thanks sooooooo much.  I found your web site cause a co worker told me to look into Co-dependents Anonymous and you came up on Google.  I am grateful today for that...for your generosity in sharing all your knowledge."

"I received your book last week. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have come across your words. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!  I just placed an order for 4 more books - presents for some very special friends that I know will appreciate this wisdom. Thanks again, for your book, your website and all the changes that they bring."

"I don't have the eloquent words to express how greatly and deeply your words touch me and heal me. So I will just say a simple thank you.  You are in my heart, and thoughts! When I can't understand anything any longer, I turn to your pages, or your site and I remember what I have forgotten.  I am unable to understand at times, but with your words I just KNOW. Thank you."

"I have always known there was something off in my realtionships with others, yet was unable to put my finger on it. Therefore I blamed everyone and anyone for taking advantage of me, hurting me and stripping me of my ability to love unconditionally.  For the first time in my life, through your writings I was able to acknowledge the problem in a healthy, non judgmental way. What made the information truly hit home and create a enviornment of comfortability for me as a reader, was the fact that you eliminated blame. I almost feel that I can let go of past experiences because now the guilt does not lay solely on me. Knowing that I am not 'bad' feels really good.  I have never read anything as clear and logical as your articles. For the first time I feel like I can look to the future with hope that the kind of love I so desire within myself and with those around me will be achievable. Thank you so much!"

"Robert:  Your information is incredible!"

"I wanted to thank you for the information you have given freely over the internet.  I am nowhere near finished with the reading.  I have been reading the articles on the inner child this past few days.  In a time in my life when everything seemed to be falling apart, this is of great help. . . . I want you to know how much I appreciate your sharing the process of connecting with the inner child.  I became aware of her back in 1990 and have been trying to deal with her, but have never read anything like your approach. Without writing a complete novel here, ....I really just felt someone should probably tell you thanks.  I will be recommending this book to several other people I know as I work through this process.  I can already see me stopping and being aware of what I am doing.  Thank you very much."

"Since the day i found your site, i cannot seem to get enough of it.  I've already gave it to some of my friends who like me I know need it.  Your site was like a gift from above, something i prayed for and received.  It's like God knew exactly where to send me, besides the bible, he knew i needed some answers and quick. It's so strange to read something somebody else has written and felt and experienced and feel like i wrote it myself because it's exactly how i felt and feel. . . . Again thank you for your site, it's very, very, very helpful, like a breath of fresh air."

"I came across your page today as i was going through the internet looking for things on adult children of alcoholics.  . . . . I just want to say thank you for your site, I read a lot of things that i've already guessed about why i feel the way I feel, now hopefully I can start and fix the mess within me.  I want to live for once in my life and not just survive.  I'm 42 years old and i'm tired of just surviving.  My kids are grown, and now i need to learn to live for me. thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless."

"Thank you so much for your web site.  I'm just starting my journey to a more healthy emotional relationship with myself and your site has been a huge help.  Thank you for sharing."

"I am glad your website came up on my yahoo search for self boundaries.  This was a very well written article and it has helped greatly.  Many thanks, and many blessings."

"HI, I stumbled upon your site a couple of days ago and have already learned a lot about codependence and myself. I plan to get a copy of your book as soon as I am able.  Until then, thank you so much for providing the web pages that are already helping me.  It was answered prayer that I found your site."

"I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed this site. It was very informative and interesting. I printed a lot of information from which I felt I needed to read over again and keep as a reference. What a great place to be inspired and informed. thanks again."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your book, Dance of Wounded Souls!  It made connections for me that a lot of other reading has not been able to."

"Robert...words can not express the joy and gratitude I feel from discovery your web site....I will send it energetically to you...thanks for your words in your other email....I will wait with much anticipation for your enlightening book and tapes... Thanks again!"

These testimonials fill my heart so I thought I would use the hearts here.
This Testimonial Page has gotten too large so I am breaking it into two pages in December 2003.
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