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Investment Opportunity in: 

Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls 
by Robert Burney

Robert Burney raised the money to publish Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls through what is known as Royalty Financing. Investors made personal loans to Robert and in return received a percentage of the royalties from the book. This percentage of the Royalties is assigned to the investor(s) for 15 years from the date of publication (Jan. 96). Thus people who believed in the book, it's message, and it's potential made it possible for Robert to form Joy to You & Me Enterprises and publish Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls. 

Enough money was raised to publish a quality book and launch it in the market. The hope and belief is that the book will eventually become a best-seller and, that once it has been established that there is a substantial market, the reprint rights will be sold to a major publisher.  Unfortunately, though enough money was raised to publish and launch the book, there was not enough to sustain the kind of marketing campaign necessary to generate wide-spread awareness.

Joy to You & Me Enterprises is at this time seeking to raise more funds to advertise and promote the book.  Because of this, Robert Burney is offering an additional investment opportunity in Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls. He is offering up to 11% of the net proceeds/royalties from the book at a rate of $2,000 for one per cent or $20,000 for the entire eleven percent. 

When I wrote above, that "the hope and the belief is that the book will eventually become a best-seller . . . . ." some years ago, it was because I had a vision of how I thought the future would unfold.  I thought that word of mouth about the Loving message in the book would spread rapidly among all of the seekers in the world - and that it was inevitable that it would become a best seller.  Later, when Oprah started her book club, I was sure she would discover my book and be an instrument in spreading the word.

In the last few years the Universe has taught me to let go of thinking I know what the future holds.  I have been given the opportunity to learn to integrate more of what I teach into my own internal process - and therefore into my relationship with life.  I am no longer invested in any vision of what "there" looks like, of what the future of my adventure will bring.  I have wants and dreams certainly, but I have been gifted with (and have worked long and hard for - as with all dreams, we need to work towards them at the same time we are letting go of thinking that getting there is more important than being present for the journey) the balance and clarity to let go of the outcome and pay attention to the dance as I am experiencing it today.  It is a blessed space of peace and acceptance that I am able to access a great majority of the time.  I am very grateful for the quality and depth of serenity that following my path to the best of my ability has created in my experience of being human in the moment.

The motivation for doing what I do, for writing and publishing the book, has never been about getting there anyway - has never been about making money.  Money is a tool that would help spread the message - and also comes in handy for paying the rent and such.  I do what I do because it is what I need to do to heal me.  I follow my path in my quest to reconnect with my Source because it is what my soul longs for.  I stand up in public - or write in the book or on the internet - because standing up in public and taking responsibility for owning and speaking my Truth is what I need to do to heal my wounds and settle my Karma.

I believe that this is a New Age.  That an Age of Healing & Joy has dawned in human consciousness on this planet.  I believe that ultimately the Absolute Truth is that we are all ONE - that we are all connected in LOVE.  On my web page entitled The New Age - An Age of Healing & Joy I share quotes from my book about my beliefs - about the understanding of Truth which I have been given. 

"Any single soul's evolution, its awakening, affects all souls because we are all connected. We can, like Imo the genius monkey, create a space, create a new level - a new aspect - of consciousness that other humans then have access to. It is not any accident that most great inventions, most great breakthroughs, were formulated in more than one location in the same time period. Once one breaks through and creates the space, others may follow."

This particular quote from my book refers to the Hundredth Monkey Principle, which I explain in the excerpt from my book that I share on that page.  Imo is the name of the monkey who created the new aspect of consciousness for the rest of the monkeys of her species.  My mission in this lifetime has been to be one of the "Imo"s in the Transformational Healing Process that has begun on planet Earth.  The reason that I was chosen for, and chose, this particular mission was because of the Karma I needed to settle.  (As I talk about briefly in my latest Update Newsletter.)  It is not because I am better than, or farther along than, anyone else.  Each of us is perfectly where we are supposed to be, doing perfectly what we are supposed to be doing.  Even if your path only involves healing your relationship with your self in private without ever sharing it with others (not really possible since we all share with the people whose lives we touch rather we know it or not) - you are still contributing to the healing of the planet.  Anyone's healing affects us all, everyone's healing impacts the whole - because we are all connected.

Rather my book is ever a best seller or not, rather it ever even goes into a second printing, does not matter.  If I never have more money than just what I need to pay the rent and keep on living one day at a time, is not important.  I have already been wildly successful in my mission.  My work and my book have been instrumental in creating a new level of understanding in the Collective Human Consciousness.  I have contributed to a paradigm shift that helps others to see Truth with more clarity.  I have accomplished my mission of reminding others that they can remember the Truth of Love just as I have been led to do - even if I die tomorrow.

So, I do not know what the future holds for me or my book.  I thought that the Hundredth Monkey would have fallen into place long before now.  [It is easy to know when consciousness of a book (or anything else for that matter) reaches the paradigm shift represented by the Hundredth Monkey principle - because suddenly everyone we encounter is talking about it.  Like such fairly recent phenomena as The Celestine Prophecy or Conversations with God.]  Rather my book will ever reach that point is not that important to me any more.  I am going to just keep doing what I do, following my path as it is revealed to me, one day at a time to the best of my ability.

New Promotional Opportunity

I routinely pass up opportunities to promote the site and the book because of not having the funds available.  A new opportunity has presented itself this week however, that appears to be a chance to introduce the book in a very powerful way to a much larger audience.  There are a lot of people out there who are on a quest seeking some answers - expanding the potential for them to discover the book is the challenge.  Thus I am making the special offer below in the hopes of raising the funds to take advantage of this opportunity.  I have been meaning to rewrite this page for quite awhile and this opportunity is the spark, the message from the Universe, that caused me to do this writing today.  Rather it results in anyone investing, or rather the money to take advantage of this favorable opportunity comes from somewhere else - or even if it is not meant to be - all falls into what I call the More Will Be Revealed realm.  My job is just to take the action to put it out to the Universe. 

So, I am posing below a special offer to invest in my book in the hopes that it helps me manifest the financing to take advantage of what seems to be a favorable opportunity.  The reprint rights for "The Celestine Prophecy" sold for $800,000 so obviously there is a potential for a substantial investment return - but this is not an investment to make if you are just interested in making money.   Making money may be side benefit to investing in this book - just as helping others is a side benefit of working a twelve step program.  This investment is an opportunity to align yourself with the message of my book, with any Truth you find in my writing.  If you resonate with my message, and the Universe has provided you with the abundance to make an investment of money energy, that would be great.  If the Spirit moves you to align with, and energetically connect yourself to, the Karmic Settlement and Positive energy associated with being a channel for Truth and Love to manifest in the world, then this is an opportunity.

The sales of the book were 50% higher in the year 2000 than any year since the book has come out.  This is due to the word of mouth that is spreading because of the internet - which Truly is a medium for reaching out and touching others, for connecting with Kindred Spirits.  So far in 2001, the sales are continuing to rise gradually.  It is possible that January 2002 will mark the first time that there are net proceeds from the book to be distributed to investors in the book - or maybe not.

The chain book stores still have not stocked the book and will not until they decide there is enough demand.  Until it is they stock the book, the only way there will be enough demand is through word of mouth. (Orders from Barnes & Noble and Borders stores - most of them for a single copy at a time - have been rising steadily and are now averaging 20 or more orders a month.)

November 12, 2001 - I have reached a point where I am taking steps to lay the groundwork to do the second printing of the book.  Inventory has fallen to a point that if I were to get a large order from a chain book store I could probably not fill it.  So, in an effort to raise the money for a second printing I am offering 5% of the net proceeds for $7500. 

Anyone who is interested please give me a call at 805-927-7107.

In addition, Robert is offering a percentage of the royalties to his next book The  Wounded Souls Trilogy - Book 1 "In The Beginning . . ." a magical, mystical, Spiritual fable which includes a history of the Universe unlike any which has ever been written. Twenty five per cent of the Royalties (same 15 years from publication date) are being offered for $50,000.  This book will be in print less than 6 months after the financing becomes available.  A preview of Book 1 can be viewed by clicking here.

The same offer is being made for Twenty five per cent of the royalties to his first process level ('how to') book which is entitled Wounded Souls Dancing in the Light. The subtitle is Spiritual Integration & Emotional Balance through Internal Boundaries.  It will include material from Robert's columns, articles, and workshops.  The focus will be on the tools and techniques he has developed that facilitate personal empowerment so that the individual can learn to relax and enjoy life.  A preview of these techniques can be seen on the page Learning to Love your self and the pages that follow it.  This book can also be in print within 6 months of receiving the financing.

To see a version of the Investment loan agreement click here.

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