Codependency therapist/Spiritual teacher/author of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls informally discusses his own process in relationship to his web site in newsletters to his e-mailing list.  Topics of the newsletter on this page include: eruption of Joy & Love & Dazzling Light, critical mass, opened my heart, planetary healing process just got turned up a notch, Second Coming, I AM A MESSIAH, Oprah, credit cards, Joy2MeU e-mailing community, new award, the Emotional Frontier Within.

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This is the Update - Joy to You & Me Page where you can read the 'newsletter' that has evolved as Robert was informing people on his electronic-mailing list of the changes he was making to the web site.  This page originally was meant only for the individuals who had signed up for that list.  If you have reached this page without coming through the web site, you might want to first explore the web site by going to the Joy to You & Me Home Page so that you can understand the context within which these 'newsletters' were sent.  The evolution has included Robert discussing his own process very informally.  This page contains Newsletter  1999 #1 part 1 sent out January 21, 1999.

(Beware: if you are an editor or grammar teacher please be forwarned that I have been writing these newsletters very casually with little or no thought given to punctuation and grammar (my excuse is that it is hard to write in html - but in truth I am enjoying the chance just to be casual) - this page will be a wonderful opportunity for you to practice letting go and acceptance.) :-)

Joy to You & Me Newsletter  1999 #1 part 1


To all of the Magnificent Spiritual Beings on my e-mailing list,

Some of you may have noticed that this update is several weeks overdue - a funny thing happened on my way to getting the latest changes made to the web site - my life exploded in an Amazing, Magnificent, Miraculous, Magical, Fiery eruption of Joy & Love & Dazzling Light.  If you remember, I ended my last Newsletter on 11-22-98 with these two lines:

“And I am so Happy Joyous and Free at this moment of my journey that I just want to give what I have to everyone - this Web Site is my way of tithing.

Another thought just occurred - this too shall pass, meaning this time of processing in cyberspace - one of these days I  am going to get so Free I won’t be spending most of my time on my computer.  More Will Be Revealed!”

Well, I am still spending a lot of time on the computer but the Happy, Joyous, and Free that I was feeling then seems almost primitive and crude compared to the exquisite levels of feelings I have been experiencing since then.  This was what I wrote to my snail mail mailing list in my New Years Mailing: 

“The past few months have seen some Truly amazing and wondrous changes in my life.  In November I was feeling very blessed with the level of freedom I had attained to feel happy, Joyous, & peaceful in the moment no matter what the outer conditions.  In December, years of work came to critical mass and I made a leap into hyperspace that opened my heart in a Truly amazing way.  A paradigm shift occurred in my relationship with being in body on this physical plane that has unleashed an incredible flow of energy - either that or I am having a psychotic break.  Whatever is happening, I LOVE being so ALIVE.  1999 is going to be an incredible, Magical, Joyfilled year. Catch me while you can - my life has just started soaring.”
I am sure that some of the rest of you have noticed that the planetary healing process just got turned up a notch - or maybe you thought all those intense emotional currents, rapid shifts in perspective, and cascading series of insights were just something you were experiencing - we all sometimes tend to forget that there are other influences at work (every once in a while I still need to be reminded by the Universe - that hey, duh, it is not just about my life.) 

Incredible, magical wonderful changes are taking place as the impact of all of our individual healing processes catalyze the transformation that is taking place in the Consciousness on the planet. 

I am going to be talking about those changes some more in part 2 of this newsletter.  There are two parts to this one because so many changes are happening on all levels, and my life is so full and busy - I am going through so many layers of growth at such an accelerated pace - that I have had to break this update in two.

I will be sending out part two in about 10 days.  It will include new articles with some insights on Love and Romantic Relationships in time for Valentines Day but more importantly pertaining to the Second Coming of the message of Love which we are all taking part in now.  Which, actually brings up what has been revealed as the theme for 1999 for me - which I wasn’t going to get into until part 2 but obviously needs to be added here.

Here is another example of the magical, intricate, perfectly fascinating way my process works.  I had a version of this update done yesterday morning that did not mention hardly any of the above - which I was saving for part 2 - and the application programmed crashed.  I hadn’t saved what I had written and lost it.  That in turn helped me to get in touch with some anger which had been percolating and led shortly thereafter to me being on the beach at Sunrise raging at God about some situations in my life. (The incredible Joy that I have been experiencing has not been because everything is going the way I want it to in my life - but rather because of the vibrational level of emotional consciousness that I have reached - due to my ability to Let Go of things being the way I want them.)

The recovery/healing/Spiritual Path is an ongoing process finding balance and then rebalancing and then finding balance again.  Through the process of Letting Go and Accepting the things I cannot change, I inevitably go somewhat too far in acceptance so that I am not owning all of the hurt and anger that has resulted from the situation I am Letting Go of - and to get back in balance so I can keep my inner channel clear, I need to swing back to owning that hurt and anger so I can again access the higher vibrational levels.

So anyway, here is a quote from my book pertaining to my theme for 1999.

A Transformational Healing Movement
The prologue to Richard Bach’s Illusions contains a story about a colony of creatures clinging to the bottom of a stream.  Here is a paraphrasing of that story.
One day one of those creatures became bored with the life of clinging and decided to see what would happen if he let go and got swept up into the stream.  He wanted to see where the stream would carry him.

All of the other creatures laughed at him and made fun of him. “You can’t let go of the rocks, you’ll just get battered and bruised!”   “It’s insane to let go of the rocks!”

This creature, though, wanted more out of life than just clinging to the rocks. He wanted to find out where the stream went.  So he let go of the rocks - and sure enough he got battered and bruised and had to grab hold again.

All of the other creatures ridiculed and laughed at him.

But he said, “I am going to try again. I believe that the stream knows where it is going.  I want to see where the stream will take me.”  So he let go again - and he got battered and bruised again.   And then he let go again, and again, and again.

Each time he got a little less battered and bruised.  Each time he got a little closer to being swept up in the stream.

Then finally one day he had let go enough times that he did get swept up into the stream.  He was caught in the flow of the stream and swept forward.

He was flying!

As he flew along with his heart full of Joy and excitement he passed over another colony of clinging creatures that was downstream.

They looked up at him and cried, “Behold!  There is a creature like us and he is flying!  It must be the Messiah!”

He looked back at them and shouted as he was heading down stream, “No!  You don’t understand. You can fly, too, all you have to do is let go.   You are as much messiahs as I am.”

That is what this is all about!  The second coming has begun!  Not of “The Messiah,” but of a whole bunch of messiahs.  The messiah - the liberator - is within us!  A liberating, Healing Transformational Movement has begun.  “The Savior” does not exist outside of us - “The Savior” exists within.

We are the sons and daughters of God.   We, the old souls, who are involved in this Healing Movement, are the second coming of the message of Love.

We have entered what certain Native American prophecies call the Dawning of the Fifth World of Peace.  Through focusing on our own healing the planet will be healed.

We all have available to us - within - a direct channel to the Highest Vibrational Frequency Range within The Illusion.  That highest range involves consciousness of the Glory of ONENESS.  It is called Cosmic Consciousness.  It is called Christ Consciousness.

This is the energy that Jesus was tuned into, and he stated very plainly, “These things that I do, you can do also.” - by atoning, by tuning in.

We have access to the Christ Energy within.  We have begun the Second Coming of the message of Love.

The dawning of the Age of Healing and Joy is the dawning of the Fifth World of Peace when humans will learn to walk in balance and harmony.

Now that is some pretty wonderful news, wouldn’t you say?

(Illusions  “The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach.  Copyright 1977 by Creature Enterprises, Inc.   Reprinted in Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls by Robert Burney by permission of Bantom Doubleday Dell, New York, NY.)

So here is my theme for 1999 - the thing that I get to stand in front of audiences and say ; or sit in TV studios or radio stations and say ; or type at my computer communicating to the world  - is:

I AM A MESSIAH  . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . and so are You!

So, I guess you can see that I am probably going to have an exciting year - I will be making that statement on Oprah's show before the year is over!

So anyway, about the changes to the web site.  I should have online capability to process all 4 major credit cards anywhere in the world in the next couple of days.  You can check the ordering page for my book joy_22.htm   and hopefully by the weekend I will have an interface with a web site that will provide secure, real time, 24 hours a day, processing of credit cards and checks (the checks are for the US only).  I am going to be shipping books all over the world in a matter of days - so you might want to get your order in soon - everyone is going to be talking about my book within a matter of months or weeks - the hundredth monkey is just around the corner.  (If you don’t know what that refers to you can read   )

I also plan on having my own domain within a week or so - but in the meantime here are the changes available now.

 I just created an e-mailing community called Joy2MeU and you can subscribe to it at  - there are links to subscribe on both the home page and on the indexQA page.  Here is an excerpt from the welcome that goes out to new people when they sign up to give you an idea of what this is about:

Welcome to the Joy2MeU e-mail community.  I have gotten, and continue to get, so many wonderful messages from people around the world who resonate with what I have to say in my book and on my web site that I have wished for a way to facilitate communication between those of us who are like minded old souls.  I believe that this e-mail list presents such an opportunity. I am not sure how this community will evolve - or how much time I will have to be actively involved in it.  I would like for the participants to open communication with each other and that this list not just be focused on communicating with me.  I will of course be monitoring the communications and taking part regularly.  I trust that this can become a safe place to share some emotional intimacy.  I am hoping that this is a space where maybe some kind of real community can take shape, where maybe I will be able to find some other members of my tribe - I have been looking for my tribe for so long.

So, check it out - we’ll see what happens. 

The indexQA page had been changed in several ways.  The update/newsletters for the Joy to You & Me Web Site are now arranged in chronological order so that anyone new may read them in order to see how the web site has evolved.  And I  moved the recommended links to a separate page at  I have added some banners to the links page to see how that works and the web site has won a new award.  I also have added two new links to very interesting sites - one of which is about Runes Stones (on which you can actually cast your runes) and one called Many Paths which is an enormous source of information.

I have put up a new online column The Emotional Frontier Within  which us actually two columns about emotional defenses.  Some quotes:

The Journey to the Emotional Frontier Within

"I had to become aware that there were such things as emotions that lived in my body and then I had to start learning how to recognize and sort them out.  I had to become aware of all the ways that I was trained to distance myself from my feelings."
Further Journeys to the Emotional Frontier Within

"Perhaps the most common story telling diversion is to get very involved in the details of the story   ‘she said. . . . . then I said. . . . then she did. . . . .’   The details are ultimately insignificant in relationship to the emotions involved but because we do not know how to handle the emotions we get caught up in the details."

I just had a very graphic example of this last point (that the details aren’t important) occur in one of my inner child healing groups.  A client from Austria was reading some letters which she had written to try to get in touch with some feelings in regard to some family issues.  She had written the letters in German and started reading - translating them into English.  I stopped her and told her to read them in German and feel the feelings.  Within a few seconds she started crying.  I did not need to understand what language she was speaking to facilitate her grief work.  Emotions are the universal language that all humans share.

Thanks to the person from Colorado that wrote a review of the book for - I appreciate it.

I am going to quit now before I get off on any more tangents.  You will be hearing from me in about 10 days.  If anyone wants to get off this mailing list please send a blank e-mail to   If these newsletters are too long for you to bother to read, or too emotionally intimate for your comfort, or offend you in any way please send the e-mail and go in Peace. 
Blessed Be to all of you,

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