Kathleen A. Smick Jewelry Art - Rings

Five Rings photo

Hand-crafted rings of fine silver and gold,
set with rare & unusual gems.

Inspired by Tolkien's elves of middle earth, the rings are pierced and sculpted for lightness and strength.

The natural gems are carefully-chosen star rubies, opals, sugalites, rutilated quartz, garnets, and more. These gems are lovingly framed by 22-caret gold, pierced and sculpted for each special stone. The pure silver bands are surrounded by 18-caret gold wire.
Star Moonfeather photo Large Blue Opal photo
Star Ruby Moonfeather
Silver feather set behind moonstone
Large Blue Opal

Garnet,  Trillion Cut photo Sugalite oval photo Rutilated Round photo
Garnet, Trillion Cut Sugalite Oval Rutilated Quartz

Yawah Opal photo White Opal photo Charoite photo
Yawah Opal White Opal Charoite

Raven Moonfeather photo Band photo Blue Jelley Opal photo
Raven Moonfeather
Silver feather set behind moonstone
Band Jelly Opal

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