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Welcome to the Singer car web page, from this page you can get a variety of information on Singer's. If you are building a 4AD, this is the place to be. I would love suggestions as to what to add to this page, by the way. My plan is to add a spec sheet for all the SINGER's I have a manual for, starting with the Junior's and up to Gazelles, preference will alway be given to 4AD's because that what the majority of the cars in the states are. If you people in England keep reading these pages, I am more then willing to change the preferences. These pages have been up now since the first week of April and British readers outnumber everybody else by 2 to 1. I have disk space available for pictures also if anyone wants to submit pictures of their cars.

These is where you get all the information on various Singer Events around the world ( if people send me the info that is), there is also a link to generic British car events ( mostly in the US ).
For Sale/Want ads
These are the current want and for sale ads. These ads are kept in the Newsletter for 3 month, unless we hear from you.

Everything you always wanted to know about SINGER's but were afraid to ask ( and for good reason )
This one is still under construction, any specific requests ??? I am scanning the entire owners manual and will scan the chapters in the shop manual on adjusting the hydro-mechanical brakes ( not hard to do, but very easy to mess up ). This will be scanned and displayed as a bunch of .GIF files, kinda of messy but it will be easier for you to download one GIF file with text and pictures rather than text and then figure out how to get the picture.

Not many pictures here, so send me some...

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on the net. Want to be listed here, send me your e-mail address. Just go to this page and click on my name ( Mike Rambour ).

Presidential Ramblings.
The usually worthless ramblings of a club president.

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