Client Projects & Comments

Project: Ported software examples from the book Refactoring to Patterns, from java on Windows to C++ on Windows & Linux, for use in courses related to refactoring and design patterns held at major companies. (Google, ...).  Ported the CppTestKit unit-test framework to Linux, and added some reporting features.   Software technologies used: C++, Java,  Eclipse, gcc, make, Linux, Windows, VMWare

Comment: "Kelley Harris is meticulous, efficient, an excellent communicator and a talented software engineer.  When Kelley is helping us with projects, we know that great work is getting done and we rest easy, knowing our dollars are being spent wisely." -- Joshua Kerievsky, Founder and President of Industrial Logic, and author of Refactoring to Patterns,

Bosch Diagnostics  Cold Spring Engineering

Project:  Bosch Diagnostics wanted their main automative diagnostics program to query and display service information from a SOAP-based web service, and in time for a trade show seven weeks away.  They contracted with Cold Spring Engineering who subcontracted with SourceCell.  The new capability was unveiled at the SEMA trade show.  Additional features have been incrementally added, as requested. Software technologies used: C++, MFC, Windows, gSOAP, soapUI.

Comment: "Kelley Harris is a senior software engineer that has the experience and personality to handle high pressure situations with calm and sensible actions. Kelley is a team player and a strong communicator who knows how to set priorities and manage expectations. His interest in learning new things keeps his software skill set current and makes him very versatile." -- Ben Tsuruda, General Manager, Cold Spring Engineering 

Project: Quickly develop a prototype to control an Atomic-Force Microscope via COM.  Include a
very simple graphical user interface (GUI). Make it easily modifiable, in a language that doesn't need to be compiled.  Software technologies used: Python, wxPython, Python's unit-test framework, Windows.   Follow-on projects include development of Add-on's/Plug-in's using C#, Python, and XML-RPC.

Comment: "Kelley helped us with a prototype project.  His focus on the requirements and great communication helped us quickly get software that worked the first time."  -- Kevin Kjoller, VP, Product Development , Anasys Instruments

ELC Technologies   

Project: Help an organization of 30 Ruby on Rails developers explore and adopt agile development values, principles, and practices, for use on their clients' projects and internally-funded projects.

Comment: "Kelley is an incredible resource into Agile methodologies -- what works, why it works, and how to implement. We have engaged Kelley to prepare materials, give technical guidance, and facilitate adoption of key practices into our organiziation.  We enjoy working with Kelley and would highly recommend him to others. "  -- Jonathan Siegel, Founder and CEO, ELC Technologies

Project: On-going advising and reviewing of software product development.  Software technologies: FileMaker Pro, 4th Dimension (4D), Mac, Windows

Comment: "SourceCell's Kelley Harris helped make MasterWriter an award-winning
success. From the inception, and throughout eight years of evolution, he continually provides critical technical and business insights, that strengthened the product and business. While others certainly helped, MasterWriter simply would not exist today without Kelley's thoughtful contributions." -- Micheal Towers, Creator of MasterWriter 

Project: Review and recommendations regarding an image-search web-site demo and related software development..

Comment: "Kelley's guidance and feedback on our design and development were instrumental in VIMA's successful demonstration launch.  He gave us important direction both from the development side and the user experience side." -- David Telleen-Lawton, President & CEO, VIMA Technologies, inc.

Project: Develop a simple tasteful website for a jewelry artist, such that the artist can update it herself, with simple tools.  Software technologies used: HTML, Mozilla Composer

Comment: "Kelley Harris of SourceCell made a web site for my jewelry art that not only looks good, but one that I can update myself. The site is helping me sell my jewelry.  The ability to update it myself, using free tools, without a special webmaster, has been freeing and empowering." --
Kathleen A Smick, Jewelry Artist


Project: Develop a series of very simple web sites related to jobs in very focused fields and geographic areas, including:,,, Rubygig, etc.  Goals include: make it very simple for an entreprenuer to update it themselves, with simple tools, include Google ads for revenue.  Software technologies used: HTML, Mozilla Composer

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