As of January 2005, I can no longer offer any of these boards for sale, except the SquawkBox transmitter, and the MultiDisplay. The SquawkBox is only available assembled and tested, and can be found [HERE]... The MultiDisplay now is only available assembled and tested, it can be found [HERE].

Since the introduction of the new PicoDopp DF, no-one has enquired about this old DF design ( the one on this website ) in over a year. If you truly want to construct this old design, all the information required to do it is already available on this website, and you must do it yourself. Otherwise, you can see the new PicoDopp DF [HERE].

I would strongly reccomend the new PicoDopp as an alternative, unless you just want to get the personal experience of building this kind of equipment. The newer PicoDopp DF comes as a set of 6 PC boards, assembled and tested only. ( no bare boards ) The user must still have some technical skills, because the boards must all be connected together, installed in enclosures, cables provided, etc.

The PicoDopp basically works like the DF on this website, except it has no display... it has an RS232 output instead, ( standard item ) to drive the ( free ) computer display program. The cost is US$ 150, plus shipping. Optional pelorus or numeric displays are available, and the MultiDisplay will work with it, too. It also has a better antenna design, ( much better ) a GPS input, and also an infrared output to drive a cordless display using a Palm PDA.