This page originally displayed four photographs of the D/F, but the download time was excessive, so I decided to "break it up" into four ( sequentially linked ) pages.

Later, I added four more pages, showing the PC boards mounted in their enclosures... they are also linked sequentially, ( 8 pages, total ) to minimise download time.

Prototype antenna unit, ( underside view ) showing antenna wiring, antenna switching unit, and 2 - inch aluminum "L" struts. RF cable to the receiver was "hard wired" to the switching unit, and lies coiled at the bottom of the photo. The cable for the switching signals and power ( not shown ) was terminated into a disconnect plug... the mating connector is visible on the right side of the antenna switching unit.

RCA phono plugs / jacks were used for the eight antennas. Antenna elements are 3/32 inch braizing rod. Ground plane is .062 aluminum, 3 X 3 feet. Tennis balls provide mounting cushions... they were pierced through-and-through with a drill, then anchored to the struts with tie wraps.

Antenna circle radius is 1/2 foot. Small holes are visible for the "original" antenna circle. ( radius = 1 foot ) The radius was reduced to test feasability of using a smaller ground plane, in future units. ( seems to work fine )