DoppSite / GoogleEarth Version 6.0


GoogleEarth Versions 6.1 and 6.0

The DoppSite and GoogleHunt programs were developed and tested using version 6.0 of the GoogleEarth display program, in 2009 and 2010. Eventually, Google Corporation released version 6.1 of the GoogleEarth program, which did not properly display the GoogleHunt / DoppSite program results... the resulting DF bearing lines all terminated at latitude/longitude 0/0 degrees. ( off the west coast of Africa )

In December 2011, it was discovered that a minor syntax flaw in the GooglerHunt and DoppSite programs was the cause of this problem. The problem has been corrected in both programs, and the ( zipped ) installation programs on this website have been updated ( 19 December 2011 ) with the corrected GoogleHunt and DoppSite programs.

For users who have never before installed the GoogleHunt or DoppSite programs, no action is required and the remainder of this webpage contains useless information... just go ahead and download / unzip / install the current versions of these programs, they will work fine with GE 6.1 as well as 6.0.

For those who have previously installed ( before 19 December 2011 ) either the GoogleHunt or DoppSite programs, there are 2 ways to deal with the problem... one way ( and the reccomended way ) is to un-install the old version of GoogleHunt and / or DoppSite program, and re-install it using a fresh download from this website... data from previous hunts will be preserved, the new installation will not erase them. The other way to deal with it is to keep the present version of these programs, but remove / replace the 6.1 version of GoogleEarth with the earlier ( 6.0 ) version. Google Corporation doesn't make it very easy to find the download for the earlier version of GoogleEarth, so a detailed description of the process is provided below. ( for those who might... for whatever reason... prefer this method )

Assuming that GoogleEarth 6.1 is NOT presently installed on your computer, ( or has been un-installed ) begin by clicking the link below, which will open a new browser window showing the GoogleEarth download page:

GoogleEarth Download Page

Once you get there, the DEFAULT version that is available for download will be 6.1... a few EXTRA STEPS ( described below ) are required to get / download version 6.0...

STEP 1 : Un-check the two OPTION buttons that select the Google Chrome browser. ( as shown below )

STEP 2 : Click the ADVANCED SETUP link, which will cause some extra text lines to appear in the browser window.

STEP 3 : Once the extra lines appear, click the PREVIOUS VERSION ( 6.0 ) button, to enable a download of the earlier version of GoogleEarth.

STEP 4 : Click the AGREE AND DOWNLOAD button, which will start the download of the 6.0 version.

From that point forward, install the program as you would any other program that is downloaded from a website.

...That's it...