List of Tested PalmOS PDAs

The following PalmOS PDAs have been tested and confirmed to operate properly with the PicoDopp IR data link. There are ( no doubt ) many other models that are functional as well... At this time, ( September 2003 ) the only PDA models that have been found to be incompatible are those running OS versions earlier than 3.5.

Furthermore, the PicoDopp PDA display program has an "IR Test" feature that allows a PDA to "simulate" the IR signal generated by a PicoDopp DF, at a fixed bearing of 045 degrees. This feature can be used by one PDA to test the PicoDopp IR operation of another PDA. Details about this "IR Test" feature are provided on the webpage titled "More PDA Display Info".

If you want to contribute to this list, please provide the exact make and model of PDA that you tested, as well as the OS version... Send an e-mail with this information to : Bob Simmons.

List of tested PDA models : ( September 2003 )

  • Palm M100 with OS 3.5.1
  • Palm M500 with OS 4.0
  • Handspring Visor Neo with OS 3.5.2
  • Handera 330 with OS 3.5.3
  • Palm Tungsten C with OS 5.2.1
  • Palm Tungsten T with OS 5.0
  • Garmin IQue3600 GPS/Palm with OS 5.0

  • A Palm M500 PDA