95th Civil Support Team (WMD)

Members of the California National Guard's 95th Civil Support Team, a unit specially trained and equipped to assist local and regional agencies in responding to a terrorist attack provided training for  Tri-County (San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties) Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Teams at training exercises sponsored by the California Office of Emergency Services and the California Specialized Training Institute.

The national guard unit can deploy by air, has secure communications and computer connections to state and federal agencies, and can do chemical and bio-terror analyses within minutes at the scene of the incident, where normally emergency responders would have to wait weeks for a laboratory report. The threat of germ warfare, a poison gas attack or a nuclear explosion in our own backyard has law enforcement, firefighters, medical professionals and engineers on the Central Coast uniting in preparation.

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December 2002 / CSTI OES Hot Drill  / San Luis Obispo, California

November 2004  / NOVEX / CSTI OES Hot Drill  / San Luis Obispo, California

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