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USAR Equipment Review / Pre-Drill Orientation

The following digital photographs of Confine Space Rescue equipment was placed on display at Santa Barbara County Fire Station No. 11 on 11/24/04.

Personnel from both Santa Barbara County Fire Engine 11-B and Truck 11-B put together a comprehensive program that included moving firefighters from station to station. For each piece of equipment below, there was a separate station where firefighters had the opportunity to refresh their memory with the many pieces of equipment that have been researched and purchased by our departments OSHA Certified Confined Space Firefighters.

Below were the notes that were put together to simply describe when a confined space permit is required and what the definition of a confined space was.

Super Can Industries Compressed Air Supply Cart and 300-foot air lines.

New Rope Rescue Packs and Equipment

Lock Out Assessories

Confined Space Tripod with examples of the rope / hardware configurations below.

Ventilation and Communications Equipment

Immobilization Device and SKED.

Once the SKED is unrolled, rope needs to be threaded through the SKED using these examples.

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Updated November 25, 2004