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Chumash Ceremonial Fire Ring

Note: Out of respect for the Chumash culture and people, pictures were not taken of the ceremony blessing the beach or the fire Ring. This ceremony is held sacred among the Chumash people and was shared for Bob because of Bob's love and respect for the Chumash culture.

Bob and his long time friend Hack move a rock that was picked out by the Chumash Medicine Woman for placement at the fire ring.


Specific rocks were selected by the Chumash Medicine Woman for the Ceremonial Fire Ring.

Both selection or rocks and construction are century old traditions passed down generation to generation within the Chumash Culture and shared with us to honor Bob Moseley.

Every detail was closely monitored and supervised by the Chumash Medicine Woman.


Members of the Chumash Tribe including the Medicine Woman and a Chumash Human Resource Specialist are seen with Bob Moseley's close friend and brother firefighter, Bob Montgomery.

In accordance with Chumash culture, the Ceremonial Fire Ring stands ready for Bob's funeral and Chumash burial ceremony..

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