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So what kinds of things does a Fire Captain deal with?


Harvard Incident / Burbank, CA

Refugio Road Creek Assessment

Santa Barbara County RAWS Site Data

This links takes you to the seven (7) RAWS sites in Santa Barbara County.  Temperature, humidity, fuel moisture, precipitation, and more are listed automatically by these field weather units.

Figueroa Mountain Non-Injury MVA


SBCOFD Type III Engine



Station 11 Confined Space Equipment Review


Hwy 1 Medivac with Calstar 7

(Cool Video of Calstar 7 Helicopter)

Arguello PCX Fall Victim

Masterbody Type III Engine

LAFD Rescue Ambulance Demonstration

SBCOFD KME 100-FT Aerial Truck Company (MPEG)

Bonita Packing Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) Hazmat Team Training

2004 Novex HOT Drill

How To Handle A WMD MCI or...


Paso Robles Earthquake

UCSB Ventilation Training



SB Newspress Photo

Under Construction...

SBCOFD Water Rescue


Fransisco Torres Highrise Training

UCSB Highrise Training


Truck Company High Rise Roof Training

UPRR Related Incidents

December 2002 Gaviota Flooding



2002 Hot Drill - 95th Civil Support Team WMD Training



Hwy 1 Head-On Collision


Head On Collision

Gaviota Big Rig Accident


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