Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Multi-Company Highrise Drill

December 15, 2003


Instructors explain drill objectives to firefighters from both Battalion 1 and 2.


Included in this drill were Santa Barbara County  firefighters from Cuyama, Sisquoc and Orcutt fire stations.

Instructors: Fire Captain Sabin Perkins (left) Fire Captain Bill Letson (middle) Truck Firefighter Rob Beeson (right)

Battalion Chief Bill Hinds reviews drill objectives and safety concerns.


Knox Box Access requires a ladder.

Located inside the Knox Box are various keys to the building.

Color Coded Key Ring for Firefighter's.

Firefighters ascend the stairwell to the fire, carrying with them all of the equipment needed to suppress a fire in a highrise building.

Additional Engine companies respond to their assignments, all carrying equipment with them.

Truck and Engine 11 personnel on the 7th floor of South Fransisco Torres.

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