KME Severe Service Predator Unveiled at Firehouse World

February 27, 2006

The new Severe Service Predator, originally designed for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, was unveiled this month at the Firehouse World Expo in San Diego, California. The unit received high interest from departments throughout the western region. The Severe Service Predator features a strong KME Predator cab substructure with a flat roof, traditional electrical system, and upholstered interior for high temperature climates.

The display unit includes: 

  • Hale 1500gpm Single Stage Pump

  • 500 gal Stainless Steel Tank

  • 25 gal Integrated Foam Cell

  • Hale 500 gpm Logix 3.3 Foam System

  • 12ga Galvanneal Body

  • Stainless Steel Plumbing & Foam Manifold

  • Rugged Upholstered Interior

  • Traditional Electrical System (Non-Multiplexed)

San Diego Fire Expo Photo's of the new "modified" KME Predator Cab

Note the increased height on the LA County engine's bumper (Engine on the Right Side) in comparison to the standard KME Predator cab (Engine with White Cab Top).

KME Predator Cab

Los Angeles County Modified KME Predator Cab

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