Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Gaviota Fire Station / Engine 18

March 24, 2005 Refugio Road Creek Crossing Assessment

The below map uses a simple grid format to enable describing specific locations, such as creek crossings, residences, water sources, roadway damage or other points of interest.

The following photographs include the creek crossings starting at the creek crossing that is located North of the Circle Bar B Guest Ranch entrance.

All the the creek crossings employ Arizona Bridge construction which uses recessed concrete bridges and large diameter pipes to facilitate water flow.

Santa Barbara County Fire Department Engine 18 was used to assess both creek crossing access as well as drivability for fire engine access in the event of an emergency.

March 24, 2005 / Dry Creek Crossing / Refugio Road

March 24, 2005 / Dry Creek Crossing / Refugio Road

This creek crossing had the most water flowing over the surface of the roadway.

Fire Engine 18 is capable of traveling through much higher water levels and current due to it's size and weight.

Engine 18 drives across one of the creek crossings.

Both the above and below photo show one of the creek crossings with water flow over the bridge surface.

Depressed areas and cracks in the asphalt were noted in the section of roadway that narrows around a blind curve. Refugio Creek is on the left side of the photograph, behind the trees.

A large water tank can be seen on the right hand side of the picture that according to residents was dropped off along the side of the road during recent storms due to difficulties negotiating the narrow roadway.

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