Santa Barbara County Fire Department


High Rise Operations Training and Multi-Company Drill

UCSB San Nicholas Dorm

December 28, 2002 "B" Shift South

Engine 11, Truck 11, Engine 13, Engine 14, Engine 18 and Battalion 512

Santa Barbara County Fire Department Truck 11 arrives at UCSB San Nicholas Dorms.

San Nicholas Dorm is laddered using Truck 11.

Divisions are noted on the door using the panic hardware as a standardized location for the Passport Board. Note the use of a grease pencil, red rag and WD-40 for application and removal of incident data (Divisions, Personnel, Etc.).

Maintaining both the Passport System as well as providing for visual documentation of the incident is accomplished using both the Passport Status Board and the surface of the door(s) used for access and egress.

Note: The number of stories above the fire floor as well as floors that have been checked and cleared from rescue situations are both noted on the right side of the Passport Status Board using a grease pencil.

A second door is used to display key informational points as firefighters access the building including:

  • Incident Commander (IC)

  • Operations (OPS)

  • Radio Frequency (CHN "4")

  • Fire Floor

  • Staging Floor

Other Reminders or Important Information can also be placed onto the door. (e.g. Don't Forget the Keys)

As firefighters arrive at the incident, information can be documented on the door in addition to collecting the Passport Tags.

At the conclusion of the training exercise, lobby control information was removed from the doors concurrent to bleeding off pressure from the Fire Department Connection.

Firefighter Jason Sweet is seen flowing water from the fourth floor. (Left)  Riding along with his father, Jim Petersen, Ryan Petersen stands next to his Dad during the exercise. (Right)

Michael T. Bennett, Fire Battalion Chief and Bill Hinds, Truck Captain coordinated the High Rise Drill at UCSB San Nicholas Dorms.

At the conclusion of this multi-company high rise drill, engine companies participated in Ventilation Training at a temporary structure adjacent to the Old Rob Gym. The training included both access and egress using Truck 11 as well as roof top chainsaw operations to provide vertical ventilation.

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