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Celebrity Vomit Page

You the th person to be disgusted by this site since about 1996.

This site's been up for quite some time, and I'm far too lazy to actually get any more pictures myself, so here's the deal:

If you for some reason feel that you need the world to see you fake celeb vomit art, send it to me, and I'll post it on the page. I'll give you credit, and then you too can get angry emails from fortysomething housewives. So anyway, if you feel like doing a fake of a celeb vomiting (and it must be fake) then send it on over to

Tom Cruise Expells Chunky Vomitum


Here we have a picture of the infamous Tom Cruise. It seems that he was on his way to a reception when he became sudenly and violently airsick. When the contents of his vomit were extracted, we were surprised to find:

Claire Danes' Head!

[she's It seems that Mr. Cruise had for some reason decided to consume the head of his costar from the movie Mission: Impossible. His motives are still unclear.

Steve Buscemi Barfs Phlegmy Material!

[buscemiMr. Steve Buscemi, on his way to be recognized for his excellent acting in the movie Fargo, apparently had one too many moldy pancakes, as can be distinguished by the green color of the vomit. Strangely enough, a foreign object was found in the vomit:

Partially Digested Pancake!

[pankake!] It seems buscemi had consumed enough pancakes to kill a horse. NEW! NEW! Our field journalists have obtained an extremely rare recording of Buscemi's then partner in crime undergoing stomach trauma, and Buscemi's all too fitting response.

Arnold Swarzzenegger Spews Steroids!

[Arnoldbarfs] Mr. Swarzzenegger was found in the seat of his car, writhing in pain as vomit slurped over him. Swarzzenegger seemed dazed and disconnected, more so than usual. This can probably be attributed to what was found in the vomit mass:


[steroidbarf] For some reason the aging weightlifter had ingested a canister of steroids. Why he would do this is a mystery, but we here at the SFCBVM believe that he had finally pushed himself over the limit through massive steroid injections.


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