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Sage EMF Design is a division of Sage Associates, an environmental consulting firm located in Montecito, California which provides land use suitability analysis to private clients and public agencies regarding geologic, soils, agricultural, biologic and environmental policy constraints. 

We specialize in project planning where electromagnetic field issues (EMF characterization and mitigation, visual impairment, noise, setback zones, undergrounding, property value loss) require characterization. EMF computer modelling and field measurements are performed to predict adequate setbacks for magnetic fields.  Sage EMF Design  conducts home and commercial surveys of EMF, to identify areas of elevated magnetic fields as possible source.  EMDEX II and EMDEX Lite Personal Dosimeters are available for surveys and consultations for EMF reduction.  The firm has provided professional consulting services to cities, counties, various states and a national EMF policy group on the issue of EMF policy and prudent avoidance.  Sage EMF Design offers personal EMF monitoring (meters which are worn) to characterize elevated EMF in homes and offices.  We perform remedial work with an electrical contractor on electrical wiring and lighting to reduce EMF and consult with architects and designers in construction of low-EMF environments.

Sage EMF Design has several resources available for people who wish to design low electromagnetic field (EMF) environments or to characterize their exposure to EMF. We offer the following professional services and will be happy to answer questions you may have on EMF. Please e-mail us at for information or FAX your inquiry to (805) 969-5003 in Santa Barbara, California.

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