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The objective of environmental monitoring for EMF is to allow people the opportunity to have EMF levels characterized in their present living and working environment. In particular, people who are taking tamoxifen as part of their treatment for breast cancer may wish to know if they are exposed to unusually high levels of EMF. Some laboratory studies (cell studies) have reported that human breast cancer cells which are exposed at 6-12 milligauss EMF show a reduction in the beneficial effect of tamoxifen. People with breast cancer who are recuperating in high magnetic field exposure living and/or working environments may be exposed to such levels. As studies continue, people may wish to determine whether they are exposed to elevated levels of EMF, in order to make reasonable decisions about avoidance.

Monitoring of EMF will provide information to make a choice about timely prudent avoidance actions rather than to wait for conclusive scientific evidence which may not come within an acceptable timeframe for the individual patient. The information which is gathered is immediately useful to determine intensity levels of magnetic field, where they are present and the likely source(s) when evaluated together with a journal of activities kept for the survey period by each participant.

The application for this technology is new. Sage Associates has followed the growing scientific evidence for an association between cancer and EMF since 1982.  We have a wide variety of survey equipment and computer software necessary to conduct monitoring, together with the scientific literature which allows people to compare their exposure levels against those reported to be associated with increased health risks. We are the only company to our knowledge that has tied the evolving scientific evidence together with an environmental EMF monitoring program which allows for personal choice to be exercised in prudent avoidance decision-making.

EMF has been identified as a potential risk factor for breast cancer. Evidence for an association between magnetic field exposure and breast cancer, and of a plausible mechanism via modulation of melatonin has grown rapidly since 1987. An association between cancers and EMF exposure has been reported in over 110 epidemiological studies. Promotion of mammary tumors in whole animal studies has been reported in conjunction with known carcinogens such as DMBA and NMU at 10 mG to 500 mG (Beniashvili, 1991, Loscher, 1993; Mevissen, 1995; Loscher, 1996). EMF has been reported to reduce the oncostatic action of melatonin and tamoxifen in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells at 6-12 mG (Liburdy, 1993, 1994; Harland, 1995, 1996; Afzal, 1996; Blackman, 1996; Luben, 1996). Further studies are underway to determine a lower limit (if any) below 6-12 mG where this effect occurs.

Residential exposures of 6 mG to 12 mG have been identified by Sage Associates in homes and workplaces due to interior wiring errors and grounding problems as well as from power line and equipment sources. Often, simple changes in behavior (avoidance) or simple electrical wiring changes can substantially reduce or eliminate elevated magnetic fields.

How does the Monitoring Work?

A small recording computer about the size of a deck of cards is worn in a belt pack around the waist, or in a pocket for a week. The meter records any exposure to EMF (the magnetic field component). It keeps track of the intensity of exposure according to an internal timeclock. Simply turn on the meter, place it in a beltpack and wear it during waking hours. At night, place in in the bed near your torso or head. Record your daily activities about every hour, or every time you change locations during waking hours. This allows a comparison of which rooms of your home, which activities, and which areas of the workplace have the higher and lower magnetic fields. The more detailed the activity journal, the more precisely we can identify which activities and locations are associated with elevated magnetic fields. Send the meter back in its case at the end of the survey period, and we will download and print out graphs of magnetic field exposure. A report will be prepared and sent which gives a graphic display of magnetic field strength over time, and shows a statistical breakout of how much time is spent in fields of varying intensity. The information can be useful to identify where and when exposure is consistently high. We also can provide copies of the scientific studies which show associations between a given field strength and increased risk for cancers.

Order Information

You can order this service by contacting Sage Associates at or writing to Sage Associates, 1225 Coast Village Road, Suite G, Santa Barbara, California, 93108. Phone orders can be taken at (805) 969-0557 or by FAX at (805) 969-5003. The cost is $300 plus shipping and handling charges. Allow two weeks for delivery. Grants may be available through your local breast cancer support group.