Last updated 27 Feb 2014

Cave Troll

FFG produces Cave Troll. Cave Troll is a territory-taking game. Each turn you have 4 actions, either moving one of your (randomly drawn) figures onto the board, or moving one of your existing figures. Each room is worth different points, depending on the treasures there, but you only score the points if you have a majority of characters in a space, and a "score" cardis turned up from any one player's cards. Beware crowded rooms, though; only 5 characters can be in a room at a time! A fascinating strategy and adventure game with just a few nasty creatures tossed into the mix to make life difficult for the hearty adventurers! The game ends as soon as one player plays his or her last token, so games last less than an hour in most cases. The rules can be taught to anyone in 5 minutes. For pricing, check my ordering instructions (currently out of print).