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Links for Manufacturing or Marketing Your Own Game

You probably got here from the page that talks about how to make and sell your own game. If you haven't read that yet, you might want to go back and take a look at it. This is just a page listing resources and other information links.

If you are visiting this site from another site, please visit our home page, which offers a small selection of our own unusual games, including our new math card game Got It!; Jolly Games. We'd love to sell you stuff.

Herein, we have the following useful categories of information for your game manufacturing needs.

Manufacturers of Games Parts, Cards and Boxes
Game Makers for Your Whole Game
Art and Graphics Resources
Other Useful Sources of Information

Better Business Bureau
Not sure about a business? Look them up at the Better Business Bureau first. It can't hurt.

Manufacturers of Games Parts, Cards and Boxes

Ace Card Company
Obviously, these guys make playing cards. They printed "Gother Than Thou" and "Chez Geek", so their site implies. Decent quality, request a quote from their site. Don't know their minimums. They are based in India.

Bare Books
In addition to selling reasonably priced game board blanks (about $4 each), they sell a number of other "bare" items like calendars, comics, and such.

Board Games Maker
Odd name, what with the "s" in there, but they seem to be able to make just a few copies of boxes or boards as you need them. Not near cheap enough for a full print run, but not too bad for prototyping. Good price for game mats and game pieces. Locations in California and Hong Kong.

Brown Wood Products
Wooden game pieces, custom and stock.

"A worldleading company in production and sales of playing cards & cards for games," they've made playing cards for Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! So to say the least, they are a major manufacturer with high-quality product. They are based in Belgium.

They make custom dice, and can laser-cut designs into them. Their color selection is pretty amazing.

Chicago Game and Card
Jack Saltzman says, "We manufacture boards, boxes, cards, and components (design, assembly, fulfillment and marketing also)." A one-stop shop!
Phone: 630-903-7152, FAX 858-304-4932

Custom Game Products also known as Budget Press.
12271 Industry St.
Garden Grove, CA 92841
Flash cards, trading cards, game cards, playing cards, packaging and warehousing. Odd that they don't have a website, but they've been in business a long time.

Customed Cards
They can provide playing pieces, boards, dice, custom cards, and the whole manufactured game product. They were doing subcontract work for Longpack and others, but now they want to break out and work directly with game companies. You can ask for a quote at their website. I have a contact name of Annie Ching, and you can email them at

Dice and Games Ltd, UK, -- Dice, plastic pieces, custom.

Game Components
Also known as They say; Offers a wide range of products regarding board- and card games. You will find all kinds of pawns, gaming figures, dice, blank playing cards, counters, gameboards, sandtimers and many other items. We also feature a spare part service and sell new and used games. Furthermore we have solutions for customizing your games (i.e. customized cards, dice, boards).

Game Parts, Inc.
Dice and game parts for the game industry
6 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523
Phone: 914-593-0403 / Fax: 914-593-0405 Email:

Gunther Anderson's Page of Card-Game manufacturers
Gunther is not a card manufacturer himself, but a collector of decks of cards, who has posted a HUGE list (hundreds) of card game makers. You can mine this list as you like for game producers in your part of the world. Many are out of business or contracting out to Carta Mundi, or just not relevant to game manufacturing, but still a lot of good data.

Manufacturers of custom playing cards of all sizes. MOQ 1 pack! Made in the same quality as 1000 decks. Based in England. Delivery all over the world.

Lightning Press
A fairly easy-to-use book publisher that you could use for an RPG. Or Great American Novel.

Litko Game Accessories
They make high-quality acrylic and wooden game pieces, a large and interesting variety, for both consumer packs and OEM bulk quantities.

Ludo Fact
A fairly well-known German game manufacturer.

Book self publishing, for your next RPG!

IEC Mould Engineering Making Limited
Injection molding, plastics and metal. Don't know much else about them. They're in China. You could call Hebi Lan at +86-769-85336075 or email him at

Making Custom Card Boxes
Nice little site in case you want to make a custom flip-top card box for your prototype. Download a PDF, print it out, fold and glue and shazam! you've got a card box for your playing cards.

Printing and Packaging
13 West Fourth Street
Holland, MI 49423-2886
616-392-2326, FAX is 616-392-9041
They say; "Paperboard game boards and components only, quickset cartons, we cannot produce monopoly wrapped boards, dice, plastic or metal game pieces and card decks, paperboard products only" These folks do some very nice cardboard printing and cutting, good heavy stock. I saw their stuff at a GAMA Trade Show and was impressed. Steve Jackson Games used them for his Illuminati card game, too, but they no longer make cards. They also printed the Settlers of Catan game board.

Mr. Chips
Nice plastic game pieces at a reasonable price, and easy to deal with. I've bought from them a number of times.

Multi Packaging Solutions
See MPS.

The Playing Card Factory
They custom manufacture prototypes or short runs of playing cards and card based games (from 1 to a few hundred) and can print the matching card boxes for any run length; from 1 or 2 prototypes to 10,000+. Based in Canada, they can also do much larger runs, and you can go by their place for press approvals and such. They say, "We are willing to print just-in-time or to print and warehouse and then drop ship orders to retailers or end users on behalf of the game owner." It's not obvious from their website, but they do make decks that are totally custom, front and back. Amy, the sales manager at, says, "We are Custom Playing Cards Manufacturers and Supplier of all playing cards and board games." Appears to be located in Texas.

Personalized Playing Cards
They say; "Based in England, we provide a number of different printed decks! In Bridge, Poker and Tarot size. We print custom decks from one pack upwards. Our prices are online and you can design your deck right on our website. We ship free to anywhere in England. We also ship worldwide with all the charges available in the checkout."

Rolco Games
Molded game parts, lots of them. They also have a game-designer's kit with a blank game board and all that was very cool.
Judy Lloyd - Product Manager at
Rolco, Inc, 946 East Hill Street, Kasota, MN 56050
Phone: 507-931-4525 Ext 11 / Fax: 507-931-6264
P.O. Box 8, Kasota, MN. 56050-0008
507-931-4525 / 507-931-6264 fax

If you're any good at 3D graphics, this is a cool and VERY inexpensive way to get them 3D printed.

Spotlight on Games
Game prototyping parts and manufacturing resources. A plethora of resources from blank cards to printers to playing pieces and so on. Lots of good information. Before you look anywhere else, look here. Great list of trade shows, too.

Toy Directory
An interesting general info source that includes a link to Mr. Chips, above. Haven't completely checked it out...

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
179 Ludlow St.
Stamford, CT 06902
1-800-544-2637 / 1-203-353-8431 fax
They make custom decks for folks, and do a nice job of it.

Your Playing Cards
They make custom decks, but primarily poker decks with custom backs. Prices are not cheap, but they'll also print very low quantities (like, 1 deck). "Made in US" is listed on the site, if this is important to you, but so is "As seen on TV".

Manufacturers for your whole game

Board Game
and Board Game Design
In addition to supplying a variety of game components, they also manufacture with a minimum of only 500 games. Warehousing and distribution of your game is also no problem. They also specialize in game design and packaging as well as printing and website solutions!
Contact: Michael Spahitz
Phone: 1-775-751-8989 or 1-775-751-3535
Address: 1620 Tamara Court, Pahrump, Nevada 89048 USA

"A worldleading company in production and sales of playing cards & cards for games," they've made playing cards for Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! So to say the least, they are a major manufacturer with high-quality product. They are based in Belgium.

Chicago Game and Card
See prior entry for "parts".

ColorMagic Pte Ltd.
These guys apparently do everything. Their ad says, "Directly from our China Factory to your Door Step." I assume they are an agent to a Chinese mfg. Scupture, design of miniatures, other plastic components, graphic layout and design, even electronic components. But, I know nothing about them besides their ad in "Knucklebones" magazine. They don't list a website; email is, or Telephone +65 6383 5608 or +65 6223 8303. Fax is +65 6383 5609. Based in Singapore.

Customed Cards
Same link as above in "parts". They also do whole games. For a quote, contact Annie Ching at

Customized Playing Cards
They make custom playing cards! I don't know much about them, except that at least one Kickstarter project said they got really good results from them.

Darrell Hardy
In addition to being a brilliant game designer and comic book writer, Darrell Hardy can also quote you what it costs to make a game in China through his contacts at "Inner Workings" and even assist you with the physical characteristics of your game design. Good guy to work with. Give him a call at 651-488-1870, or check out his website by clicking on his name above.

Design Edge
They've made games, and appear to be able to put together any sort of project, but their website is not particularly informative.

Delano Services
These folks are one of the biggest US game makers, and state that they will manufacture as few as 1000 board games and 500 card games at a time (production facilities in the US). They have an excellent website, an easy quote-request form, and for the newbies in the business, they offer a list of terms that is absolutely mandatory for you to read; Game Manufacturing Glossary. They have a great display of games they've done, and are as professional as you can get. Most informative game manufacturing site out there! And no, I wasn't paid to say that.

The Game Crafter
Nice website with plenty of examples of products they've made. Sort of a POD for full games.

Grand Prix International
Based in Massachusetts, I've heard a couple of people who were happy with quotes they got. They make complete games, fulfillment services, prototyping, and I think components. Call them for a quote.

Game Source International
Based in Hong Kong, I met these folks at the GAMA Trade Show. I had a terrible time understanding them (English was heavily accented), but they did give me a flyer that says, "We are based in Hong Kong and our Company specialize in game design." And, "OEM is welcome for company with small quantity." Anyway, they seem to make dice, bags, metal game cases, card sleeves, boxed games, and cards, from what I got out of the flyer. You can email for more info. The flyer did not have an address.

Insight World Group
Located at 1548 Bond Street, Ste. 101, Naperville, IL 60563. You can phone them at 630-355-2685 ext. 320. Their description of what they do; "We are international board game manufacturers. We specialize in manufacturing games in Asia from concept to finished product. We are currently manufacturing games for University Games, RnR Games, Face 2 Face Games, Rio Grande Games, Upper Deck, Eagle Games." Based on their web site, it looks like they've done stuff for Out-of-the-Box, too. I've played many of the games they showcase on their site, and the quality looks good. Besides looking at their website, I haven't verified their existence in any other way, so if anyone has information good or bad on these folks, I'd be happy to hear it.

Prototyping Service for Board Games. Easy online service, upload and proofing of any type of board game.

Jiangyin Yongle Printing Service Co., Ltd.
Based in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China, they say, "We can produce custom playing cards, cards game,board games and puzzles and we will do quantities as small as 500. For quotations please send email to or call David Lu at 0086-18205136261 (cel)". Business Phone:0086-510-86593811, Fax:0086 510 86593818.

Kamings Trade Co., LTD.
Quoting their website,"Kamings Trade Co. specializes in the printing, manufacturing, and assembly of custom and prototype Boardgames, Game Boards, Game Boxes, Card Games and specialty Games. Prototype boardgames are our specialty." I was contacted via email by May Yang. They're located in Yangjiang City, in China.

Lightning Press
A POD press for books only. Good for your next RPG?

LongPack Games
They print boardgames and a lot of other things, though they have another website for their general printing. Based in China. An excellent review of the Longpack factory operations is given by Sam Brown at his website.

Another POD press that publishes and sells your book or ebook. But just books!

Make Playing
Based in Hong Kong, they provide a number of printed deck options, and have the advantage that they will print custom decks in very low quantities (like, 1) for a price. They put their prices online for up to 1000 decks (about $2.90 each) and you can design your deck right on their website. They even have a shipping cost chart. Well constructed site.

MeiJia International Company, LTD.
Based in Nantong, Jiangsu, China, they can do just about everything according to Mark Simmons (the founder of National Games Week and Games Expo); miniatures, board games, card games, spin casting, perfect-bound books, etc. And they will do quantities as small as 500. Mark says; "For quotations please email both Bian and myself: and" Mark (Meijia's North American Rep) is available at 303-469-3277. Or you can call Bian Hongshan of MeiJia directly at 0086-513-83587862.

They're based in North Carolina, and make quality games.

Ningbo Lijia Industry Co, Ltd.
A large Chinese game manufacturer with a broad capability in production, with a decent English language website and production examples. Experience in most US Toy regulations, too, such as CPSIA, ASTM F963, SRS-044, and En71. An excellent review of their factory operations is given by Sam Brown at

On Demand Technologies
A print-on-demand with an impressive website, does card games and other services.

Panda Game Manufacturing
They'll make your whole game, in China, and have American reps you can deal with. From threads I've read, they put out some pretty high-quality goods. I believe they did Alien Frontiers. Costs a little more than some Chinese printers, but the quality is apparently worth it. I've also heard it takes a long time to get a quote because they're so busy. A lot of Kickstarter projects turn to them. An excellent review of their factory operations is given by Sam Brown at

PMYK is a custom board game printer (and whatever else you need) in Sheffield, England. Call or email them for a quote on your project using their Contact Page.

Printing Productions, Inc.
They're in Georgia, and will print card games, full board games (shrink wrapped), and brochures. They do some of their manufacturing in China, some in the US.

Game manufacturer based in Hong Kong. Flashy website. They made Faidutti's Boomtown, which was pretty high-quality, among many other games.

Shannon Games
Based in the UK, they can design and/or manufacture games for you, and have their own menagerie of games for sale.

Superior POD
Another print-on-demand that does game books and cards. They actually have an on-line design page that lets you create the whole deck right on their website. Pretty nice! Don't know what the final product looks like. Lots of how-to videos on youtube concerning the use of their on-line software.

The Game Crafter
A POD press at a reasonable cost. If you want to make a few prototypes, or an extremely limited print run to test the market, these folks are the way to go. Not as cheap per-unit as a regular print run, but then you won't have to mortgage your house, either. Plenty of samples of other people's games on their website to give you an idea of their production quality.

TM Cards
Their quantity prices for card games is right on the first webpage, along with shipping. Decks for under a buck in quantities of 5000+.

Whatz Games
Commercial printer and plastics manufacturer for games, located in Shanghai, China. Since their web site is copyright 2011, I gather they are a fairly new company.

These guys have a fairly informative website and are based in China. Came across their ad on a banner on BGG. Board and card game manufacturers, with design capabilities, too. Books and jigsaw puzzles also. Looks like they can do things in plastics, too. An excellent review of their factory operations is given by Sam Brown at


Aladdin		(612) 890-8700
Alliance	(219) 482-5490 - Central Purchasing Area <4 locations>
	(note; Alliance is a merger between Chessex and The Armory)
Berkeley	(800) 424-4263
Black Hawk	(800) 747-4263
Diamond		(800) 452-6642
Esdevium	(011) 44-1252-326116 - England
Hobbies Hawaii	(808) 423-0265
Jedko Games	(011) 61-3-9555-1022 - Australia
Key 20		(800) 277-0711 "Small Press Games Distribution",
New Century	(604) 596-4320
Premiere Hobby  (407)-571-1250 (Orlando Fl) 
Southern Hobby Supply (800)-473-2804
RPV Dist	(714) 671-1270
Zocchi		(601) 252-5615
An excellent listing of distributors is also shown at Steve Jackson's website. It's probably more up-to-date than my list.

James Mathe also maintains a good list of distributors on his site, along with lots of other manufacturing and Kickstarter info.

An option to distribution is to sell it online; Drive Thru Cards says they "Connect card game designers and players". They offer free PDF downloads of card games, and actual decks you can buy as a Print-on-Demand product.

When trying to "land" a distributor, it's best to send them samples of your products (or better yet, hand it to them at the GAMA Trade Show) with a letter introducing yourself and either offering terms to them or (better) finding out what they offer as standard percentages. Following up with a phone call to their buyer a week later is a good idea, too, to see if they want to carry your product(s). Keep in mind that they deal with a LOT of product, and may not want to carry a new line. This is where "Fulfillment Houses" come into play. Fulfillment Houses carry many very small lines, and allow distributors to pick and choose just a few games at a time from their overall product lines. They act as a distributor to distributors.

Art and Graphics Resources for your Game

Bruce Benneise
Stunning, sweeping fantasy and SF landscapes and creatures. Awesome artwork.

Jared Blando
Wonderful portfolio, great maps, been doing work for the game industry for awhile.

Lindsey Burcar
Lots of very detailed and nasty looking dragons, and other fantasy creatures. Beautiful!

Darrenn E. Canton
Very nice game-related artwork. Monsters galore, often with a humorous touch. Reminds me a tiny bit of Sendak, though Darrenn definitely has a unique style.

Jacob Corn
Here's another artist looking for game work. He's done quite a bit in the game industry already.

Nothing really "deviant" about it, this is a good place to look for aspiring new artists. There are a lot of them here, and the database is searchable. Some excellent artwork is available.

Bob Eggleton Artist/Illustrator/Concept Designer
Beautiful, expensive artwork, when you want a truly professional look.

A variety of graphic artists, illustrators, and writers listed for hire, and you can post jobs here, too.

Magnus Fallgren
Versatile artist, good with mech, robots, action, and dark subjects. Eye catching!

Fine Art Archives
If, for example, you're doing a Civil War game, it might be worthwhile to research public domain fine art from the 1800's. Also check out Wikimedia Commons Policy on Photos of Old Pictures along with their page on Commons Licensing to clarify some of the issues involved in going this route. There are a number of websites dedicated to public domain fine art.

Kaja and Phil Foglio
Phil and Kaja have been doing game art forever, great people.

Freelance Artists
This is a good site to go to if you are shopping for a freelance artist for your game. There are many sites like this one available.

Onno Fridrich
He does some excellent computer-based artwork, and would be great for your "techno" game appearance. Check out his portfolio here.

Gallery Gerard, art of Justin and Annie Stegg Gerard
A broad spectrum of excellent fantasy artwork to choose from between the two.

I guess the name of the web site says it all. They feature such fine illustrators as Randy Gallegos and many others!

Richard Hanuschek
Some beautiful artwork.

John E. Kaufmann
Uncluttered work, and broad capability. I bought a painting from him at Gencon. Laurent Kermel
Beautifully detailed, sometimes humorous or cartoony.

Knightime Studios
This site features the impressive work of jim pinto, who's done graphic layouts, logos and artwork for a heck of a lot of games, including his own. For his email, go to Post World Games.

Doug Kovacs
Awesome artwork. Likely expensive, but like I said, awesome stuff.

Hans Krill
Gorgeous game-related artwork and illustrations, with a light-hearted and sometimes comic touch.

Teresa Mather Fantasy Art

Giorgio De Michele
Extensive portfolio of game board and card art.

MJS Creations / Board Game Design
These folks specialize in graphics design and packaging for games, associated with

Marco Morte does some wonderful cover work for games and cards. The link above is to his flikr album. He's also posted under board game artists at Board Game Geek

David Nash Art
Exciting colors and details leaning toward Shadowrun and Star Wars environments.

Nolan N. Nasser, Illustrator
Intricate SF and Fanstasy landscapes and structures, planets and space.

Jamie Noble
Artwork for boardgames, books, and video games, a fantasy and SF artist.You can check out his Facebook page, too, where he discusses various projects he's working on.

Periscope Studio
In their own words, "Periscope studio is comprised of many well established comics industry professionals and freelance illustrators, all of whom are capable and skilled. Rates vary among the members but as a collective we are always excited about interesting projects and will find a way to work with almost any reasonable budget." So give them a try next time you're looking for an artist!

Martina Pilcerova
Very nice artwork, ran into her at the World SF Con, she's based out of Slovakia.

Eduardo Rodriguez
Here you can sample illustrations and artwork from the freelance artist Eduardo Rodriguez, who does some nice game art in a variety of media.

Stu Sheppard Art
His business card features a beautiful painting with tanks and dragons in combat. 'Nuff said.

Christian Strain
Chris is an artist extraordinaire, game designer,and graphic designer, and can also help you through the Kickstarter process, having done it a couple of times himself. This site features his portfolio.

Other Sites with Useful Information

Board Game Designer's Forum
Everything you want to know about designing games, an entire community of aspiring game designers exchanging useful information about both the design and manufacturing process.

Chicago International Toy and Game Fair
A big convention. Toys and Games! This is intimately related to Discover Games, organized in part by Mary Couzin, a very pleasant and intelligent person who really gets into promoting games. Booth prices for retailers and manufacturers seem high, but that seems to be a trend for big cons nowadays, starting at $1000 for a 5x10 space.

Toy and Game Innovation Conference
A convention for developers and inventors of Toys and Games.

Discover Games
An on-line magazine which specializes in small start-up game companies, very informative.

Free Patents Online Apparently a free search engine for doing patent searches, with other services available for a fee. Allows you to download various patent-office forms. Of course, now Google also does a very good patent search, too.

You can find out about the Game Manufacturer's Association, and their two conventions, here. If you happen to join for a year, they DO give out a very nice flyer on all the basics of getting through the distribution process, about 20 pages long.

Game Design Central's List of Tradeshows. Very comprehensive list, quite valuable to the designer. You might check out Keith Meyer's home page for more valuable info, too:Game Design Central.

Games Play UK
They'll rep and help market and develop your game. Don't know about their success rate, but have received a lot of junk email from them pitching their customer's games.

Game Publisher's Association
An organization of small game manufacturers who've banded together to help promote their products.

Global Toy News
Lots of good information on the world wide toy market, and great articles.

Intercargo, UK
An international cargo shipping company, in case you need one.

James Mathe's website
James has a LOT of good information on manufacturers, distributors, and Kickstarters. And, of course, his own games.

League of Gamemakers
A great blog resource of information about game publishing and design, written by a number of game designers and manufacturers.

One of a few sites offering "crowdfunding" of small projects, like your next game, perhaps. I used it to fund Got It! for $3000. Some projects, like computer games, net $3,000,000 or more.

Make Them Play
Bastiaan Reinink's interesting blog on games and game design.

This small convention (250 people, usually) takes place in San Luis Obispo each year, and has been running for over 20 years. I always go, and it's fun. Dealer tables here are only $100, but then, you don't get a lot of traffic. On the other hand, the downside risk is small and you can promote your game in a friendly environment where most everyone knows everyone else.

Stinky Ink's Book Publishing Guide
This is a light, but useful, guide to getting published; editing, finding agents and publishers, self-publishing, POD's, formatting, submission requirements, and so on. In addition to providing all this useful information, their primary business (at is selling ink cartridges.

Thomas Register
This is normally a 30 volume set (or more) you can get at your local library which lists just about every manufacturer you can imagine. The paper version is supposedly more comprehensive than the e-version, but still worth looking at.

Toy & Game Invention Forum
Useful info on licensing toy and game properties, very informative.