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Currently out of print.

This is the new, 3nd edition of Drakon. The artwork is new, the tile-back art is different, the stands for the pieces are easier to use, and the player reference sheet in the rules is much more user-friendly. The rules are also in 7 languages, including Italian, French, and German, and 3 that I don't recognize.

Drakon is a fast-paced, cutthroat game for 2 to 6 players. Heaven help the player who gets too far ahead of the others, since he will be a tempting target for everyone! Each character starts out in Drakon's Den. Drakon has found the group of adventurers pilfering his hoarded gold, and being a sporting sort of Dragon, has offered this little game; the first player to find 5 gold gets out of his den, the rest get eaten!

In Drakon, all characters start the game on a single 2.5x2.5" tile. Players have the option to either play a tile, or move onto a tile that's already been played. The tiles are all marked with one-way exits, so you can't go back the way you came in (unless you use the Magical Vortex, or a Master Key, or you happen to be the Wizard). Rooms get rotated, destroyed, and swapped out. Gold coins get stolen, lost, found, or dropped on the Drakon's den, and Characters can be forced to move in a number of undesireable ways. Each game is quite different, as the playing board builds up as the game progresses, comprised of tiles that each player plays from their "card hand" (4 tiles). In the advanced game, each character has a special ability that they can use once during the game.

If you enjoyed Wiz-War, then you will enjoy this game also. It's much different, and a lot easier to learn, but contains even faster-paced action and unexpected circumstances, lasting in most cases about 1/2 hour.

Components:64 game board tiles, 6 plastic miniature, cardboard gold-pieces, and rules

Number of players: 2-6

Price: $29.95 (currently sold-out)

The expansion set is available for $7.95; THIS ONLY WORKS FOR THE SECOND EDITION VERSION.

The expansion set has 14 new tiles. Some will let you float around to a new location on the board (with the tile), some let you "lock down" adjacent tiles. The "Secret passage" lets you go from one secret entrance to another (there are 4), and there's a "two gold" tile. One lets you move instantly to another player's space, and another lets you escape bad situations (you move to it when you play it). This set offers quite a lot of variety in play, but it does make the game even more chaotic and has more icons to keep track of! Still, if you like the basic game, I believe you will enjoy the expansion. Oh yeah, there's a dragon that can chase people around under the right circumstances!

Excellent player reference cards (great for new players) can be downloaded for free from the Board Game Geek site.

Some freebies (new tiles for the second edition only) can be found here.

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