Last updated 16 Sept 2002


This Page is In Work

The intent of this page is to provide the artwork for players to print out their own specialized tiles, and to offer some special unpublished tiles that weren't included in the first expansion. All artwork shown here is copyright by Fantasy Flight Games.

All you tile inventors, send me your tiles!

Tile Front

Tile Back

TIME WARP; copy the action of the last tile you occupied.

JUMP: You may jump in the direction of the big arrow 3 spaces on your next turn.

SHORT CUT: Move again, now.

BIG ROOM: For purposes of movement, this counts as part of the adjacent room to which it is open-sided.

MAGIC GOLD: Get a Gold Piece from here even if moving through without stopping.

RECEPTION HALL: Anyone may jump here on their turn.

NPC This guy can use the board just like a normal player, he can even collect Gold pieces and win the game! Anyone may sacrifice their own turn to move the NPC and perform his action for him. Use an unused character piece to use this rule.

Excellent player reference cards (great for new players) can be downloaded for free from the Board Game Geek site.

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