So you want a prize for clicking on an empty box? Give me a break!

Riddle fans, I've discovered a new site with some excellent riddles, and excellent riddle books. If you like the type of "riddle in verse" as shown below, visit these fine folks. I got 2 of their riddle books at GenCon and they are both excellent. Visit them at Cloud Kingdom Games and try their riddle of the week!

Keep checking here for new riddles! Who knows, I might even tell you the answer later! If you have any good riddles yourself, let me have 'em! Oh yeah...all these riddles are copyright 1999/2003...if I ever get enough of them, I might put a wee book together!

Here's a variation on an old one;

Once put in a corner,
Stays in a corner,
Never moves from the corner,
Yet travels around the world.

Here's a new one;

A punch you'll never drink,
In Literature it's found.
The only time that thickness
Is measured by the pound.

And an easy one,

A spot,
Of time,
An end
To Words.

And my previous one;

I met a mathematician who was standing on his head,
And though I tried to greet him, he heard not what I said.
"If you intend to greet me, then you must do much more!
Write it down and show me, 07734."

Unfortunately, depending on your font defaults, that riddle may not work verywell for you; the "4" should be open-topped, not closed, and if that isn't a big enough clue, then you shouldn't be doing riddles!

Last month's riddle;

The last of the war,
The first of worst,
and ate in between,
To quench my thirst.

And an old one.

Stronger than God,
More Evil than the Devil,
A Rich Man wants it.
A Poor Man has it.
And if you eat it, you die.

And if THAT was too easy;

An answer to all questions,
This proper response we condone.
The truth is undeniable
If the answer is unknown.

Or, try this one...

Grab his cap, he has no hair,
Wears paper clothes, he isn't bare.
Squeeze his neck, he will not shout,
And then dump all his innards out.

Answers; If I gave you the answers, they wouldn't be riddles, would they?