Last updated 23 Sept 2011

Free Games!


A simple combat game that uses a Chess board and Chess pieces, but has nothing to do with Chess, resolving combat with coin tosses. Created by Matthew Ritter.


A very simple game about pushing other people off a very small Island...hey, only so many people can stand here, so GET OFF!

Free Games designed by Mike Petty!

This is a link to his sight, what an imagination this guy has!

LASFS Poker!

An outrageous collection of poker rules, the way the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society used to play it (or still does). Additions to this listing are welcome!


A gambling card game, but each player gets to bid on their cards.


A bizarre game of changing rules and logic. I've added a few notes about the origins of the game.

Nomic in Italian

Thanks to an Italian fan of this game, the rest of Italy can now go crazy trying to play it.

My Brain Hurts!

This is somewhat derived from Nomic, but it's a card game. Each player has a few blank cards and each starts with 10 points. They write whatever they want on the cards, including changes to the basic rules if they wish, shuffle the cards together, redeal and play them. Very wild, but requires some deep double-thinking. Whoever has the most points wins, unless, of course, that rule gets changed. If anyone is crazy enough to play this, let me know...


A small but obnoxious board game with board art included. Download, glue it to cardboard, and play! The rules have been updated a bit...

Game Cabinet

This is a link to the Game Cabinet "free games" page, which, in amongst a ton of other gaming information, also has the wonderfully bizarre Waving Hands, a game where both of your hands are busy casting spells at the same time, overlapping, aiding, and conflicting. This is one of the most unique games I've ever seen, and even though I've never played it, the beauty of the concept is enchanting! I'd use tokens or paper to play it though; the Waving Hands concept would be harder than the devil to play unless you had a perfect memory. On the Game Cabinet page, you can also find more games from Mike Petty.

I've recently been notified that "Ravenblack" has coded Waving Hands, and is running it here. Check it out, if you want to give it a try!