Games Designed or Co-designed by Tom Jolly


Wiz-War (9 editions) copyright 1985 1st edition approx 100 copies, zip-lock bag version (Jolly Games) 2nd edition approx 500 copies (Jolly Games) 3rd edition approx 500 copies (Jolly Games) 4th edition approx 1000 copies (Jolly Games) 5th edition approx 2000 copies (Chessex) 6th edition approx 2500 copies (Chessex) 7th edition approx 2500 copies (Chessex) Wiz-War expansion #1, JG and Chessex, about 2000 copies. Wiz-War expansion #2, JG, about 500 copies Wiz-War expansion #3, JG, never published. submitted to FFG for 8th edition. 8th edition from FFG about 2011. Also came out in Chinese, Italian, and German. 8th edition expansion Malefic Curses 2012, FFG 8th edition expansion Bestial Forces 2013, FFG 9th edition in production for Kickstarter in 2021, from Steve Jackson Games. Total Entertainment Network had an online version of Wiz-War for a couple of years, but dropped it (in the 1990's, I think). PRODUCED BY JOLLY GAMES Knots, Jolly Games, about 1000 copies(1991) GOOTMU, Jolly Games, about 1000 copies (1992) Villages, Jolly Games, about 100 copies. Zip-loc baggie. Crappy game based a bit on Hammurabi.(1991) Programmer's Nightmare, Jolly Games, about 1000 copies.(1998) Got It!, aka Fermat, 100 copies around 12/2010. Sold out by March 2011. Kickstarter version, 2000 copies in 2012. PRODUCED BY FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES Drakon, Fantasy Flight Games, at least 20,000 copies with 4 editions (1st in 2001). Also printed in Poland. Won an award there with one group as best game of the year. This was previously sold to both WotC and F.X.Schmid under different names, but neither company produced it and the contracts expired. Cavetroll (2002) at least 10000 copies, FFG, with 3 editions. Diskwars (co-designed with Chris Petersen, 1999), about 300,000 copies, FFG, won a best miniatures Origins award. I created the mechanic, FFG designed many games around it. Star Trek: Red Alert; used Diskwars mechanic, but I had nothing to do with the rest.(year 2000) Diskwars: Legend of the Five Rings, ditto.(2000) Deadlands: Doomtown Range Wars, also used the Diskwars mechanic.(2000) Warhammer Diskwars (WHD) came out in 2014, with two expansions, Hammer and Hold, and Legions of Darkness, also 2014. Vortex (co-designer), FFG (2001) Maelstrom, a spinoff from Vortex.(2001) Mansions of Madness 1st ed., Expansion Module: 'Til Death Do Us Part. FFG (2011) Battle for Rokugan, (with Molly Glover) Dec. 2017. PRODUCED BY CHEAPASS GAMES Light Speed, Cheapass Games. Published as Kosmiczna Eskadra in Poland. (2003). Remade as Stellar Conflict, with new stuff added, 2015, by Artipia and Stronghold Games. PRODUCED BY WINGNUT GAMES Cargo, Wingnut Games, about 2000 copies.(2004) Camelot, Wingnut Games, about 2000 copies. (2005) PRODUCED BY BATTLE BUNKER GAMES Wayward, published by Battle Bunker Games 2011. PRODUCED BY MINION GAMES Manhattan Project: Energy Empire (codesigned with Luke Laurie), Minion Games, released 12/2016. PRODUCED BY Z-MAN GAMES - subsidiary of Asmodee Cryo (codesigned with Luke Laurie), Z-Man Games, released April 2021. SOLD, BUT NEVER PRODUCED Necromaster (sold to Third World Games), not published. Villages (new version), sold to Chessex, not published. Trickery (sold to Playroom Entertainment), not published.