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Got It!

Now available for $9.95 (plus 7.50% tax in CA) and shipping. Drop me an email for a total (see below) and you can pay through Paypal.

You can also get it for Windows 8 at the Windows Store for $1.49.

This is the second edition of Got It! The fast and fun little math game designed by Jolly Games. The object is to find formulas fast; first, a 6x6 grid of numbers and operators is dealt out (as below) and a "goal number" (from 1 to 40) is drawn from a deck. Then, each of the players (as many as you can get around a table) examine the grid looking for a 5-card equation that equals the goal number. This can be any 5 adjacent cards in the grid (3 numbers and 2 operators), not necessarily in a straight line.

For example, in the grid below, if we were trying to get the goal "26" as shown on the blue card, then we might search the grid, finally spying the sequence 14+7+5 near the upper center of the grid, and shouting out, "Got It!" You would show the other players your solution, then take the "26" card for your own. There are two other solutions to "26" using the wild card; can you see them? Whoever has captured the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Can you find all the solutions for numbers 1-40? They're all there. Don't forget that you can bracket an equation any way you like; (4x2)+5 is not the same as 4x(2+5). And the Wild Card can be any operator at all!

There is a simpler grid for younger players that only uses addition and subtraction, arranged in a 5x5 grid, using numbers 1-9 and card numbers 1-20.

This little game saw its first incarnation as Fermat, named after the famous mathematician, and was subsequently named "Got It!" because, apparently, nobody normal has the slightest clue who Fermat was. The first print run of 100 copies was created by Quality Time Resources. This print run (2000) is from Jolly Games, funded as a Kickstarter project!

This is a great little educational game, and addictive too. I usually use the "count to ten" rule when playing with kids (that's people under 30) to give them the edge. Unless they start winning. Then it's no mercy!

There are also a few copies of the Math Geek Expansion left ($5 each), which adds numbers 15-20 to the grid, along with six difficult operators (concatenation, integer division, modulo, factorial division, exponentiation, and base). Normal humans won't want to play with these!

It's only $9.95 plus postage, plus 7.5% tax for California residents. Discounts for humongous orders happily considered.

Retailers can also buy discounted Got It! from Jolly Games. Contact us for prices.

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