Last updated 29 Sept 2012

Hot Links to other Sites!

Have had to delete a lot of stuff here; last update was in 2008, and apparently a lot of the links either died, or were picked up by casinos! Ah, well.

Ogre Cave

One of my favorite places to get industry gossip.

The Game Report

Peter Sarrett's online game journal with reviews and news. Very nice. Hasn't been updated in many years.

The Games Journal

Greg Alecnevicus' website devoted to games. Some really excellent articles on game design, and reviews. Highly recommend. Hasn't been updated in many years.

Fleet Games

Okay, so maybe "games" is a misnomer, since, as far as I can tell, they've only got one game for sale, but it's a nice one. Ratings for "FLEETS" are good on , so that's a good indicator. It's a galactic conquest sort of game, about 2 hours long, with nice bits at a reasonable price, and was released 2002. Their ad copy says; "Fleet Games offers board games for the whole family, including board games based on Star Trek and Star Wars." They are associated somehow with the Stargate SG-1 board game site.

Wiz-War card lists

Some folks have designed their own lists of new Wiz-War cards. Here is Game Cabinet's site, listing four different card lists.

Fantasy Flight Games

These folks, led by Christian Peterson, produce Diskwars, Twilight Imperium, and Mag-Blast, all excellent games. Check them out!

Chessex Manufacturing

Before Chessex Distribution merged with the Armory, this was all part of the same entity. Now, Chessex Manufacturing offers its line of products here, including dice, battlemats, and Wiz-War. Worth taking a peek.

Discover Games

This site is probably the best around for new game designers for supplying large amounts of information on "how to get started". Lots of data, packaged nicely.

The Game Cabinet

This is an incredible site offering review of games, conventions, news, and translations of LOTS of foreign games, so if you've had your eyes set on some obscure German game, download the rules here! Also, they have a page buried in there somewhere with new Wiz-War cards, and lots of free games. Last updated around the year 2000.

Cheapass Games

Cool, cheap games, like Kill Dr Lucky, Falling, and Give Me the Brain. Worth looking at, humor content high.

Rhino Ventures

They do Golem, a pretty neat cardgame where you're a mad scientist trying to build Golems. Fun game.

Fat Messiah Games

These folks make quite a few games, including Insecta and Virtual, a card and board game based on virtual reality. Looks great. Nice people here, too.

Basement Games

Creators of Forge: Out of Chaos and The World of Juravia. This is a new role playing system and world, and looks very sharp. Lots of good customer support and freebies. In their own words;

"Forge offers a new slant to the fantasy role-playing genre: Realism. Adventuring through the Forge Universe you will encounter armor and weapons that break, magical spells with varying effects depending upon how they were learned, two separate defensive values in combat situations, skill proficiencies that increase through individual use, and not to mention a richly detailed Campaign World filled with ferocious monsters and other dangers. Join the adventure today!"

Stephen O'Sullivan's Web Site

Stephen has designed "FUDGE", a free role-playing game that uses descriptors instead of numbers, among other interesting game designs. Stephen also has some good game reviews and stuff on Linux, for those folks who are fed up with Microsoft's "Evil Empire". Page not updated since 2005.

Convention Listings

Steve Jackson Games Their WEB site, where he lists all the conventions that his company intends to go to, in addition to a few others. This is well worth looking at, and includes a good number of large conventions. Plus, Steve Jackson makes a lot of nice games, too, which you might look at while you're there (thank you, Steve, for giving us TFT many moons ago!)

For science fiction and other types of conventions (very few game cons) try the Magician's page. This is a very long list, but has a nice variety of listings.


Passion for Puzzles Blog Passion for Puzzles features all kinds of puzzles. You can find solutions for brain teasers. There is also a section for online games and another section for daily online activities like crosswords, sudoku, word search etc.