Last updated 5 Nov 2018

Welcome to Jolly Games. We produce and sell puzzles, board games and card games designed or codesigned by Tom Jolly. We will continue to design games as long as people enjoy them! And probably long after that.

In addition to designing Games, Tom Jolly also writes SF and fantasy, along with a few articles on games and puzzles. You can find a list of his stories and articles with links to publications here. Most of the stories are free to access, so feel free to peruse! "Fermi's Slime" recently appeared in Analog, in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue, an amusing look at the Fermi Paradox.


My new design, Battle for Rokugan, designed with Molly Glover, is now available! Look for it in your local game stores.

Minion Games released Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, a game design by Luke Laurie and Tom Jolly, featuring worker placement, resource management, and engine building. Available in most hobby game stores right now! The game has received excellent reviews. Check it out!

The third edition of Cave Troll and the fourth edition of Drakon are out from Fantasy Flight Games!

Fantasy Flight Games has released the SECOND expansion set "Bestial Forces" for the 8th edition of Wiz-War! This fun expansion adds created Monsters to the game, along with Relics (very powerful artifacts!) and Totems (objects that build on each other, becoming more powerful as new ones enter play). For more details about the new expansion, check out the news at Fantasy Flight Games website.

Our new math game Got It! is out and available from us, and soon to be distributed to your local store. It's also available as an iPodTouch and iPad and iPhone app!

We continue to take PayPal, but do not take credit cards. Paypal, checks and money orders are preferred. See Ordering Info.

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A fun new Word-Building Game!

Got It!

The new math game - a tense race to find a hidden formula! Great for school, too.

Stories and Articles

Light Speed from Cheapass Games!

Wiz-War Info

Cave Troll from FFG

Drakon, 4th ed.

Vortex and Variants

Maelstrom from FFG, SOLD OUT

The Trapped Man and other puzzles! Back in print!

The WizWar Card FAQ!

Camelot Real-time wargaming.

Diskwars Info

Programmer's Nightmare
Fight for control of the program! English and French Rules and FAQ!

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A Pathbuilding Game. New; French rules added!


A Bizarre Maze-game! Rules also in French!

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