Last updated 3 March 2003


Maelsrom is sold out, and I don't expect FFG to be reprinting any time soon. Maelstrom was, in essence, a nicely packaged version of Vortex that did NOT retain the aspect of collectability.

This is a very unique, challenging, and intense game. Hexagonal tiles representing various creatures are laid out adjacent to one another and do combat. They can move around the center of the melee and do their worst, as long as they do not become disconnected from the central mass. Try to imagine 20 Aliens that are all pissed off because they're being held together with large rubber bands. Carnage!

Players are technically competing for control of the Vortex in the center of the melee. If a player can start his or her turn with more units adjacent to the Vortex than the opponent, that opponent loses a point. If you lose 3 points, you're out!

For much more info on this game, see the Vortex page, or trip over to the FFG site.

Understanding the tile below; The number in the arrow is how far the creature can move during a turn. In this case, it's zero; the creature doesn't move at all. The attack number is in the star; it can do 1 damage in an attack. The defense number is in the shield symbol; it has a defense of "1". The blood-drop symbol indicates how many points of damage it can take before it's destroyed. This creature's main value is in the range it can use to attack; the three yellow bars on the edge tell you that it can attack up to three spaces away. Very few tiles have a ranged attack like this one does! In the text box, some tiles also list Special Abilities. This particular tile does not have one.

Maelstrom is, unfortunately, no longer available for purchase.

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