Last updated 25 Dec 2002


This very, very little game has something unique with it; all the board artwork. You take the graphic that these rules come with and you cut it into 9 pieces of 2x2 spaces each. The small pieces at the bottom are the playing pieces, and 2 pieces for destroyed walls.

The rules are simple; Put the board together as a 3x3 grid in anyway you like, as long as the "WIN" tile is in the center of the board. Each player takes a playing piece and starts anywhere on any of the 4 edges of the board (just off the edge). You can move one space per turn. When you land on a space, you must perform the instruction on it. If you land on a space with an arrow, you must move that direction on the next turn. If you get moved involuntarily to a board space, you do not perform the instruction on it. If you are in a situation where it is impossible to do what the board is telling you to do, you do not perform that action, but the game still goes on normally, otherwise.

Once you are on the board, the board becomes a wrap-around board; opposite board edges connect, so if you try to move off the edge of the board, you move on to the opposite edge at the aligned space (unless there is a wall there, then your passage is blocked)

The object is to be the first player to the center of the board. The various spaces you land on while you move there are meant to throw the other player or players off course.

Some of the spaces may seem a bit ambiguous. For example "Permanently kill a space" means that you can choose one of the instructions on the board so that the text or arrows have no effect for the rest of the game. Obviously this does not include the "WIN" space. "Destroy a Wall" means a wall is removed from the board; this is only on one tile, so if two walls from 2 tiles butt-up against each other, and one is destroyed, then there is still one of the 2 walls intact. "Ignore walls next turn" means that you can move through any adjacent wall. "Roll die to move" means that you roll one die and move that many spaces on your turn. "Swap 2 Tiles" can be performed even if players have tokens on those spaces, the tokens go with the tiles they were standing on, even the one that has the "Swap 2 Tiles" instruction on it.

If a space says that you can do something to another player, you get to choose which opponent you are affecting.

An "adjacent" tile is any one of the 4 on any side of the tile you are on. Since the board is a wrap-around board, this includes the "wrap-around" tiles, so there are always 4 tiles adjacent to any other tile. This does not, of course, include diagonally connected tiles.

Each time you land on a space with an instruction on it, the instruction occurs (unless you are moved against your will). This may make it look as though "Swap with Opponent" would have very little effect, since an opponent who was just swapped could move off and back onto that space, and swap with you again so both of you were back where you started, but this is not the case if you wait until the opponent is next to a critically strategic space (such as the WIN space). If you look like you are in a stalemate, chances are that one of the players will have to devise a work-around strategy, perhaps sacrificing his immediate position for a longer-range goal.

This is a bit of an experiment; to my knowledge, no one has put a playing board on the net before. Let me know what you think of this concept, and whether or not you've enjoyed the game.

The board is obviously much better if glued to some cardstock; I recommend Super-77 spray glue as an adhesive for all your laminating purposes. Don't use it indoors, it sticks to EVERYTHING. 3M makes it. Hold your breath, too!

This game is copyright 1997 by Jolly Games, but I give anyone the right to download it and make their own copy, so long as they do not sell it or otherwise distribute it for profit.

Here's a nicer version of the same board as shown below in a PDF format; Obnoxio PDF. This was created and provided to me by Collin Burton, who actually did a really fancy version that was too big to upload to my site, so this will have to do!